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Why We Dance

Why We Dance



A motivational powerpoint for Irish Dancers

A motivational powerpoint for Irish Dancers



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  • @hmw1133 Thank you so much for your comment, it's lovely to hear that this is still inspiring people. Don't you worry about those Novice 1sts, keep working hard and enjoying what you're doing and they will come (trust me!!) It took me three years to win out of my Beginner Reel!! (where I come from, you need 1st place) Now I'm an Open Champion and placing on the blocks at my O. So anything is possible if you're prepared to stick at it. Today, I'm nearing the end of my dancing career and what I said in the slideshow is definitely true - its the friends and the memories of fun times and class that stick with me the most :)
    foreverclovers xx
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  • this slide show has inspired me so much, i've been dancing for 6 years and i can't tell you how many times i would cry my eyes out on the way home from a feis because i didn't get first in my reel or messed up my treble-jig. I've sadly been in novice three years because of my slip jig and reel, i can't believe how much inspiration this has given to me, i've had so many times where my friends i dance around in random places while people stare at us like we're crazy, but we don't care. We just love the dance.
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  • great presentation did you make it

    <b>[Comment posted from</b> http://www.irishdancing.com/?q=user/16702]
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  • this is the most moving slideshow i have ever seen. thank you, you have made my dancing life happier.

    <3-grace><b>[Comment posted from</b> http://www.irishdancing.com/?q=user/15325]
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  • Thanks for this touching presentation ! You can do whatever you wish if you love what you do.
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    Why We Dance Why We Dance Presentation Transcript

    • Why We Dance An Inspirational Show By foreverclovers
    • Sometimes it’s hard to get away from the competitive atmosphere...
    • To stop worrying about winning that or beating them...
    • Or if your wig isn’t perfect, or you don’t win out of your light jig.
    • To not mind if you don’t get the best place in the line up...
    • When something goes wrong...
    • Or it all seems uphill...
    • You feel like you’ll never catch up...
    • Or you fail to reach a goal or crack an audition...
    • Then guess what?
    • Just remember where your home is.
    • Go back to the empty dance floor...
    • Grasp the barre and look in the mirror...
    • Turn on the warm-up music and practice your cuts.
    • Because that is why we dance.
    • The feeling that it is to be home,
    • In the studio,
    • Just dancing.
    • Dancing for the rhythm,
    • For the laughter,
    • For the fun,
    • For the friendship,
    • For the excitement,
    • For the thrill of ability,
    • For the adrenalin of the beat,
    • For the breath of fresh air,
    • For the challenge to rise to
    • And for the little moments
    • That remind us why we all...
    • Dance
    • And after all,
    • Who knows what surprises...
    • May be waiting for you...
    • If you really try your best
    • Just around the corner...
    • Or maybe the next one.
    • I think so too.
    • So remember to never forget...
    • Every time you dance,
    • To share your passion
    • Your partner
    • A smile
    • A helping hand
    • A hand to dance
    • A new friend
    • An old friend
    • Team spirit
    • More team spirit
    • And more team spirit
    • A bucketful of energy
    • A spade full of imagination
    • A little joke
    • A hug
    • A shared moment
    • A sprinkle of determination
    • In every minute step
    • That you attempt to succeed
    • Happiness at every beautiful leap
    • At every better batter
    • So always remember to share with your audience
    • Whether at a competition, an exam, a concert or a display
    • Your love for what you do
    • Your passion for doing it well
    • Your enjoyment for every second that you shine
    • And your happiness that you got up and did it, whatever the outcome.
    • You’re going to face disappointment at some time in your career
    • Just remember to focus on how you felt about your dancing before the results
    • And start thinking about the future…don’t dwell on the past!
    • It’s the next time you’re going to dance that really matters.
    • Positivity Rules!
    • And always remember that...
    • There is another extraordinary gift waiting for you...
    • The dance of...
    • Tomorrow
    • So next time it’s all getting a bit tough, remember…
    • The harder it is to get
    • The more thrilling it is to get right
    • The longer it takes to learn
    • The greater the smiles along the way
    • And the longer you stick at it
    • The longer you’ve been there
    • The longer you’ve hung in
    • The greater the rewards
    • And we can’t forget
    • All the star-struck
    • Smiles
    • That are one of the prettiest things
    • As you see the hardest workers
    • Gain their just rewards
    • And there’s some things you’ve just got to have!
    • You’ve got to have cute!
    • You’ve got to have sheer beauty
    • You’ve got to have all the glitz and glam
    • And then of course there are
    • The beautiful dresses
    • And the dreams of new ones
    • And that sense of wonderment
    • At your successes
    • Every hop
    • Every leap
    • Every jump
    • Every step
    • It all counts
    • But what Irish Dancers learn
    • Is more than just how to dance
    • Humility
    • Tradition
    • Triumph
    • Tragedy
    • Coping gallantly with problems
    • Sharing
    • Poise and politeness
    • How to make lacing those Hullachan’s more interesting
    • How to stay in the air for six seconds
    • And how to still be just as humbled and surprised
    • Whether it is your first win
    • Or one of many
    • Can you remember your first team?
    • Training together
    • Winning together
    • It’s all about teamwork
    • Getting it right
    • And fun too!
    • And you know, the thing about teams?
    • These are the friendships you’ll keep for a lifetime
    • And it’s not all competitions
    • Shows are all part of the fun
    • And it’s nice to dance
    • For others
    • Without any cares
    • Rather than just yourself.
    • Everyone has to start somewhere!
    • It doesn’t matter whether you’re 5 or 50
    • Whether you’re at the beginning of your career, or at the end…
    • It’s the journey that counts!
    • And anyway, who knows what tomorrow might bring?
    • Everyone loves to win
    • But there’s only one way to the podium
    • Bottom Up.
    • And its gonna take time, and pain, and tears, I’m not going to kid you.
    • There will be days when you just want to quit
    • But if you want something, you got to be willing to fight for it,
    • Rain or shine.
    • And then one day, when you least expect it…
    • All of it will be worth it.
    • What’s that? It’ll never be me?
    • No! Not listening!
    • Hey, I can give you the pep talk…but only YOU can make that decision
    • But as for me? I say point your toe, and make it count.
    • Dream big…
    • …and you never know where it might take you.
    • When you look back on your dancing career in years to come
    • It won’t be the steps and the hours of training that you remember
    • Nor the victories, or the defeats…
    • It will be the hotdogs you ate
    • The feis friends you hugged
    • The moonpies you munched through
    • The surfboards you posed with…
    • The card games you played in the corridor
    • Hello Kitty and Crocs
    • The trips you went on
    • The moments with mum or dad
    • The just-for-fun jumps with friends
    • And the quiet leaps, when nobody’s watching.
    • So leap right into
    • The next dance
    • Thanks for watching!
      • Powerpoint created by foreverclovers from www.dance.net
      • Unfortunately it is impossible to give due credit for all these wonderful photographs, however:
      • Credit to the many, many DDN members who took or are featured in these photos; Milton Baar at swoose.net; ZandB; the Live Commentary squads from various championships; Irish Philadelphia; and a special credit to DDN member reellove for the 2008 North American Champion collages.
      • © foreverclovers July 2008.
      All of the photos of the beautiful dancers featured in this powerpoint are used in an entirely non-demeaning way and the captions used are not necessarily relevant to or reflective of the dancers and events portrayed