Sexuality in A View from the Bridge


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Sexuality in A View from the Bridge

  1. 1. Sexuality in A Viewfrom the BridgeJoe, Harry and Dominique
  2. 2. Rodolpho• Possible affairs in the past• Paper Doll song: suggests he’s a Lothario• Catherine putting sugar in his coffee – innuendo• Motivation for relationship with Catherine: - To get papers? - Genuine love? Rodolpho smiling:• Doesn’t like to work (would much rather sing) “He trusts his wife” – Mike and Louis, when talking about Rodolpho, clearly think something’s wrong Eddie: “The guy with him. ain’t right” (1.527)• Eddie’s suspicion of Rodolpho’s sexuality - Cooking, singing and sewing Eddie: “if you close the - Platinum blond paper fast, you could - Finds almost every other way of suggesting blow him over.” (1.535) he’s gay apart from saying it directly.• Doesn’t act in the “masculine” way towards Eddie: “if you came in the house Eddie; he forgives him where Marco doesn’t. and you didn’t know who was• Masculinity tests singin’, you wouldn’t be lookin’ - Boxing match for him you’d be lookin’ for her” - Eddie kissing Rodolpho
  3. 3. Eddie: “You’re getting to be a Eddie big girl now, you gotta keep yourself more, you can’t be so friendly, kid.” (1.36)• Protective of Catherine – trying to Alfrieri: “I saw it was only get her away from possible threats a passion that had moved (from other men) into his body, like a• Owns Catherine as a father would – stranger.” (1.508) Italian American patriarchy Eddie: “He looked so sweet there, like an angel – you• Doesn’t want to let her go (common could kiss him he was so fatherly feeling) sweet” (1.541)• Catherine lights his cigar Eddie: “I mean I got a couple rights here *…+ This is my house• Uncontrollable desire for Catherine here not their house.” (2.120)• Obsessed with Rodolpho’s sexuality – possibly suppressing his own?• Masculinity taken away from end of act 1 (numerous attempts to regain it)• Kiss = easy parallel with the kiss for Catherine?• Ultimately loves Beatrice (ending)
  4. 4. Catherine Eddie: “I guess I just never figure on one thing.” Catherine, smiling: “What?”• Becoming a woman – high heels being Eddie: “That you would ever reflective of womanhood and her gaining grow up.” sexual power over men (1.189-191)• Eddie disapproves (Catherine Catherine: “He still thinks I’m a purposefully rebels) as he finds them baby” threatening in the same way that Beatrice: “Because you think Catherine finds them attractive you’re a baby.”• Catherine and Beatrice talk about what (1.483-484) makes a woman Catherine: “Teach me - For Catherine: deciding whether or not [Rodolpho+ I don’t know she wants to marry Rodolpho (and thus anything, teach me, finding another man to latch onto) Rodolpho, hold me.” (2.61) - Not walking round in her slip - Not sitting on the edge of the tub whilst Eddie shaves - To be a woman is to reserve modesty in front of men and to make independent decisions.• Even when Catherine’s with Rodolpho she’s submissive
  5. 5. Beatrice: “When am I going to be a wife Beatrice & Marco again, Eddie?” (1.361) Beatrice: “Like when he comes• Beatrice: home sometimes you throw yourself at him like when you• Hasn’t been a wife in 3 months was twelve years old.” (1.490)• Knows (vaguely) of Eddie’s desire Louis: “He’s a and tries to warn Catherine regular bull” (1.390) subtley Marco: “Animal! You [Eddie] go on your• Is the first one to voice Eddie’s knees to me!” desire(s) – but Eddie is powerless (2.328) to stop his desires by this point• Marco:• Challenges Eddie’s masculinity: chair lifting• Swears revenge upon Eddie• Typical “manly” things