Eddie Carbone


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Eddie Carbone

  1. 1. Eddie
  2. 2. ProfileFirst lets get across the O More importantly, hefacts about Eddie Carbone: wont accept anything to put him down.O Married to Beatrice and an O Hes sensitive but very uncle to Catherine (but not defensive. by blood). O Jealous that Catherine likesO Hes a traditional man in Roldopho (and possibly not the sense that he has a himself?). family and works. O He loves Catherine.O Hes a long shoremen that O Doesnt listen to others. lives in Redhook. O His opinion always seems right.O 40 years old. O Very stubborn.O His pride means a lot O Hard to control and show his which means he wont back emotions. down. O Short tempered. O In-denial of his love for Catherine. O But, apologises at the end to his wife My B!
  3. 3. TimelineO Eddie reluctantly agrees to let Catherine have a job.O Seemingly benevolent, Eddie welcomes Marco and Rodolpho into his home.O He tries to talk Catherine out of dating Rodolpho, saying hes only using her to get his citizenship.O Eddie goes to Alfieri to try and find a legal way to separate Catherine and RodolphoO Driven half mad when he finds the two coming out of the bedroom together, he beats up Rodolpho and forces a kiss on the boy and Catherine.O He calls Immigration, turning in Marco and Rodolpho.O Spurned by his family and community, Eddie dukes it out in the street with Marco in a vain attempt regain his reputation.O Eddie dies by his own knife.
  4. 4. Quotes linking to EddieO puts his (Rodolpho) filthy hands on her like a god dam thief P35 - being very defensive here and exaggerates a lot. Refers to Rodolpho as a thief when they is hardly true.O hes stealing from me! P35 - to suggest Rodolpho is stealing makes it seem like Catherine is Eddies possession.O I took out of my wifes mouth P35 - he even put his wife Beatrice before Catherine. Shows how much love he has for Catherine.O its breakin my heart, yknow P35 - this makes it sound like Catherine and Eddie are breaking up like a couple! Well thats Eddies opinion on the matter...
  5. 5. Eddie kissing Catherine RodolphoEddie kisses Catherine because: Eddie kisses Rodolpho because:O He doesnt want to let O He tries to prove Rodolpho is Catherine go. gay, you see? P48, showingO Hes jealous Catherine that becauseO He wants to show he loves Eddie kissed Rodolpho, Catherine. Rodolpho is gay. O Eddie comes up with theO He wants to tell Rodolpho that shes Eddies. stereotype if a mans gay, he fancies every other man. O Hes drunk and mocking Rodolpho. O Hes trying to insult Roldolpho. Rodolpho tried attacking Eddie but Eddie pins him down and kisses him.
  6. 6. Fast forward to 3 minutes