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A presentation for my colleagues as we head into the world of IWB, BYOD, QR, and more...

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Stuff I Use (tech and ed)

  1. 1. Stuff I UseHOW I’M USING TECH IN MY TEACHING Cynthia Jones Twitter @forclj
  2. 2. People & sites I follow First, find the ideas… Edudemic EduTecher FreeTech4Teachers Twitter Nik Peachey Larry Ferlazzo You can bookmark, get on email lists/digests, follow on Twitter, ‘like’ on Facebook… … I keep adding to (and sometimes deleting from) these…
  3. 3. What I use to curate Then organize and share… Livebinders Pearltrees Pinterest…and many more…
  4. 4. Social Media Connect with others…I use:TwitterPinterestOthers you can use:FBGoogle+LinkedinFlickrSlideshare…
  5. 5. The Cloud Find a place to keep everything…Some free cloud storage:DropBoxBoxiCloud (Apple)Google Drive (+Gmail)Microsoft SkyDrive (+Hotmail)Evernote Choose what is easiest and syncs with the things you use
  6. 6. Web Pages Creating simple, poster-like web pages…The ones I use: (current favourite)
  7. 7. Simple Website Web presence…WeeblyAfter trying out many free website makers, this is my favourite (and it works well on mobile devices).Some others: Wix Webs Breezi…and many more…
  8. 8. Blogs Another type of web presence…Tumblr.BloggerSome others: WordPress Posterous Glogster…and many more…
  9. 9. Magazine creation Easy ways to collect and share…ReadListsScoop.itOther useful reading stuff Readability Also consider RSS feeds (reader/news aggregator feeds)
  10. 10. Writing Move beyond Word…Collaborative writing: Etherpad lite(many different versions exist), primarypad, piratepad, titanpadJournals, letters, more:PenzuMyOpenLetterLooseLeavesInstablogg
  11. 11. Video Multimedia (part one)…Youtube More than just cat videos Favourites; Playlists; Channels Private or unlisted video settings; editing capabilitiesKeepVidOne of many tools to augment the use of online video (more on the list later)
  12. 12. ScreenCasting Multimedia (part two)…Explain Everything (iPad)Other apps for screencasting include: ShowMe, WhiteBoard, EduCreationsScreenr + KeepVid + YoutubeNot as complicated as it sounds. Create the video/screencast with Screenr (or Screencast-o-matic), save it with KeepVid, upload to Youtube.
  13. 13. Audio Multimedia (part three)…I haven’t really used these with classes yet, but I’d like to:AudiobooPhotobabbleVoiceThreadSoundCloud
  14. 14. BYOD Apps Using smartphones in the classroom…and outBring Your Own Device AppsSocrativeQuizlet…and many more…
  15. 15. Some cool online stuff Tip of the iceberg…  tinyurl (shortend long web addresses)  KeepVid (saves videos from youtube)  search (graphic webpage searches)  dogpile search (uses google, yahoo and bing)  twurdy search (rates reading difficulty of sites)  (newspaper clipping image generator & more apps)  (draw thesaurus)  (which phrase is correct – polls)  (what is the word in the phrase)  (app converts texts to mind maps)  (dictionary definitions and example sentences)  (instant phonetic transcription)  (definitions for lists of words)  piclits (poetry and pictures)  tagul (tag cloud creator); wordle; worditout  pdfmyurl (turns web pages into pdfs)  bundlr (collect set of links to share)  (make animated videos)  vocabulary profiler HKU (analyze text vocab for word list rank)  (speed reading app)  (free online file converter)  caption it yourself (add captions to video)  (pronc, word stress)    (flash cards)  (create free mobile apps)  TagMyDoc / ScanMyDoc (add or download QRL codes for smartphones)  (find alternative websites)
  16. 16. Considerations How will this be used / integrated… IWB / computer lab / personal devices / laptop or iPad and TV In class time, lab time, or at home Whole class, groups, individual Delivering lessons, review, make-up, testing, homework Learning curve – for teachers Learning curve – for students
  17. 17. TBC Final thoughts… Pick what’s easiest for you Stay organized Share with others Ask questions Don’t be intimidated