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Vantagetrade - Corporate Presentation Vantagetrade - Corporate Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Presentation on Features and Benefits Of Integrating With Trading Platforms
  • Scope of Presentation
    • The Scope of Presentation :
      • Overview on Features and Advantages
      • Overview on technical implementation
      • Mock Screen shots
  • Why Vantagetrade
      • State of the art trend analysis platform integration
      • Scalable to support analysis suggestions and picks across equity, equity futures and commodities.
      • Supports short & long term delivery trades and intraday trades across exchanges on any stock.
      • Integration would lead to more trades hence more revenues.
      • Enhanced user experience with an integrated platform
      • Distinct Competitive Advantage
  • How does it benefit your company
      • Increase in brokerage earnings as the users trade more
      • Trend analysis for any stock
      • Easy to understand signals
      • No prior technical knowledge required for your customers
      • Easily provide suggestions to customers
      • Save cost on expensive Analysis Team
      • Save cost incurred on expensive and specialized software
      • Save cost by reducing number of trained employees on technical analysis
      • Save cost on retention
  • Major Pains Resolved for you
      • Individual Customer portfolios with their stocks can be created and they can be alerted on time automatically.
    Following the customers to sell a stock is difficult as tracking their portfolio is difficult. Hence many customers eventually lose
      • Independent and localized analysis is now possible
    Analysis cannot de centralized due to lack of specialized resources available in abundance:
      • Technical Analysis can be done at Branch level also
    Branch team relies on central analysis team for daily suggestion which becomes taxing for the central research team
      • You can now advice on every stock that your customers hold or wish to hold
    Customers demand Buy/Sell suggestions on stocks that they hold. Answering them is difficult for your branch team VantageTrade Resolves Pain
  • Major Pains Resolved for you You can now advise on any stock on the fly You cannot follow all the stocks and customer wants advise on any stock they wish Every company has an in house intelligence and understanding on what stock is best for its own group of customers. You can advise on your core list of stocks and have an edge over competition The analysis you get is available for all VantageTrade enables you to provide analysis on any stock thus making you a provider of information Following current automated analysis makes you a consumer of information VantageTrade Resolves Pain
  • Feature Comparison to the existing options VantageTrade enables you to become a provider rather than a consumer Other Analysis Service Provider VantageTrade Daily Analysis for any stock Analysis on only stocks that they feel is good Other systems never tell you when to sell after a buy call is given, VantageTrade alerts will follow the footprints till you want for any stocks
  • VantageTrade enables you to become a provider rather than a consumer Complex charts and analysis which most of the users don’t understand VantageTrade uses complex scientific algorithms but provide simple charts and analysis which anyone can understand Simple VantageTrade Buy and Sell signals for all Feature Comparison to the existing options
  • VantageTrade enables you to become a provider rather than a consumer Complex Education materials required to make user understand what they say You don’t need to waste time reading and understanding how to decode charts on VantageTrade. Just follow the Buy and Sell signals VantageTrade, No Education, only decision Feature Comparison to the existing options
  • VantageTrade enables you to become a provider rather than a consumer Complex Technical Insight, would take hours to decode for all The goal of VantageTrade has been to provide a platform which is non complex and can be understood by all VantageTrade, Users don’t need to have insight to Buy and Sell stocks Feature Comparison to the existing options
  • VantageTrade enables you to become a provider rather than a consumer Complex Analysis, Need good technical knowledge to understand Analysis has been designed in a very simple english to make any user understand what the trend says VantageTrade, Analysis in simple english, everyone can understand Feature Comparison to the existing options
  • Performance Comparison Price rose from Rs. 24 to Rs. 26 16-Jul-09 Buy 28-Jul-09 Bearish Event KEI Industries 28 30-Jun-09 Sell 28-Jul-09 Bearish Event Dynemic Products 27 1-Jul-09 Sell 28-Jul-09 Bearish Event Shanthi Gears Price rose from Rs.322 to Rs.329 14-Jul-09 Buy 28-Jul-09 Bearish Event Hindustan Petroleum 8 20-Jul-09 Sell 28-Jul-09 Bearish Event Indian Oil             12 16-Jul-09 Buy 28-Jul-09 Bullish Event Godrej Industries 13 15-Jul-09 Buy 28-Jul-09 Bullish Event Sundaram Fastners 12 16-Jul-09 Buy 28-Jul-09 Bullish Event Adlabs Film 8 20-Jul-09 Buy 28-Jul-09 Bullish Event Bartronics India 11 17-Jul-09 Buy 28-Jul-09 Bullish Event Nagarjuna Construction Difference in days Date Vantage Trade Date Existing Option Company Name
  • Only with VantageTrade – Intraday Signals
  • Only with VantageTrade – Advanced Stock Screener Filter your favorite stocks based on intelligent parameters
  • Only with VantageTrade – Mid Day Scan Get a view of the trend for all stocks in the market 2 hour before it closes to take an early position for the next day
  • Only with VantageTrade – Advanced Portfolio Detailed portfolio description with facilities to add multiple transactions and adding/removing alerts
  • Only with VantageTrade – Much More Set of many different smart reports to enable you take an informed decision
  • Ease of Use Simple 1 2 3 steps for any information Multiple clicks to get information Analysis on any number of stock code Provides analysis for few stock codes No need of any expert knowledge Needs expert knowledge to understand Analysis in simple language Analysis in technical language Simple charts with only Buy and Sell signals Charts with high end technical lines Automatic Updating Charts Manual Updation of charts Easy User Interface Difficult User Interface Vantagetrade Competition
  • Proposed Integration Plan
    • VantageTrade proposes a simple iFrame integration with Your Portal.
    • This would:
      • Reduce Time in Integration
      • Reduce maintenance efforts
      • Reduce Integration Cost
  • Proposed Server Integration Plan Your Portal Servers VT Servers Sends Request to Access VT Authenticates and allows access Access Request Content Response Direct Content Feed via webservice to end user Clients
  • Delivery Equity integration
  • Delivery Equity Users Clicks on VantageTrade Link which shows up after logging into the trading portal
  • Delivery Equity Your Portal Server requests content with stocks in user’s portfolio & VT portlets open in iFrame
  • User Portfolio Stock Picks Delivery Equity
  • User enters the stock in the search box Delivery Equity
  • Delivery Equity Chart Page with Analysis Opens
  • Interday & Intraday equity
  • Interday & Intraday User Clicks on Interday or Intraday equity
  • Interday & Intraday Table with Interday Signals User can add stocks of choice to the table
  • Proposed Next steps
        • Freezing on the requirements
        • Commercials
        • Agreements
        • Technical Discussions
        • Application Integration
        • Go Live
        • Maintenance