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Human rihgts activists duglas

  1. 1. By Isaac Wright
  2. 2. Michael Douglasfamily and life background Michael Douglas has been involved in movie production since the early 1975’s. He has won 3 golden globes and two academy awards. Douglas was born in New Brunswick New Jersey His paternal grandparents, Harry Demsky and Bryna Demsky were Jewish immigrants from Gomel in Belarus. His mother and maternal grandparents, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Melville Dill and Ruth Rapalje Neilson, were natives of Devonshire Bermuda. Thomas Dill served as Attorney General of Bermuda and was commanding officer of the Bermada military artillery Douglas has a younger brother, Joel Douglas and two paternal half-brothers, Peter Douglas and Eric Douglas
  3. 3. Family backgroundcontinued He attended the Allen-Stevenson School and many other schools and colleges. Douglas married Diandra Luker on March 20, 1977, after 6 weeks of dating. They later divorced and remarried to Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was announced on August 16, 2010, that Douglas was suffering from throat cancer.
  4. 4. Issue of involvement. Michael Douglas is an activists who wants to be nuclear free. Over 5 decades after world war 2 over 2,000 nuclear bombs were tested in over 60 countries. The sites are going to be uninhabited for at least another thousand years from all the radioactivity the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty opened for signature in 1996 will help prevent the use of nuclear weapons Over 180 countries are involved in the treaty but the ban cannot become into effect until nuclear-technology holder countries ratify.
  5. 5. Why is he involved Michael Douglas got involved in the idea of a nuclear free world by a stem from his childhood set in the cold war arms race Michael remembers when he lived in California and they had regular bomb drills. He isn’t only against the weapons but also the plants. For example look at the nuclear meltdown in Japan The treaty is against any use of nuclear substances anywhere and everywhere. It prohibits the use of nuclear weapons and the development of nuclear sites. The sites that are already there will stay there but no more will be built if it is passed.
  6. 6. Risks of nuclear weaponry andplants Michael doesn’t receive very many risks on himself but in general the fact and use of nuclear weapons are enough. If the treaty doesn’t pass then we could get bombed one day. Even what happened in Japan with the nuclear factory exploding. that could happen to us. Terrorists using nuclear weapons against the U.S is something I would never think would happen but it definitely could.
  7. 7. Michaels impact Michael Douglas is a very big name and has a lot of money so it makes sense that he can help a lot. Could prevent if treaty is passed of nuclear weapons use. Could save many lives by passing this treaty. The plants are being made much more defensive against natural disasters and quicker alarms The plants are being developed to recover their waste products when an emergency happens like Japan
  8. 8. Issue today In May 1955, the United Nations Disarmament Commission brought together the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and the Soviet Union to begin ending nuclear weapons testing. In 1962 we learned a lot of lessons from the Cuban missile crisis. On July 25 1963 John F Kennedy signed an agreement to not fire nuclear weapons into space or the water. The treaty will hopefully be done by this Friday which will mean there will be hundreds of nuclear missiles are going to be destroyed but that was in march 2010. The U.S has more than 1,200 nuclear warheads right now and russia has almost 3,000 warheads. 285 of the 337 of the worlds nuclear weapons factory are being closed or at least limited. Schools don’t have to do bomb tests or hide under the desks or have a fallout shelter. All because people are trying to make it harder and less likely to ever use nuclear warheads again.
  9. 9. What can we gain from thispersons effort and desire We gain many different things with this persons life. Michael puts forth a lot of time and money into something he really wants done. People get desires from when they are little children and he had to grow up in that era. So he wants to change what children and teens have to go through. Michael makes multi-millions a year on movie production and he uses his time and resources to help make the world a safer place.