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Tools Of Engagement  Presenting And Training In Social Media

Tools Of Engagement Presenting And Training In Social Media



Tools of Engagement in Social Media for Training and Presenting

Tools of Engagement in Social Media for Training and Presenting



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    Tools Of Engagement  Presenting And Training In Social Media Tools Of Engagement Presenting And Training In Social Media Presentation Transcript

    • Tools of Engagement: Presenting andTraining in a World of Social Media**Audio: Listen over your computer speakers or dial in: U.S.: 1 877 739-5903 Passcode: 472-580-298
    • Q& A Type question here
    • Join the conversation on #ToolsEngage @TomBunzel @GoToTraining
    • Today’s Speakers Michael Schmier Tom Bunzel VP of Research and Community Author & Presentation Expert www.focus.com www.professorppt.com @TomBunzel
    • Tools of Engagement:Make Training Presentations Part ofa Conversation@TomBunzel#ToolsEngage Copyright 2010 Tom Bunzel All Rights Reserved
    • The New Environment:Socialnomics 2.0• Facebook is now the 3rd largest country in the world• Facebook exceeds Google for weekly U.S. web traffic• Social Media has become more popular online than porn• -- Socialnomics by Erik Qualman• www.socialnomics.net
    • The Essence of Social Media:Value not Vanity• The key to the “Groundswell”: Everyone counts• Presenters no longer broadcast• Audiences expect to participate – know and connect with you in an ongoing conversation• Learn a set of tools that keep you connected and engaged
    • Social Training Scenario: Law Firm 1. Prepare staff for topics using a blog – engage in conversation 2. Stay connected online and with home PC’s, smart phones/PDAs a) Send to Facebook Page for Legal Staff b) Create a hashtag for firm to filter updates on Twitter – engage staff with questions and issues c) Show firm social activities in Whrrl – engage on personal level 3. Invite to webinar about litigation issues– use social tools to promote via Facebook page 4. Post PowerPoint with narration on AuthorStream/YouTube – blog – to prepare for webinar (with hashtag on Twitter) 5. Cover training topic in Webinar using PowerPoint and Word docs – annotate with conference tools 6. Monitor backchannel on Twitter using hashtag 7. Archive webinar and use social tools to reach staff members who missed the event 8. Continue with Steps 1 & 2
    • Harnessing the Twitter Backchannel –Creating a Buzz with “#” Hashtags• Electronic commentary and chatter during and even in opposition to a presentation• Need to be aware and harness the energy ▫ Survive the experience – adequate preparation ▫ Respond to the audience’s needs – master the phenomenon ▫ Engage with the backchannel – use it for your own purposes• Monitor and even display the Backchannel during the presentation
    • BackChannel Info and Resources• Cliff Atkinson - www.backchannelbook.com• Olivia Mitchell - http://speakingaboutpresenting.com/twitter/pr esent-twitter-backchannel-ebook/
    • Filter with Hashtags:
    • Transcript: tweetdoc.org
    • PDF Compilationof Tweets
    • Leveraging LinkedIn for Research and Referrals• Fast growing business network - One user per second – and doubled this year• LinkedIn is a professional resource – connect to contact list in Outlook• Use Search to identify key contacts and potential audience• Ask questions to dig deeper, meet and connect and build buzz and reputation
    • Friending Facebook for Events• Get a web page for an event – have your friends comment and “Like” and link• Use the page for registration – describe event or webinar
    • Create a Page for Your Organization• A central area where you can communicate about the latest events and interact with students or colleagues
    • Populate the Page• Promote; tell people• Post updates• Add information
    • New Facebook Page Features• Notifications when fans interact with your page or posts• A place to showcase photos along the top of your page• A news feed for your page• The ability to Like and post on other pages as your page
    • Giving Your Anecdotes and Stories a Whrrl• Personalize your presentation or training• Localize by checking in• Upload pictures from portable devices to create a story and connection
    • Distributing Your Content Effectively –Sharing, Tags Mashability and Bookmarks• Everything points and connects everywhere else• Host once, display everywhere• Everyone is a critic – comments are key• How people tag and bookmark affect your brand and reputation
    • ShareThis: Get Users to DistributeYour Content
    • Share This is a Program for “Mashing”
    • Using Hosted Video in Blogs and Presentations for Social Content• The groundwork for the Groundswell• Create a channel in YouTube• Embed the code in your blog• “Blog your brains out”
    • Embed Code from YouTube to PutVideo into a Blog Post
    • New YouTube Feature: Embed Code • Paste Link (in Email) • Share to Blogger
    • Get the Embed Code/HTML tab
    • Painless Video withPowerPoint: • Ask questions to stimulate discussion • Use analogies and metaphors • Use visuals to connect emotionally • Pose problems that evoke understanding ▫ Refer and relate to ongoing conversation online in blogs, social networks and email • Let audience participate in discussion and solutions
    • Strategies & Technologies ForPosting Training PowerPointOnline (as Video)• Make YouTube (or Vimeo), a central video repository• AuthorStream, a web-hosting site specifically for PowerPoint presentations, hosting a presentation with embedded narration.• Camtasia, a screen capture program capable of recording a live PowerPoint presentation with narration (and optional video of the presenter) and saving it various digital video formats that are web-friendly.• GoToTraining, a web conferencing solution created specifically for training professionals -- lets you show a PowerPoint during an online event, and archive a digital video version for hosting online.
    • Got Movie? Upload to YouTube• AVI• MOV• WMV
    • Access Your Channel (Account)
    • Fill in Form
    • Locate and Upload
    • AuthorSTREAM Accepts EmbeddedPowerPoint Narration
    • DO NOT LINK Narration
    • Present and Narrate
    • Check Narration in SlideSorter –
    • Upload to AuthorSTREAM
    • Fill In Search Data (Meta Tags)
    • Check Confirmation Screen
    • Use URL and Embed Links Online
    • Play in AuthorSTREAM or Send toYouTube
    • Converted Video in a YouTube Channel
    • Camtasia – Captures PowerPoint withNarration or Your Entire Screen
    • Pre-Set or Custom Output Options
    • Console for Screen Capture
    • Add-In Directly in PowerPoint
    • Push Record – Deliver Presentation
    • Esc Out – Open in Editor
    • Tweak Narration, Add Effects
    • Set Zooms and Transitions
    • Output in a Format for YouTube or DVD
    • Record a Web Conference• Citrix:• GotoMeeting• GoToWebinar• GoToTraining
    • Pre-Set Recording Options (Local orOnline Archive)
    • Pay Attention to Audience View
    • Make Sure SOMEONE MonitorsRecording
    • GoToTraining – ComprehensiveRegistration and Delivery Tools
    • Use a Central Administration Center
    • Maintain a Library of Content
    • Present and Record – Save andDistribute (Archive)
    • Getting the Most out of Web Conferencesand Webinars• Be creative and have fun• Use chat, Q&A and polling to foster participation• Emphasize visuals to maintain attention• Develop games, exercises and participation prior, during and subsequent to webinar
    • Additional Resources• TechSmith – Camtasia ▫ http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.asp• YouTube ▫ http://www.youtube.com/• SlideShare ▫ http://www.slideshare.net/• Citrix Online – www.gotomeeting.com• SlideRocket ▫ http://www.sliderocket.com▫ AuthorStream ▫ http://www.authorstream.com▫ Send6.com – hosting large files (video) ▫ http://www.send6.com
    • Thank You• Tom Bunzel: http://www.professorppt.com• tbunzel.blogspot.com (tech and more)• tbunzel@earthlink.nethttp://www.professorppt.com/ ning_how.htm“Tools of Engagement” on Amazon
    • Visit: www.gototraining.com Click the TRY IT FREE button Use Promo Code: training Call: 1-866-962-6491 Email: gototraining@citrixonline.com@gototraining www.facebook.com/GoToTraining