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Social Media Guide from Burke\'s

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Social Media Guide 2010 02

  1. getOUT OF THE OVENAND INTO SOCIAL MEDIAAn Operator’s Guide to Connecting with Your Customers and Connecting with Burke
  2. BLOGfresh ‘OUT OF THE OVEN’Get fully cooked conversationsdelivered hot and fresh to yourin-box with “Out of the Oven,”a new Web log (or blog) ofideas brought to you by Burke CONNECT withCorporation, makers of fullycooked meats for pizzerias, BURKEfoodservice and manufacturers. Go to for regular postsICONOLOGYTHE BURKE BLOG ICON by the Burke team featuring ideas, trends and industry insights. Subscribe via RSS feed or e-mail.
  3. FACEBOOK ICONOLOGY THE FACEBOOK ICON CONNECT withFACEBOOK.COM BURKEFacebook is the hottest social From any active Facebook page, entermedia network today. It’s likely “Burke Corporation” in the search box.people’s favorite way to stayconnected with friends, Check out our upcoming events and photographs,families and favorite brands. and dont forget to become a fan.
  4. TWITTER.COMA micro-blog where you have140 characters to share what’s TWITTERhappening right now or viewothers’ “tweets” to discovernew links and resources. CONNECT with BURKEGo to and select “Sign up now” tocreate your account. Follow Burke Corporationat, to hear what’shappening at events like International Pizza Expo®and find links to new and fun industry info. ICONOLOGY THE TWITTER ICON
  5. CONNECT with BURKE Go to and you can join quickly from the homepage. Once you’re signed in, enter “Burke Corporation” in the “Find People”LINKEDIN.COM box and you’ll get to our page. Or just go straight to beats LinkedIn for business networking. companies/burke-corporation. FromExchange ideas, information and opportunities our company page, you can easilywith trusted contacts in your area and industry. find your Burke sales representative.LINKEDIN ICONOLOGY THE LINKEDIN ICON
  6. CONNECT withYOUTUBE.COM BURKEYouTube is a fun, fast, free and easy way Go to post and view videos. So go ahead, burkecorpmeats, or simplybroadcast yourself. The world is watching. enter “Burke Corporation” in the search box on the home- page. Check out our latest videos from events like International Pizza Expo®YOUTUBE and our chefs at work in our test kitchens.ICONOLOGYTHE YOUTUBE ICON
  7. FLICKR ICONOLOGY THE FLICKR ICON CONNECT with BURKE See Burke’s photos at BurkeCorpMeats. Get a taste of some of our favoriteFLICKR.COM pizzas, complete with recipes, put names to faces with staff photos, and more.This simple online photomanagement and sharingapplication also lets youadd comments and text.
  8. yourSOCIAL CONNECT WITH CUSTOMERS Fight the fear. Banish the doubts. Social media is soMEDIA fast and easy, even the least computer-savvy among us can harness its power. It makes your business accessible and builds relationships with yourConnect with your customers customers. And it’s FREE. No more excuses. Get started and see the bottom-linebenefits tomorrow Create a Media Maven If it’s not going to be you, pick someone in your business who you truly trust to manage your social media HOT and your brand. This includes not only TIP keeping all of your pages up-to-date, but monitoring your pages and other industry sites as well.
  9. FACEBOOK.COM CONNECT WITH your Amass fans through CUSTOMERS your Web site, e-mails and in-store signage. Go to and select Post daily specials and “Create a page for a celebrity, band orHOT create unique offers or business.” (It’s on the lower right.)TIP promotions for your Anyone who “Becomes a fan” of your Facebook fans. page will receive your status updates.
  10. TWITTER.COM CONNECT WITH your CUSTOMERS HOT TIPOnce you’ve created your account, Gain followers through yourwhich takes mere minutes, click Web site, Facebook page andthe “Help” button on the upper in-store signage. Twitter’sright side of the page, and hit immediacy makes it perfect“Getting Started” for frequently for last-minute promotionsasked questions. like, “Stop in within the next hour, mention this tweet andOr, just start tweeting. It’s easy to get $2 off your pizza.”figure it out as you go.
  11. CONNECT WITH your HOT CUSTOMERS TIP LinkedIn helps you find peopleKeep your LinkedIn activity you already know throughstrictly business. This isn’t the your e-mail address books,place for promotions or humor, and suggests contacts throughbut it can definitely help you people you’ve linked with.increase corporate sales andimprove your business imagein your community.LINKEDIN.COM
  12. CONNECT WITH your CUSTOMERS You’ll need a free account to upload videos. Just click “Create Account” in the upper-right part of YouTube’s homepage. Your account will create a “Channel” for your restaurant and allow you to show up in searches.YOUTUBE.COM Create a specialty menu item, a fun promotion HOT or a unique challenge, shoot it and post it. TIP Will millions of people watch some dude try to eat a 6 lb. pizza by himself? Yes.
  13. HOT TIPWith their written FLICKR.COMconsent, take pictures CONNECT WITH yourof your best customers CUSTOMERSenjoying your pizza andpost them on Flickr. Since Flickr is part of Yahoo, you can set up your Flickr account in mere seconds if you’re already a Yahoo member. If not, it still just takes minutes. Click “Create Your Account” and it walks you through, step-by-step. Or, click “Take the Tour” at the bottom of the homepage.
  14. mo re • Manage Your Brand: Social media isn’t any less significant to your brand image than a billboard. In fact, it’s likely to be seen by even more customers than your traditional HOT advertising. Never, ever forget that. TIPs • Cross-Promote Connections: All of these social media sites have icons you can add to your restaurant’s Web site. Encourage your customers to connect with you across multiple platforms.• Make Sure You’re Found: Go to and click “Put your business on Google maps.” Every time someone Googles your restaurant name, the first thing they’ll find will be a map to your restaurant.• Go Viral: Post your videos on your Web site, your Facebook page and your YouTube channel. YouTube’s “Share” button lets you post any video link on a number of sites with one click.• Keep it Real: Make sure your social media content is relevant, useful and brief. Your followers won’t hesitate to “unfriend” you if you inundate them with useless information.