6 Secrets Of Solid Social Business Deployments


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First, a reality check. Any big changes in IT can cause
significant disruptions in even the most flexible
organizations. For Social Business Software
deployments, the transition must be managed with
particular care because it entails something of a mental
shift in how a business functions and how business
processes come together.

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6 Secrets Of Solid Social Business Deployments

  1. 1. | secrets of social business deployment 01 6 secrets of solid social business deployments. Your guide to painless deployment and adoption.www.jivesoftware.com
  2. 2. | secrets of social business deploymentOverview. 02In this paper we are going to assume that you’ve already made a decision to socialize your enterprise ITinfrastructure with Social Business Software.First, a reality check. Any big changes in IT can cause to, from the silverback gorilla old-school mechanicalsignificant disruptions in even the most flexible engineering chieftains to the Tweetdeck devotees whoorganizations. For Social Business Software *only* send emails while at work.deployments, the transition must be managed withparticular care because it entails something of a mental Following some pretty basic principles can go a longshift in how a business functions and how business way towards nailing a successful deployment, a highprocesses come together. out-of-the-gate adoption and use rate and, by extension, a rapid realization of the real benefits of a social ITSome employees, understandably, have trouble getting infrastructure. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide forused to social-style information streams, wiki-style maximizing your social deployment impact whilecurated project collaboration, and other new-fangled minimizing discomfort and encouraging everyonethings. No matter. A well-rehearsed, well-planned to share along in their own special way.social deployment has something everyone can relatewww.jivesoftware.com
  3. 3. | secrets of social business deployment1. Make sure you have two senior champions: one from business and one from IT. 03Business units (sales and marketing) and IT units in enterprises and organizations tend to co-exist uneasily,with a constant back-and-forth over what’s possible, what’s acceptable, what’s affordable, and what’s reallyeffing stupid.If you’ve worked at a company that has endured a big You also need a united front because social media andnew tech deployment, that lacked support somewhere use of social mores in corporate settings remains ain the upper ranks of the business unit, you know how fairly novel concept to the majority of people in thetricky it can be to convince the minions that they too workforce. Many still remember all-too-fresh articlesshould pay attention. about people getting fired for using Facebook to flaunt their boredom or air dirty personal laundry during workLikewise, software deployments rammed down the hours.throat of the IT staff tend to get second-class treatment None of this is to say bad online social acts are acceptable,behind other “more mission critical” priorities. For that but bringing in both sides of the house helps to set upreason, a united front is essential for a social deployment the new status quo and underscore both the sincerityto work well. and depth of the commitment to the project.www.jivesoftware.com
  4. 4. | secrets of social business deployment2. Sit down and re-calibrate your implementation with the business case. 04You would be amazed at how much can get lost in translation between building the business case, when thechampion mapped out the way he or she thinks Social Business Software should work, and the simplest, leastdisruptive way to bring social into your business processes.And make no mistake. Always, always err on the side of With Social Business Software platforms, adding newsimplicity, providing just enough functionality to make functionality should be fairly simple. It can be achievedthe new social environment useful and sufficient to either by layering on apps from nascent applicationachieve the expected results. Building added complexity marketplaces or by writing code and connectors thatnot only loads on costs upfront but it can add confusion can access the social business platform’s APIs. Soas employees deal with a greater number of changes to aim low, at first. Make it stupid simple to use for realexisting processes. business activities and ensure that everyone “just gets it” nearly at first glance. The complexity can come later.www.jivesoftware.com
  5. 5. | secrets of social business deployment3. Decide on the flavor of your deployment: self-hosted or SaaS. 05While not a huge upfront sticking point, companies should decide whether they need social running inside thefirewall or whether it should be hosted and operated by a third-party.What are the benefits of a SaaS flavor? This type of Fortunately, Social Business Software need not bedeployment means the vendor handles all maintenance complicated like a massive and risky ERP install. Theand upgrades to the hardware and the software, best social business platforms can be brought up to aremoving the burden from your IT team.Further, under live instance in a day or two with the full-time assistancethis arrangement users can easily grow the deployment of one or two IT engineers and a few software installationto accommodate higher seat-counts, uses of richer consultants (usually the vendor’s specialized team).media-like video (requiring greater drive capacity andmore I/O), and other modifications. Bottom line is this. The best self-hosted deployment of Social Business Software is relatively risk free and doesFor customers saddled with rigorous auditing policies, not involve month-long, pay-spray-pray deployment underdata control mandates, heavy security concerns, and the auspices of an army of consultants. Good socialnon-trivial business continuity requirements (mainly should be simpler than this, and deployments should begovernment entities, financial houses, and publicly- far more manageable. So if the vendor tells you otherwise,traded companies), self-hosted is the only acceptable you may wish to reconsider your Social Business Softwarepath. choice.www.jivesoftware.com
  6. 6. | secrets of social business deployment4. Hire a full-time community manager for your internal social business deployment. 06Ok, so you’ve got your two senior gorilla champions from IT and the business side. If you want a lively, engaging,well-loved social community for employees, the thing you do next is hire a community manager. Among itscountless responsibilities, this job includes articulating how employees will use Social Business Software forbusiness use, cheerleading, and identifying ways that different types of employees can contribute without leavingtheir comfort zone.For a Social Business Software deployment to succeed So the community manager must quickly locate and Lastly, the FTE community manager should make sureat a major company, this should come as no surprise. At nurture the “true believers”, and give them the training to have regular meet-ups with this crew. These meet-upssmaller companies with more modest resources, an FTE and tools to educate and evangelize in their network. should be a combination of “tips-and-tricks” sessions,might bust the budget. In those cases, carving out a When possible, it’s ideal to grant these volunteer advocates group troubleshooting, and best practice sharing. Ithalf or quarter-time responsibility and making it official and facilitators as much flexibility as possible in running might help to have the CEO drop by once in a while toreduces the danger of the project becoming a lonely their ship (because they are doing this for free). give them a pat on the back and, in turn, have theorphan, beloved in concept but largely shelf ware. volunteers educate the CEO both on how social business Community managers also need to create a formalized works, and how it’s working at the company.Perhaps the most important job of the community “on-boarding” curriculum for these volunteers to makemanager, though, is to identify effective volunteer sure they are truly experts both in the operational sideadvocates and facilitators for various units or sections and the theoretical side of your company’s Social Business(marketing, sales, finance, R&D, manufacturing, etc.). Software rollout.Without these foot soldiers, the community will nottake flight.www.jivesoftware.com
  7. 7. | secrets of social business deployment5. Encourage participation by getting in your user’s comfort zone. 07Let’s be realistic: achieving a 100% adoption and participation rate in a Social Business Software deploymentwon’t happen out of the gate. So set your expectations accordingly. A stellar social business program could hita mark of 50% employee participation within six months, an extremely impressive statistic. The exception to thisis when leaders make social a mandatory part of business processes. When it’s mandatory, when there’s no otherchoice, you can expect 100% adoption pretty quickly.The key to attaining this type of penetration is to was desperate to capture some of their sequestered This is just one example, but there are myriad othersubtly meld the launch program to fit the natural social knowledge to pass on to the rest of the company tribe. ways to ensure that employees can more comfortablypropensities of nearly everyone. Collaborators can participate in a social business program. Marketers,collaborate. Bloggers can blog. Mentors can mentor. Trouble was, these silverbacks were not really into the who are used to writing, may enjoy doing blog postsJoiners can join. And sharers can share knowledge social thing. And so they initially turned their nose up at about their experience. Front line sales executives,with the tribe. The key is to provide a wide range of the Social Business Software deployment. A community with a less expansive attention span, may choose toways to contribute and to incorporate inputs from as manager pushed forth a strategy asking the younger post status updates. Project managers may choosemany types of employees and via as many mediums engineers to interview the older guys and have those to curate or actively follow other interesting internalas possible without upping complexity levels to any conversations transcribed and then published as blog company projects.serious degree. posts. For many employees, turning on a social businessHow might this work? A major farm equipment The interaction was structured as mentorship, program will feel as comfortable as breathing ormanufacturing company had a strong cadre of old- something the silverbacks loved to do. And so telling walking. For others, the concept of social is so novelschool engineers. These guys happened to also hold the young whippersnappers the secrets of their success that they need to be nudged into it gently and in aa ridiculous amount of institutional wisdom on how drew them in. Over time they began to do the blogging comfortable way.to really make innovative and durable tractors and on their own before finally becoming social with theircombines that beat the pants off the competition. knowledge and project participation, almost withoutMany were nearing retirement age and the company realizing the arc of their progress.www.jivesoftware.com
  8. 8. | secrets of social business deployment6. Conduct monthly update meetings with the champions and community facilitators. 08Keeping on top of progress, developments, and how the tribe is embracing its new Social Business Softwareis critical for several reasons.First, these discussions can be a convenient early goals are adjusted to reflect the business challengesperiod to address brewing problems or pivot use cases users are actually using social to solve. This can maketo better reflect reality. Second, these types of informal or break the C-suite’s view of a project as a success orchats and meetings can help guide the second and third a failure. For example, a company may believe it needsiterations of the social IT architecture at the company. social business to drive product innovation, but inLike social media itself, social business is evolving reality employees may embrace it for collaboration—rapidly and will continue to evolve. because that’s the most critical business need. So calibrating actual results to expectations ASAP isThese meetings are also a convenient place to compare simply good corporate hygiene.actual results to goals stated before project launch.When dealing with upper management, make surewww.jivesoftware.com
  9. 9. | secrets of social business deploymentIn conclusion… get two champions,confirm the business case, hire a community manager, 09get in the comfort zone, and meet often.A mouthful of a conclusion but the basic point we’re trying to make is this. Unlike many flavors of enterprise ITinstalls, there are no smoke and mirrors, no wizards behind the curtain, no secret sauce to making a socialdeployment work for your business.Social Business Software is the most transparent piece product and the user “gets it” so quickly that much ofof software on the market in terms of what it’s designed the dreaded training and continuing education requiredto do, and how it can be leveraged to produce business for ERP, financial packages, HR and other software isresults. ridiculously unnecessary. Remember, above all, social has to be simple and simple is as simple does, in theSo don’t think too hard about all this stuff. The beauty most positive sense.of social is the user direction ultimately defines theJive. First in Social Business.Jive is the largest and fastest-growing independent Social Business Software company in the world.For more information, visit www.jivesoftware.com.jive software 325 lytton avenue, palo alto, ca 94301 o 1.877.495.3700