Large Food Recalls of the Past 10 Years


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Ten large or notable U.S. food recalls are explored. Topics include product safety, food safety, and FDA advisories.

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Large Food Recalls of the Past 10 Years

  1. 1. Large Food Recalls of the Past 10 Years A Presentation by: Food Safety Sanitation
  2. 2. Gerber Baby Food Began: July 2007 • U.S. recall of Gerber brand Organic Rice Cereal and Organic Oatmeal Cereal • Florida parent found about 30 hard chunks in the baby food that would not dissolve in liquid, creating a choking hazard. • The company received many complaints, however there were no reported injuries.Choking Hazard
  3. 3. Peanut Corporation of America Began: January 2009 • Recalled bulk peanut butter and peanut paste products for Salmonella • All products made in the previous six months were recalled. • The FDA recalled 3913 different products from over 350 companies. • One of the most widespread recalls in the United States • Five people died from the case and hundreds were sick from salmonella poisoning.Salmonella
  4. 4. Beef Recall of 2008 Began: February 2008 • Cost: $117 million • USDA orders recall of 143 million pounds of processed frozen beef • Westland/Hallmark processers failed to inspect cattle properly before slaughter. • Violations of federal animal care regulations took place. • However, inspectors claimed the meat had no threat to consumers.Violation of Federal Animal Care Regulations
  5. 5. Nestlé’s Toll House Cookie Dough Began: June 2009 • The FDA warned consumers not to eat Toll House prepackaged cookie dough, due to risk of contamination with E. coli. • 300,000 packages of refrigerated cookie dough were recalled. • Over 60 people were infected with E. Coli in a number of states, often after eating the dough raw.E. coli(0157:H7)
  6. 6. National Beef Packing Company Began: August 2011 • Over 60,000 pounds of beef products were recalled • The ground beef possibly contained E. Coli • The problem was discovered after the Ohio Department of Agriculture did routine microbial testing. • This was a USDA – Class I RecallE. coli(O157:H7)
  7. 7. Nestle Nesquik® Powder Began: November 2012 • An ingredient supplier contacted Nestle, informing them their calcium carbonate could possible contain Salmonella. • The recall was voluntary and only affected the Chocolate Powder.Salmonella
  8. 8. Natural Selection Foods Began: September 2006 • Natural Selection Foods issued a voluntary recall of all spinach products due to E. Coli contamination. • The incident resulted in hundreds becoming sick and the death of three people. • Farmers faced upwards of $74 million in losses from the recall.E. Coli(O157:H7)
  9. 9. Cargill Ground Turkey Began: August 2011 • 136 people were infected across 34 states. • The largest Class I recall and the third largest recall ever • 36 million pounds of ground turkey were recalled • The outbreak involved an anti- biotic resistant strain known as Salmonella Heidelberg.Salmonella(Heidelberg)
  10. 10. Tomato Advisory Began: 2008 • In 2008, the FDA issued an advisory to avoid eating certain domestically produced tomatoes, which were linked to a salmonella outbreak. • This was later found to be false, but not before causing economic damage to domestic producers. • The investigation was eventually traced back to jalapeño and Serrano peppers grown in Mexico.Linked to Salmonella(False alert)
  11. 11. Cantaloupe Recall of 2012 Began: August 2012 • August 28th, the FDA announces a recall of cantaloupe due to the presence of Salmonella Typhimurium in collected samples. • DFI Marketing Inc. voluntarily recalls cantaloupes that were sold to retailers in over twenty different states • The recall involved about 28 thousand cartons of cantaloupe.Salmonella(Salmonella Typhimurium)
  12. 12. Peter Pan Peanut Butter Began: 2007 • There was a salmonella outbreak linked to Peter Pan Peanut Butter. • ConAgra, who makes the peanut butter, recalled 100% of the product. • No deaths resulted from the outbreak, but over 600 people got sick. • The recall cost ConAgra close to $80 millionSalmonella
  13. 13. Topps Meat Company Began: September 2007 • Topps Meat Company, located in Elizabeth, New Jersey voluntarily began a recall of ground beef. • This was the second-largest beef recall in the country at the time. • The company closed as a result of the recall, costing 87 people their jobs. • 30 people became ill from the E. Coli tainted meat.E. coli(O157:H7)
  14. 14. Credits This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All other company and organization logos, designs,layouts, images, etc. referenced in this presentation are trademarks of their respective owners. A Presentation by: Food Safety Sanitation