Large Food Recalls of the Past 10 Years
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Large Food Recalls of the Past 10 Years



Ten large or notable U.S. food recalls are explored. Topics include product safety, food safety, and FDA advisories.

Ten large or notable U.S. food recalls are explored. Topics include product safety, food safety, and FDA advisories.



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Large Food Recalls of the Past 10 Years Large Food Recalls of the Past 10 Years Presentation Transcript

  • Large Food Recalls of the Past 10 Years A Presentation by: Food Safety Sanitation
  • Gerber Baby Food Began: July 2007 • U.S. recall of Gerber brand Organic Rice Cereal and Organic Oatmeal Cereal • Florida parent found about 30 hard chunks in the baby food that would not dissolve in liquid, creating a choking hazard. • The company received many complaints, however there were no reported injuries.Choking Hazard
  • Peanut Corporation of America Began: January 2009 • Recalled bulk peanut butter and peanut paste products for Salmonella • All products made in the previous six months were recalled. • The FDA recalled 3913 different products from over 350 companies. • One of the most widespread recalls in the United States • Five people died from the case and hundreds were sick from salmonella poisoning.Salmonella
  • Beef Recall of 2008 Began: February 2008 • Cost: $117 million • USDA orders recall of 143 million pounds of processed frozen beef • Westland/Hallmark processers failed to inspect cattle properly before slaughter. • Violations of federal animal care regulations took place. • However, inspectors claimed the meat had no threat to consumers.Violation of Federal Animal Care Regulations
  • Nestlé’s Toll House Cookie Dough Began: June 2009 • The FDA warned consumers not to eat Toll House prepackaged cookie dough, due to risk of contamination with E. coli. • 300,000 packages of refrigerated cookie dough were recalled. • Over 60 people were infected with E. Coli in a number of states, often after eating the dough raw.E. coli(0157:H7)
  • National Beef Packing Company Began: August 2011 • Over 60,000 pounds of beef products were recalled • The ground beef possibly contained E. Coli • The problem was discovered after the Ohio Department of Agriculture did routine microbial testing. • This was a USDA – Class I RecallE. coli(O157:H7)
  • Nestle Nesquik® Powder Began: November 2012 • An ingredient supplier contacted Nestle, informing them their calcium carbonate could possible contain Salmonella. • The recall was voluntary and only affected the Chocolate Powder.Salmonella
  • Natural Selection Foods Began: September 2006 • Natural Selection Foods issued a voluntary recall of all spinach products due to E. Coli contamination. • The incident resulted in hundreds becoming sick and the death of three people. • Farmers faced upwards of $74 million in losses from the recall.E. Coli(O157:H7)
  • Cargill Ground Turkey Began: August 2011 • 136 people were infected across 34 states. • The largest Class I recall and the third largest recall ever • 36 million pounds of ground turkey were recalled • The outbreak involved an anti- biotic resistant strain known as Salmonella Heidelberg.Salmonella(Heidelberg)
  • Tomato Advisory Began: 2008 • In 2008, the FDA issued an advisory to avoid eating certain domestically produced tomatoes, which were linked to a salmonella outbreak. • This was later found to be false, but not before causing economic damage to domestic producers. • The investigation was eventually traced back to jalapeño and Serrano peppers grown in Mexico.Linked to Salmonella(False alert)
  • Cantaloupe Recall of 2012 Began: August 2012 • August 28th, the FDA announces a recall of cantaloupe due to the presence of Salmonella Typhimurium in collected samples. • DFI Marketing Inc. voluntarily recalls cantaloupes that were sold to retailers in over twenty different states • The recall involved about 28 thousand cartons of cantaloupe.Salmonella(Salmonella Typhimurium)
  • Peter Pan Peanut Butter Began: 2007 • There was a salmonella outbreak linked to Peter Pan Peanut Butter. • ConAgra, who makes the peanut butter, recalled 100% of the product. • No deaths resulted from the outbreak, but over 600 people got sick. • The recall cost ConAgra close to $80 millionSalmonella
  • Topps Meat Company Began: September 2007 • Topps Meat Company, located in Elizabeth, New Jersey voluntarily began a recall of ground beef. • This was the second-largest beef recall in the country at the time. • The company closed as a result of the recall, costing 87 people their jobs. • 30 people became ill from the E. Coli tainted meat.E. coli(O157:H7)
  • Credits This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All other company and organization logos, designs,layouts, images, etc. referenced in this presentation are trademarks of their respective owners. A Presentation by: Food Safety Sanitation