fonYou media summary 2009


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Summary of fonYou's media appearances and presence in 2009

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fonYou media summary 2009

  1. 1. 17 January 2010 fonYou in the media in 2009
  2. 2. Internet presence Results on January 12, 2010 After its service launch on July 9, 2009, fonYou successfully established itself as a new brand in the Spanish market within only 6 months, quickly gaining more online presence than many of its competitors who launched much earlier and spent much more on advertising than fonYou
  3. 3. Media feedback – conventional press On January 8, 2010, CincoDías, a renown Spanish financial newspaper, published an outlook on the information & communication technology sector for 2010 where it mentioned companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, HP y Amazon. Only three Spanish companies were named: Telefónica, Zara and fonYou Source:
  4. 4. Media feedback – online press The readers of the Spanish blog Xataka Móvil have named fonYou the “ best service ” in 2009 in a recent online vote on the mobile industry in Spain Source:
  5. 5. Selected appearances in large-scale newspapers
  6. 6. Selected appearances in online media
  7. 7. Selected appearances in blogs
  8. 8. fonYou on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube...
  9. 9. fonYou’s presence at industry events Mobile World Congress, Barcelona: Feb-2010 Under the Radar, Mountain View, CA: Nov-2009 EBE 2009, Sevilla: Nov-2009 MVNO Congress 2009, Lisboa: Sep-2009
  10. 10. MVNO Congress 2009, Lisbon: Sep 2009 IIR’s MVNO Congress is an industry conference specifically focused on new trends in the MVNO space. fonYou was invited to the 2009 edition to present its innovative Online Mobile Telephony concept
  11. 11. EBE 2009, Sevilla: Nov 2009 The “Evento Blog España” is the biggest bloggers event in Spain and the second biggest in Europe. fonYou was one of only four start-up companies invited to present at the event
  12. 12. Under the Radar, Mountain View, CA: Nov 2009 Under the Radar is a one-day conference of 32 hand-selected disruptive companies in one sector celebrated biannually in Silicon Valley. fonYou was one of only two non-North American companies to participate in the “Mobile” edition last fall
  13. 13. Mobile World Congress, Barcelona: Feb 2010 fonYou has secured its presence at the MWC 2010 and will have a stand at the Spanish Pavilion. fonYou will use this event to make important announcements about its service and about a strategic alliance with a leading industry player
  14. 14. CONTACT fonYou Telecom, S.L. Parque de Innovación La Salle Sant Joan de la Salle, 42 08022 Barcelona Spain Email: [email_address] Web (B2C): Web (B2B):