Guadalinfo Accesible: Turning local needs into global solutions


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Presentation for the 1st AEGIS International Conference.

The 1st AEGIS International Conference “Access for all in the desktop, web and mobile field: an end-user and developer perspective” on 7-8 October 2010, at the University of Seville showcased the world’s most influential open source, web and mobile accessibility projects and bring together developers and people with disabilities. It gathered presenters and exhibitors that addressed assistive technology in Rich Internet Applications (RIA), desktop applications and mobile applications, as well as developer tools that embed accessibility plug-ins.

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Guadalinfo Accesible: Turning local needs into global solutions

  1. 1. Turning local needs into global solutions: Guadalinfo accessible Alejandro Leiva <> J. Félix Ontañón <>
  2. 2. What is Guadalinfo accessibility? Broader usage of free open source software accessibility tools Community adoption of the work for ongoing development Strengthen our relationship with the GNOME community
  3. 3. Who are we? Emergya FOSS ICT company from Seville (Spain) 7 years, 50 people Involved with: And now ... A
  4. 4. Orca enhancements Improve the usability of Orca for JAWS users Fix bugs Design and implement a new profile system  (Less hackish) :-)  Simplify configuration in telecentres  Facilitate sharing of settings GNOME 3.0 compatibility Documentation  Update and improve existing documentation  Create new user tutorials
  5. 5. OCRFeeder Accessibility improvement  Keyboard navigation  User interface redesign Recognition improvements  Inclusion of new image analysis algorithm  Multi paragraph detection algorithm Inclusion of additional OCR engines. Inclusion of new export and import formats
  6. 6. Government and communityOpen development model Only final product availableMeritocracy matters Financial & workforce mattersMotivators Constraints · Functionality of interest Budget · · Needs of funding Requirements · · Hacking abilities Penalties ·
  7. 7. Involve with community beyond your scope Orca for JAWS users example Once as validator Guadalinfo center as target Upstream required A Orca is not JAWS! Upstream disagree with change Solution: Profiles selector
  8. 8. Put the right hacker to do the job OCRFeeder Recognition improvements example Auto rotate scanned pages Column detection Upstream required Technical work above our skills Features not in OCRFeeder roadmap Solution! Agreement with Igalia Inclusion of new image analysis algorithm Multi paragraph detection algorithm
  9. 9. GNOME as investment Is: ● A platform for development ● A platform for accessibility A ● A USP for your company So: ● Gain credit in order to be heard ● Involve as investment Alejandro Leiva <> J. Félix Ontañón <>