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Bulletin Automne 2010-EN

  1. 1. anFondationpour les Enfants NEWSLETTERde l’Équateur Autumn 2010 4409, rue St-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2J 2X1 Tél. 514-525-4920 RosalieCadron@videotron.ca www.fondation.enfants.equateur.orgWord from the President, MERRY CHISTMAS  AndThere is no lack of activity and unexpected events at the Mission HAPPY NEW YEARThe Mission of Pascuales is always swarming with activities and unforeseen happenings. It isthrough this daily bubbling of activity that the Mission can continue, which was one of themajor concerns of the foundresses.The sisters will be returning to Canada in 2011 because of their age and for health reasons. Itwas therefore necessary to put in place future leadership at the level of the administration andmanagement.Today, in this bulletin you will read about recent events, some of which are linked to futuredevelopment. A large part of this bulletin is dedicated to the Women’s Center. Most of the participants aremothers and their personal development is essential for them personally and also for theirfamily! We hope that our benefactors will be interested in their development to which theyhave a right. Their testimonies will convince you of the seriousness of their efforts.As we write to you, we are conscious of your active participation in the realization of thisproject. It is, in some way, your project through your donations, your interest and yoursupport in so many ways. To date, the Mission is totally funded by Quebec and you must notunderestimate the value of your support.This bulletin will be our only contact with you before the beautiful feast of Christmas and theNew Year. We hope that you will be able to look back at the year that has gone by with asense of gratitude for the blessings received and with deep confidence in the New Year. Wewill celebrate the birth of the Liberator who came to tell us over and over again that God isLove, only Love, and that he is very close to our daily life experience.Christmas may be a good time to interest one person in your surrounding to make a donationor to sponsor a mother or a child and in so doing, to experience, themselves, unexpected joy.Sister Marie-Thérèse BourquePresident. Our Christmas tree at The Montreal Museum of Fines Arts in 2009. THE FUTURE AND THE MANAGEMENT OF THE WORK The fact that the sisters will be leaving in 2011 has required a reshuffle in the management and administration of the Mission. As you know, the Mission was incorporated under the name Corporation of the Misericordia Sisters of Pascuales in 2002. The number of members on the Administrative Council has been increased to 10 members, to meet the requirements of government authorities. Four of the members are women and all of them are well known for their values and their social commitment. The two works of the Mission: the Women’s Centre and the Educational Daycare are completely run by reliable and competent Ecuadorian staff. A woman who served as assistant directress to Sr. Jeannine Vallières for three years has been acting as General Director for the last two years.Photo taken at the time of the visit of the Ecuadorians. The fact that the sisters will be leaving does not change anything toFrom left to right Sr. Bernadette Gauthier, Sr. Rachel the commitment of the Misericordia Sisters of Montreal and of theDemers, Sr. Jeannine Vallières, María Lorena Núñez.Standing: Mr. André Franche, Sr. Lucie Lebeau, Mr. Foundation. Close cooperation has already been established with theGermán Martínez, Mr. Agustin Barrios, Sr. Marie-Thérèse new administrators. (The President and two other members came toBourque M. Yves Poiré and Mr. Rafael González.. meet us in mid-October).CANADIAN MARINES IN PASCUALES! The Misericordia Mission, now known as the Rosalie Cadron Mission, is becoming known inseveral Canadian provinces! You find this surprising? This is because of an amusing and unexpected event. Lately, the CanadianAmbassador in Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, called the Mission saying that a Canadian ship was moored at the port of Guayaquil for afew days and that the marines wanted to do humanitarian work. The offer was accepted since the road around the InfantileDevelopment Centre has been soaked in mud and water for several months and the City which had been notified had promised to dothe repair work in 2011! So, the Canadian Embassy called the city and asked if we could borrow some equipment. The cityrepresentative felt slighted and decided to immediately send workers and heavy equipment and the work was started that very week-end. Consequently, the marines had no more work to do. Suddenly, sixty marines arrived in three large bus loads! There was no time tolose so we presented them with cans of paint and paintbrushes and the walls of the Mission and of the St. John the Baptist School, indire need of repair work, were quickly freshened. The marines came from different Canadian provinces and were delighted to meet ourdaycare students who put on a little sketch for them! Mr. Andrew Shisko, the Ambassador was also present with his assistant. He waspleasantly surprised to see the work that the Canadians were doing in Ecuador. We had been given a wonderful opportunity to make the“work” known! (See photos)
  2. 2. MOTHER ROSALIE CENTER FOR WOMEN (First part) Success storyHistorical account (taken from the 2001 spring bulletin)In 1994, we visited a slum area close to the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, namely Pascuales. Fr.Maurice Roy, the founder of an orphanage in Pascuales, was feeling helpless facing the needs ofsingle women who have to raise their family by themselves in extreme poverty. There are manysingle parents in Pascuales and services are almost nonexistent.The Misericordia Sisters, whose basic mission is to help single mothers, felt challenged. The foursisters who first went there were between the ages of 65 and 72. They had little experience inmissionary work but they had a long experience of social commitment and huge hearts.What concrete project brought them there? At first, they had none. They simply wanted to be insolidarity with mothers who were trying to survive. They began by gathering them together to shareand to look for avenues that would lead them to greater well-being.After a few weeks of investigation, several mothers began meeting regularly in the new convent ofthe sisters. They spoke about their needs and dreamed of small projects, the first being a bazaar “I have 3 children. I have beenwhere they would make a few dollars for a future daycare because they had to work to try “to make attending the Mother Rosalieends meet”. Women’s Center for 4 years. It is aIn 2001, two years after the arrival of the sisters, a modern daycare opened its doors to 30 children wonderful work. There, I learnedbetween the ages of 0 to 5 years and a formation center for women was set up where mothers could how to make crafts and jewelleryput their talents to good use and receive basic technical training. and I am now selling my products to help my family. I have attendedWhat is most remarkable is that the personnel are entirely Ecuadorian and that 12 of those who are small business workshops to learnhired are exclusively women. Those who will ensure the replacement are well trained! They are how to manage my own businessintelligent and talented women. The only thing they needed were favourable conditions to expressthemselves. In fact, the sisters only served as catalysts to favour these initiatives. and to pay more attention to my clients. What I have learned hasThe sisters also served as intermediaries to obtain donations and grants from the North and the helped me to make goodSouth. It is through the Foundation that the sisters hope that services will continue to be provided to revenues.” Sra. Monserrate Macías.the women of Pascuales. Without the Foundation the work would not survive. (…to be continued...) Success story Thank you to the Women’s Centre “I belong to the Mother Rosalie Prayer Group. I have known the Misericordia Sisters for six years and have taken painting and practical nursing courses with them. I have taught my daughter all I have learned in the painting workshop. In the practical nursing course, I learned to give needle injections and I took a first aid course. This was very helpful because when we had an accident, my daughter survived thanks to God and the knowledge I had acquired in these courses. I attended workshops in order to be able to manage my small store and now, my daughter is in charge of the store. She attends the Youth Group Hope and solidarity.” Sra Clemencia López (in her store) CANADIAN MARINES IN PASCUALES! THANK YOU !! URGENCY! URGENCY! URGENCY! After reading this bulletin, I would like to become a friend donor of the Foundation for the Children of EcuadorThe Women’s Centre of the Rosalie Cadron Missionneeds your help in order to hire a skilled person who Name :____________________________________________________________________________will be in charge of development services to helpwomen find jobs. Address:___________________________________________________________________________The salary in Ecuador is $150 per week.Who is interested in helping these impoverished City : ________________________ Prov.__________________ Postal code : ___________________women, also mothers, to be self-sufficient financially?All contributions are essential and will be greatly Tel.: _______________________ E-mail:_________________________________________________appreciated. We thank you. Here is my contribution:__________________ N.E. : 865366884 RR 0001INFO CONCERT (May 2010) We sincerely wish to thank Ms. Claudette Viau, Mr. Yves Garant, organist, Ms. Caroline Chéhadé , violonist and the citizens o f Lachine.  TO EXPRESS SOLIDARITY IS TO BUILD PEACE