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Bulletin Printemps 2011-EN

  1. 1. Fondation NEWSLETTERpour les Enfantsde l’Équateur Spring 20114409, rue St-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2J 2X1 Tél. 514-525-4920 rosaliecadron@videotron.ca Word from the President, Winter is now behind us and spring is filled with promises of new life, new energy and projects to realise. The bulletin is falling in step. We will share with you the sense of wonder of two women Anamaria Gomez Upegui and Céline Tremblay from Québec who visited the Mission in Ecuador recently. Anamaria, a Columbian married a Quebecker and visited the Mission for the first time. Céline Tremblay, a nurse lived in Columbia for many years. You will read about a little 8 year-old Canadian who took the initiative to save his pennies to help poor children in Ecuador. Finally, you will see a few photos worth a “thousand words”. I wish you a bright springtime and a may Easter… the greatest liturgical Celebration of the year… fill you with profound joy no one can take from you. Marie-Thérèse Bourque, s.m. Youngsters such as Dimitri have to be taken seriously. They are sensitive and generous. If we give them the opportunity, they commit themselves in surprising ways! Rather than buying a miniature car or costly gadgets, if we encourage youngsters to sponsor children who are hungry or who cannot go to school because they have no money, we would be expressing confidence in them and they would experience profound joy! Think about itDOING “LITTLE THINGS”It is a great challenge to do little “things” in an “EXTRA-ORDINARY” way. This was the emotion that overwhelmed me back inSeptember 2010 when I returned from Compostella. However, I now had to find my specific mission.At the beginning of October, the members of the Misericordia family and collaborators of the work gathered for the annualfeast day of the Sisters of Misericordia. It is there that I met Ecuadorian members of the Mission of Pascuales, Guayaquil.While I heard them speak about the needs, an idea kept coming to my mind. What if it would be possible to offer workshopson love and sexuality to help single mothers, their children and the teachers of the Infantile Development Center (IDC).This was a start! But how could I realize this crazy idea? I began by talking about this project to Sister Marie-Thérèse andAnamaria of the Foundation for the Children of Ecuador. Each one had a big smile and encouraged me to pursue my dream.From that moment on, things began to happen. I was put in contact with Sister Jeannine in Pascuales and for the next fewmonths, we prepared workshops using French and Spanish documents of reference....................................... See overleaf In Ecuador, the school year has just begun. Have you thought of renewing your commitment as a sponsor? This year, the ten children you see in the photo will not be able to go to school because they have no sponsors… Thank you on their behalf! After reading this bulletin, I would like to become a friend donor of the Foundation for the Children of Ecuador Name :_______________________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________________________ City : ______________________________ Prov.____________________ Postal code : ______________________ Tel.: ___________________________ E-mail:________________________________________________________ Here is my contribution:______________________________ N.E. : 865366884 RR 0001
  2. 2. THE THREE FOUNDING SISTERS RETURNAge and fatigue is putting a stop to the activities of the three sisters in themission field. Aged 86, 82 and 79, after 13 years of living in hot humidweather ranging from 36 to 42 degrees during the whole year and non-stopcommitment 7 days a week… they deserve a rest. Yes, they will be taking arest, but they will not completely retire as they will continue to offer theirsupport to the people through the various communications.Since the day the Mission was founded, the sisters had planned on returningto Quebec once it would be established on a solid base. They set up anAdministrative Council made up of Ecuadorians and appointed a generaldirector for the 2 works: the Women’s Center and the Infantile DevelopmentCenter. There is a faithful core group and the personnel are well trained. We Women’s Center, Group of prayerare hopeful that the work will last through the efforts of the large Misericordia Children’s Centerfamily – all of whom are Ecuadorian.The Foundation for the Children of Ecuador and the Misericordia Sisters willcontinue to offer their collaboration as long as necessary.The Quebec sponsors are an essential part of the Mission and sponsorship forschooling is a jewel of the work! The future of this slum area depends onliteracy programs and schooling at least to the High School level and thepeople of Quebec are the ones who have established this program andmaintained it. In general, the work depends on our benefactors and thepeople you may interest in your own surrounding. May you be given Easter Joy in abundance and may this joy be with youthroughout the year. Marie-Thérèse, president DOING “LITTLE THINGS” (cont.) What happened while in Pascuales for two weeks? We held three workshops for single mothers, teenagers and a few grand-mothers. The workshops were carried out with respect, openness, mutual confidence and in an atmosphere of great simplicity. We held several informal meetings with the teachers of the IDC. The issue of sexual abuse of children was often mentioned during our discussions. Finally, Anamaria and I had very constructive discussions with the members of the new administrative council set up by the sisters. In ending, we earnestly believe that there will be a follow-up! I thank all those who have expressed their confidence in this “madness” and who helped me to meet this challenge. I would never have been able to bring it to fruition without the support and daily acts of love, tenderness and welcome of Sisters Jeannine, Rose-Aimée and Céline. Heartfelt thanks to Anamaria, a wonderful accomplice and attentive confidante. I learned that the way we do “small things” is what gives weight to generosity, love and especially life… what more! Céline Tremblay-Franche Nurse, Co-operator with SUCO in Columbia 1970-1980AN OASIS CALLED “Rosalie Cadron”I am still in love with what I saw at the Pascales Mission! Four Sisters from Québec (Sr. Rose-Aimée (86), Sr. Marie-Thérèse (84), Sr. Céline (79)were successful in sowing hope, respect, compassion and tenderness in a slum area where the poverty among women and children is striking!The Misericordia Sisters created an oasis called “Rosalie Cadron Mission”. It is an oasis of beauty because the Mission building is beautiful anddiscreet. It is an oasis of goodness in this village of more than 80,000 people. There the people learned that they could receive help and beloved, they also learned that there were other ways in which people could speak to them. Amazing! I did not have to go there to fall in love withthe WORK, of course… but when I did see it on the spot, I saw the grandeur and true dimension of the actions carried out by the Sisters. Theyhave done tremendous work! It is impossible to calculate how many people have been affected by their presence.In the village of Pascuales, there are many “dead ends”… each person has their own. Each person has been abused by someone else… and theMission established by the Sisters has been a lantern in the darkness through the Women’s Centre and the Infantile Development Centre. I amnot only referring to the religious point of view as such but rather that of justice and equity. The women there were disillusioned by societywhere men have all the rights but no responsibilities… the abuse of women begins in childhood, and even by their own mother, because she toohad been abused thus creating vicious circles of endless abuse without knowing that they have rights. The Women’s Centre, which has offeredtraining in legal rights and courses in micro enterprise, cooking, embroidery, crafts, bodily care, opened the doors for success and greaterautonomy. At the Center, the women receive human warmth and this enables them to see a light to their “dead-end”. The Infantile DevelopmentCenter is filled with the poorest of the poor. The word respect did not exist in their vocabulary…. However, because they are treated with respect,the children are transformed into seeds of hope. The sisters live the charisma of compassion, tenderness and mercy for all, especially for singlemothers, heads of families… the poorest of the poor.The charisma of Mother Rosalie is being lived and is very much alive. It has been well transmitted to the people for almost 14 years. It is up to allof us to make it last!PS. SINCERE THANKS to Sr. Rose-Aimée, Sr Jeannine and Sr. Céline for your warm welcome, your generosity and especially for your humanity!THANK YOU Céline Tremblay-France! I really enjoyed going on this trip with you! Anamaría Gómez-Upegui FEÉWith a $20.00 or more donation you will receive a year-long Foundation Have you thought of including a donation to your favourite charitable organization in your will? You do not Membership Card as well as a Tax Receipt. Please join us! have to be wealthy to do so. www.unheritageapartager.org. When preparing your We invite you to view the film “Rosalie Cadron Mission” on YouTube. It was produced by estate planning and your will, it is important that you begin Jérôme Cotte http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlSP0sa3X1s by looking after the needs of your family and your relatives and then you may choose to express your solidarity and love for the mission of the Foundation for the Children of A huge thank you for your generous response to Ecuador. By this gesture of the heart, you will leave your inheritors one of the values you considered important in our Autumn 2010 Newsletter your life.” AF. FEÉ  TO EXPRESS SOLIDARITY IS TO BUILD PEACE