Christmas special offers your hotel


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Christmas special offers your hotel

  1. 1. Proposal for Your Hotel Enhancing Customer Experience
  2. 2. 3 Proposals 1. Offering the follow you bag service 2. A Christmas Shopping Promotion 3. Making Conference Life Easier
  3. 3. #1 follow your bag service • Fully web based customer service • Customer logs onto – Books their bag(s) for return journey home – Pays the cost, makes the arrangements • No involvement for the hotel • Commission of 5% for every item booked
  4. 4. #2 Christmas Shopping Promotion • Offer for customers visiting Your Hotel for Christmas break and shopping. • To include 1 bag home delivered as part of hotel Christmas offer. Cost to hotel to be agreed for each bag delivered. • Additional bags/items can be booked by guests directly with follow your bag. • Additional bags cost to be agreed.
  5. 5. #3 Making Conference Life Easier • As part of Your hotel conference offer to conference organisers: - – All equipment/display/stands etc to be shipped to follow your bag warehouse for central collection. – Cost to conference organiser, who passes onto to exhibitors, agreed fixed rate per exhibitor stand. • All conference equipment is then delivered by arrangement with hotel • All conference equipment is also collected by arrangement with hotel
  6. 6. Process & Customer Service - follow your bag • Minimal hotel involvement: - – Cards/leaflets with concierge & at reception – Exchange of logo/hyperlinks on Hastings and follow your bag websites – Full customer support via fyb Customer Care Centre • Commission due hotel of 5% on all sales
  7. 7. Process & Customer Service - Christmas Shopping Offer • Minimal hotel involvement: - – 1 bag included in hotel customers’ deal – Additional bags can be booked by customer directly with fyb on telephone – fyb will record and provide daily manifest of bags moved/booked • Offer can be customised to suit Your hotel
  8. 8. Process & Customer Service - Easy Conference Life • Minimal hotel involvement: - – Hotel advises conference organiser of new arrangements – fyb manages all conference exhibitors and liaises with conference organiser – All equipment delivered/collected by arrangement with hotel • Exhibitors can use fyb for onward return of all equipment if they choose • Exhibitors can use fyb to erection & dismantle displays if they choose • Fyb will provide a manifest for all equipment moved
  9. 9. Benefits to Your Hotel & Guest • All three proposals focus on the unique follow your bag Value Proposition: - – Take the pain, hassle and expense of taking your bag with you when going on international travel - we can pick it up and deliver it door to door for you. Ideal for business, and a nice treat for personal travelling! • Full fyb Customer Care Centre • Commission to hotel
  10. 10. Next Steps • Contact Follow Your Bag and discuss. • Agree a customised solution for Your hotel. • fyb write process maps so everyone knows how things work • Prepare the promotion materials: – Hotel with Christmas Shopping offer – Fyb with fyb info cards for lobby – Hotel with additions to their Conference Organisers information pack • Exchange of logos’ & hyperlinks for web sites
  11. 11. Please contact us… David Rogers Adrian Gundy Customer Care Centre From within UK 0845 304 5531 From outside UK +44 845 304 5531