How to make Facebook Slideshow, Facebook slide show


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The article shows you how to make Facebook slideshow with music and photos

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  • Create Facebook slideshow video on iPad easily
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How to make Facebook Slideshow, Facebook slide show

  1. 1. How to create eye-catching facebook slideshow with slide show generator <br />Facebook slideshows are the these dynamic slide show played on facebook . For example , the video on facebook can be considered to be the facebook slideshows which are created by this powerful slideshow generator that is also called  slideshow maker software. To make your own eye-catching slideshows for facebook will be easy and simple if you use the slideshow generator maker. <br />( Facebook Slideshow Maker – DVD Photo Slideshow )<br />DVD Photo Slide show is considered to be the best slide show generator maker for users to generate the dynamic facebook slideshows . The best facebook slide show maker generator allows you to choose the built-in slideshow theme and transition effects so that you can get the dynamic and eye-catching slideshows easily.<br />How to get your dynamic facebook slideshows from the slideshow maker generator software?<br />The step 1: Add pictures, set facebook slideshow playing order, append background music<br />You can click “Add” button to add your photo to this powerful facebook slideshow maker generator software. It is easy for you to append thousands of pictures from your computer for creating slideshows. After adding , If you want to make your slideshows more wonderful, you can also add the background music to the slideshows. It is also easy for you to append the music or record your own voice for the slide show .<br />The step 2: Set the facebook slideshows transition effects, choose the built-in video theme of the slideshow maker generator <br />Please click the " Transition & Music" on the window of this facebook slideshow maker generator , then you will go to the transition effect panel . It is time to set the slide show transition effects for the slideshows with some simple clicks. People prepare to make proper theme slideshows for publishing on facebook ,so the slideshow maker generator software offers you various the dynamic and eye-catching flash slide show themes. <br />The step 3: choose what kind of slideshows output formats you want to get for Facebook <br />You can get your slideshows with the video format like 3gp, 3gpp2, avi, flv,mp4 ,mkv, mov. For example , if you want to make Facebook flash video slideshows, then you can choose FLV video as the slide show output. If you want to get mp4 facebook slideshows from the slideshow maker generator, then you can also choose the mp4 video as the slide show output.<br />