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Convex polygon
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Convex polygon


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This is for you my grade 7 class since im sick today...

This is for you my grade 7 class since im sick today...

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines Self Learning Kit : Grade 7 – Geometry Convex PolygonObjectives Credits Review Discussion Activities Web Links Click the icons to navigate. Prepared by: Mr. Alvin Patrick Q. Peñaflorida VALENZUELA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Division of City Schools - VALENZUELA
  • 2. ObjectivesDefine and illustrate convex polygons Back Home Next
  • 3. CreditsReference Books:1. E-Math III by Oronce and Mendoza, First Edition, 20072. The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project(GEOMETRY) by Usiskin et. al., second Edition, 1997Web:1. http://www.mathsisfun.com2. http://www.mathopenref.com3. http://www.animatedgif.net4. http://www.gifs-paradise.com5. Back Home Next
  • 4. ReviewInternal and External Region of a Polygon Click here to begin Back Home Next
  • 5. Internal and External Region of a Polygon Point G lies on the A Point F lies on the Pentagon ABCDE Internal Region of the Pentagon ABCDE G B F E HThe polygon and itsinterior region forms thePOLYGONAL REGION. Point H lies on the Exterior of theTherefore, points F polygon.and G lies on thepolygonal region. C D ABCDE PENTAGON (5 – sided polygon) Back Home Next
  • 6. DiscussionConvex Polygon Some polygon “bend inwards” while others The polygons that bend inwards do not. are called “CONCAVE POLYGON” and those do not are called “CONVEX POLYGON”. Back Home Next
  • 7. Examples of Convex Polygon P E J A P B F I Q C K D G H Q Q P M LA polygon is considered convex if PQ joining any twopoints P and Q lies on the polygonal region. Back Home Next
  • 8. Examples of Concave Polygon F K A Q B J P I D Q P E C G HA polygon is considered concave if PQ joining any twopoints P and Q lies outside the polygonal region. A concave polygon is also known as nonconvex polygon. Back Home Next
  • 9. Which of the followingpolygon is a convex? Activities Click the figure of your choice. You’ve got it correctly!Sorry… Sorry… Back Home Next
  • 10. Which of the following polygon is a nonconvex? Click the figure of your choice.Amazing……! Sorry… Sorry… Back Home Next
  • 11. Which of the following figure is NOT convex nor concave polygon? Click the figure of your choice.Sorry… Sorry… Excellent work! Back Home Next
  • 12. What figure should be placed on the given figure below to make it a convex polygon?Click the figure of your choice. Given Isosceles Trapezoid Sorry… Excellent work! Sorry… Back Home Next
  • 13. Which is/are impossible to construct? Click the answer of your choice. Concave equilateral pentagon Convex irregular 20-gon Concave trapezoid Sorry…Congratulations!!! Back Home Next
  • 14. Web Links Click the interactive link on the web for more interesting activities. Back Home Next
  • 15. Not everything that can be counted counts, and noteverything that counts can be counted. Prepared: Mr. Alvin Patrick Q. Peñaflorida Division of City Schools - ValenzuelaHome VALENZUELA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL