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Stuffed Animal Sleepover at Forest Library
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Stuffed Animal Sleepover at Forest Library


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Check out our sleepover party at the Forest Library in VA!

Check out our sleepover party at the Forest Library in VA!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Stuffed Animal Sleepoverat Forest LibrarySeptember, 2010
  • 2. Our children were excited about bringing us to the Stuffed Animal Sleepover!
  • 3. After stories, they tucked us in bed, kissed us goodnight, and then the party began!
  • 4. What kinds of things do you think we did at the library while you were gone?Well, we didn’t sleep much, that’s for sure!
  • 5. Brown Bear and Fawn played the Rockabye Reader drum!
  • 6. Soon, some of the gang had formed a Story Time Band.
  • 7. A few of us decided to search the catalog for our favorite books.
  • 8. Some stuffies got silly. Hey, guys, you know the copier isn’t a toy!
  • 9. And, no book cart races!Those things tip over too easily.
  • 10. Some friends played the game computer AND took turns very nicely.
  • 11. We found the craft supplies in the supply closet. There’s really cool stuff in there.
  • 12. Miss Kitty and Unicorn decided to host a tea party in the cafe.
  • 13. We put ALL the puzzles together, even the ones with lots of pieces.
  • 14. After awhile, we started getting hungry so Pooh made the call for PIZZA!
  • 15. Finally, it arrived and Jody was ready with the tip. Thanks, Pizza Lady!
  • 16. Yum, Yum. We couldn’t eat another bite, but some of us were still thirsty.
  • 17. Thanks, Thomas. How would I have reached the drinking fountain without you?
  • 18. A couple of bears got drinks from the cooler. It was a hard climb.
  • 19. After dinner, we had lots of energy so we decided to play Hide and Seek!
  • 20. Pink Rabbit covered her eyes and counted to 100 while everyone hid.
  • 21. Dolly and Pup tried to blend in with the display books.
  • 22. Tigger bounced into a box on the Hold Shelf, but he was too excited to be still.
  • 23. Friend Bear hid under the table in the Teen Space.
  • 24. Spotted Dog squeezed under the magazine shelf and almost got stuck!
  • 25. This bear had one of the best hiding places of all!
  • 26. Care Bear hid under the staff desk. Hey, you’re not supposed to go back there!
  • 27. Good spot, Frog. We almost didn’t see you there.
  • 28. Boo, Jody Bear. I see you back there.
  • 29. How did you get up to that hiding place?Be careful getting down!
  • 30. Were you hiding or nesting, little chick?
  • 31. Don’t get stuck, little Lion.
  • 32. It started to get late.We decided to read for awhile.
  • 33. Little Fawn liked reading a magazine.
  • 34. Bear read to his two new buddies.
  • 35. We read one of our favorites. We knew all the words, especially, “Hush.”
  • 36. Pooh gathered everyone together for one last story in the Children’s Area.
  • 37. Then, everyone picked out a few books to check out to read later.
  • 38. Scan your card, little Chickie.
  • 39. Okay, guys, no fooling around. Miss Dana said it was almost time for bed.
  • 40. Some of us, for just a minute, thought we might want to go home.
  • 41. But we were fine once we snuggled our friends and listened to our bedtime story.
  • 42. Soon we are sound asleep, dreaming of seeing our child in the morning.
  • 43. We had lots of fun at our sleepover. Thank you for bringing us!