The Start-Up of YOU- Why you should read the book
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The Start-Up of YOU- Why you should read the book



The Start-Up of You , is an inspirational book, with detailed action plan, for those who aiming to change their career, move to another job or to start their wn business- to sparkle in today's ...

The Start-Up of You , is an inspirational book, with detailed action plan, for those who aiming to change their career, move to another job or to start their wn business- to sparkle in today's economy. Highlighting the importance of professional networking, coming from the co- founder of LINKEDIN Reid Hoffman



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The Start-Up of YOU- Why you should read the book The Start-Up of YOU- Why you should read the book Presentation Transcript

  • Background Author: Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha Reid Hoffman is the co-founder of LINKEDIN Pages : 163 Chapters : 7 Released : year 2011. Website of the book :
  • Index Why Reading : The Start-Up of You. Objectives of the book. Book Summary Quotes from the book. Order the book
  • Why Reading : The Start-Up Of You It is a great Motivational & Inspirational source for starting immediately your career whether in job hunting or as an entrepreneur. It provides Manual for the best use and getting the hidden benefits of Linkedin from the Co-Founder. It is Rich with career development tips, that are essential in the modern time. It contains, Treasure of book names that the authors recommend / or used as references- that would be another source of upgrading. It provides an achievable Action Plan for a step- by- step: Creating and maintaining professional network. Provides real inspiration with listing the stories of entrepreneurs . Its techniques for the career growth and job hunting can be easily adopted to personal life.
  • Objectives of the book Explaining “Entrepreneur” meaning- A SPIRIT that to be injected in any aspect of one’s life not only work. Strategies for developing a better you, and better society around you. Emphasizing the opportunities for growing, no matter what are the market conditions are. Showing the importance of networking. Stressing on investments in oneself, education and career.
  • The Start-Up Of You Book Summary
  • Chapter 1 All Humans are Entrepreneurs This Chapter is motivational, and inspirational; it gives the reader a hint about the book contents, stating some of the success stories of entrepreneurs with big names now, who started from scratch. Preparing the reader to be in the track of entrepreneurship.
  • Chapter 2 Develop a Competitive Advantage Be able to know where you are now, and where you want to go- the objective. Frame your values and aspirations Study the market- actual, needs and gaps. Know your competition. adapt your assets, to meet the objective. Develop more than one plan ( A, B) and also Z which is totally different in path.
  • Chapter 3 Plan To adapt Learn & work with what you learn; learn from what you do ( invest in learning and gaining skills). Execute the assigned responsibilities and add your touch from time to time. Build your own identity & separate from your employer. Evaluate what you are doing now and how it serves your objectives regularly. Modify or take another path if needed. Keep an open-eye : Always grasp opportunities that will serve your objective.
  • Chapter 4 It Takes a Network (1/2) The importance of networking. Building professional network- How To Connecting with : the weak acquaintance , the 2nd & the 3rd degree circle. The best professional network: diversified (different specialization)& cohesive ( easy communication with each other) How to strengthen & maintain your network.
  • Chapter 4 It Takes a Network (2/2) Keep in touch from time to time, it helps when you need something from someone in your network in future: Offer & try to add value Ask for informal gatherings- one to one or group – coffee. Invest in connecting and meeting – creating “interesting people fund” Start the reconnection- if a relation is dropped for sometime. Every one is equal, every one is important and different. When to let go of a relationship It is important to connect others. ( being a bridge) When to let go of a relation.
  • Chapter 5 Pursue Breakout Opportunities (1/2) Most important : Be focused on your objective. Entrepreneurs see opportunities where others see problems. How to generate opportunities: Be curious and ask why- be initiative Connect with human networks: groups & associations of people Create your own resources if you didn’t find any.
  • Chapter 5 Pursue Breakout Opportunities (2/2) How to generate opportunities (Continued): With the most hardest situations, entrepreneurs create opportunities out of them, they do their best and more than expected. Follow the trend magazines and journals including technology like : Wired, &MIT; they will give you inspirations . Attend events , in your industry & related ones Look for star people on your network, who have impact and identify their characteristics, they have opportunities. From time to time, read a book that is different from your background, it gives you anther scope.
  • Chapter 6 Take Intelligent Risks (1/2) As an Entrepreneur , you lead your life taking risks, which are Opportunities. Assessing & managing risks : Ask : is the risk overrated? Identify the worst case scenario & how to cope with. After taking the risk, will you be able to change in midway? Opportunities are associated with uncertainties, don’t avoid it all together. Age & stage of life : younger are able to take many risks as they would have plenty of time to correct. Having children would limit some of the risks to be taken. When is the right time to take the risk, or not to consider! Consult the key persons in your network-have another opinion.
  • Chapter 6 Take Intelligent Risks (2/2) When most of your peers avoid doing something, check for it; it could have the biggest opportunities. Examples of Risks in the career path: Move to a less paying job with promising career growth/ move to a position to add to the learning experience. Move to a country (in a war zone)where you will have a big title that no way to have it at home soon.
  • Chapter 7 Who You Know Is What You Know Networking intelligence - the gathering of information: Asking questions in your group- ask meaningful. Asking questions to the key person directly Turning the information you gathered into resources for your actions: start a blog, write an article.
  • Quotes from the book “All human beings are entrepreneurs.” Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and microfinance pioneer “Relationships are living, breathing things. Feed, nurture, and care about them: they grow. Neglect them: they die.” “if the best way to strengthen a relationship is to help the other person, the second best way is to let yourself be helped.”
  • Order the book