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The Arab Spring and Young Leaders
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The Arab Spring and Young Leaders


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The Arab Spring and Young LeadersFor an economy for Human Being
  • 2. OUR VISIONMandela « A vision that goes not with action can only be adream. An action that does not follow from a vision is awaste of time; a vision followed by actions can changethe overall world ». Nelson Mandelawe are all… undignified
  • 3. CURRENT SITUATIONOur Development:Values of solidarity, responsibility ethics, transparency and justiceOur countries are down development:destabilizing Factors internal : - inadequate use of human resources, - inadequate and unbalanced Management of the economic resources,- Absence of policy of integration,- Not fair distribution of the wealth,- Informal,- Social plagues.
  • 4. ACTIONSwell-balanced and integrated global development:• Man engine of change and purpose of the global and local development• Struggle against poverty ignorance, disease, use of the surplus of the wealth for the investment.• More freedom, regain of the trust by the example (fight against corruption) purification, rural development, development of the TPE.•Stop setting two projects of Arabic society: modernist Vs Islamic.•work for the establishment of a pact which alliesmodernity, democracy, identity Islam and development
  • 5. ACTIONSIt would be benefit if the Arab world use the democracy as aIntegrated levermake to the overall performance of a joint projectMore free and voluntary commitment .We, young leaders, must work for an Arab World, regainconfidence and have the pleasure of growing together
  • 6. ACTIONS• The business fair of the entrepreneurs of the Africa “Mars 2012”Make people want to undertake and to develop the business forSME(SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE)• Module of e-learning Economic Intelligence ( interculturaldimension): if we don’t go to the international, he will come to us.• Capsules of promotion of the young leader, to go out of his isolation• Tools of prevention of the HIV in the SME : the global performance• Web TV « Give to receive » to share the best practices:
  • 7. INTERNET HAS VALUESObservation : globalized worldLet us stop Speaking Let us act• Division(Sharing)• Mutual aid• Advise
  • 8. CJD INTERNATIONAL• Problem 1. The distance• Problem 2. different Skill levels Proposal => a website for sharing good practices. The "Tutorials" to help leaders of leaders. WEB TV : BEST PRACTICES
  • 9. TREND : THE VIDEO TO LEARN the biggest French-speaking platform of tutoriels in video More than 100 000 members, 13200 tutoriels in video, An audience which does not stop increasing
  • 10. WEB TV CJD Your coaching participatoryTo orient and guide your steps as an entrepreneurTo find precise and concise answers in minutesFor each of your actions do not remain isolated but gaining visibility Video practical advice banking relations -Negotiate with my banker? - How to find a cl customer Relationship? -How to retain my customers? - Relationship patterns - employees How do you recruit? On the platform Videos CSR leverage SME development participatory video Overview of the videos: governance, management, skills development, usability, health, physical conditions, services that meet the societal challenges, the stakeholders of the company Videos advice on the competitiveness: - Innovation is what? Barometer questions of the week
  • 11. Mutual development of the SME(SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE) by the economic intelligence Project of development of trainings " mixed learning " On Web and on Google – smartphones - Android
  • 12. The page objectives capacities aimed:
  • 13. See the videoof the Expert:
  • 14. Read or listen and printthe notebook course:
  • 15. Read the "e-book"by going through it with a finger:
  • 16. Once video the expert view and thestudied notebook, you can testyour knowledge, you can at anytime watch the video and to readagain the notebook:
  • 17. SELF-EMPLOYMENTA model of breakSelf -employemet will value the entrepreneur who existin each of us, by facilitating him the access to a statusindependent entrepreneurship, based on very simplefinancial and legal administrative procedures.The objective is to allow every person to work for itsown account, to realize its dream calmly and in thelegality.
  • 18. SELF-EMPLOYMENT « Undertake Otherwise » Principles- Simplify and Free(Release)- Make attractive, supple(flexible) and at no risk the status of automobile entrepreneurGive access to the independent work for all: - Exclusively - Concurrently - Alternately
  • 19. SELF-EMPLOYMENT « Undertake Otherwise »Status and Security- Self-employment status is for all ages- The activities concerned are from the trading and services- Registration for this new status in five clicks:Very simple and fast, electronically, on a virtual platform basedon simple data, and gives rise to a unique identifier from homeor via the Chamber of Commerce.No registration in the Commercial Register
  • 20. SELF-EMPLOYMENT « Undertake Otherwise »Tax regimeImplementation of a unique(only) rate on thebasis of thresholdsTaxation only on the taken(collected) turnover.Off-camera activity of VATEstablish the source sample(deduction atsource) for the independent work.Possibility of being declared to the place ofresidence of the declaring.
  • 21. we are all… undignifiedFor an economy for Human Being