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Jan Ole Suhr
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Jan Ole Suhr


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  • 1. GRAVITY – THE S60 TWITTER CLIENT Jan Ole Suhr Founder and owner
  • 2. About Gravity and how it started • Gravity is the S60 Twitter Client • Why a Twitter client? – No other native Twitter client around – Friends, family, it’s popular • Side-project for a couple of weeks … – Freebie to drive visitor numbers! • This is what you can do with Symbian • Gives S60 users something to show off
  • 3. and Jan Ole Suhr • I’m just a programmer – So, handle all my advice with care ... • Started in 1999 – WAP, Online ringtone composer… – Since 2002 solely focused on Symbian – One-man company • Living from“apps” since 2003
  • 4. Tools you need • Phones. Real phones. Many of them! – Emulators just won’t make it • Different phones, different bugs • Keypad? Keyboard? Touch? Hybrid? – The UI is the most important thing • Use your app all the time • Try to identify the most popular phones – 2 or 3 phone models are 80 per cent of your users
  • 5. Tools you need: debugging • Create yourself a comfortable framework • Debug on your users’ phones • Example: Gravity with over 100 updates – Symbian is hard to develop for? – Most versions stable (w/ only one developer) • Logging the call-stack in (near) realtime – Shared memory – Additional application for saving to disk
  • 6. Tools you need: eye candy • Eye candy – make it look good – A nice UI makes up for bugs and limitations! • It’s a feature but harder to implement – You might need a good designer • Give users something to PLAY with – Kinetic Scrolling, transitions, animations – Let users spend (waste?) time with your app • Gravity: Scrolling just for the fun of it
  • 7. Tools you need: what else? • Auto-Update – First thing to implement in your new project – Version 1.0 will be around forever – Who cares about a bug fix that’s undelivered? • Stay in touch with the other platforms! – Test and explore on real phones – Copy from successful applications
  • 8. Distribution: where to sell? Everywhere Selected Channels • Maximise your reach • Missing opportunities • Increasing overhead • Little overhead • Spreading risks • Risky dependency • Overhead can be important for small devs – Fees, Currency Conversion, “Credibility” – Administration: logging, billing, support, … • Gravity: two-tier ( & Ovi Store)
  • 9. Distribution • Only grow as much as you can handle – Support and operating costs – More users, more bugs • Engage with your users – Public and private beta tests – Your users are willing and eager to help you • Try to reach “multipliers” – Bloggers, heavy users
  • 10. Thank you!