Trends in Native Advertising, Michael Gutkowski, FMP


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Trends in Native Advertising, Michael Gutkowski, FMP

  1. Signal Chicago 09/11/2012 1 Michael Gutkowski/President, Sales & Marketing
  2. Too Many Messages, Not Enough Engagement Daily Marketing Messages CTR 9% 5,000 500 0.1% 1970 1980 1990 2000 2012 Source: 2005 Yankelovich Marketing Receptivity Survey, TechCrunch “A Framework 2 for the $10B+ Native Advertising Market” June 2012
  3. The Currency of Conversation is Content 3
  4. The DifferenceSOCIAL REACH AND SCALETRENDHUNTER of Passion Based Content:Intimacy & Influence “We get emails all the time from readers thanking us for the site and sharing how the site has changed their lives. People tweet how AoM is second only to the Bible for their guide to life. Its very humbling, but also daunting.” – Brett McKay, Art of Manliness11X 1MM 117K 50%AoM content is tweeted US unique visitors Facebook “Likes” as of Lift in average user’smore than content from August 2012 Klout Score compared tocompetitors, comparatively Klout’s average of 20 Source: *comScore July 2012, Data Sift Competitive Study April 2012 4
  5. Fueling Brand Success on the Social Web Conversational Marketing = 5
  6. What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing Information and experiences that may provide value for an audience in specific contexts brand to achieve brand marketing goals
  7. What is Native Advertising? 1 Editorially integrated, not boxes and banners  2 Encourages experience, doesn’t stand in the way of it  3 Enables brands to participate, not distract   7
  8. The Origin of Native “It’s interesting that the ads which are “native” to a site – in other words, that are driven by text … that follow a site’s design approach, do best… I’ve argued for the past few years that advertising needs to not interrupt, but rather be part of a site’s dialog.” - John Battelle’s Searchblog, June 25, 2006 8
  9. The Evolution of Native ? Sponsored Promoted Stories Promoted Tweets Content Series & Videos Sponsored Posts 2006 2009 2010 2011 2012 Our content helps brands be native to these closed platforms… 9
  10. …We Also MakeBrands Native to theOpen Web 10
  11. 11
  12. From Theory to Practice 12
  13. The Droplet: What’s Making Ripples 13
  14. Passion Based Publishers BehindSmartWater 14
  15. Creating a Currency of Conversation onFacebook… 15
  16. …And Across the Open Web 16
  17. The Results 17
  18. Social Dramatically ExceededExpectations… Vs. Goal + 55% + 590% + 30% 194% 419% Social Actions Earned Media ROI 18
  19. …As Did Native Advertising Performance +400% CTR (Performance vs. benchmark) 19