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Asking with Confidence (TM) for Fundraisers of Color
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Asking with Confidence (TM) for Fundraisers of Color


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This presentation/teleclass will explore challenges faced by fundraisers of color in funding their social justice work.

This presentation/teleclass will explore challenges faced by fundraisers of color in funding their social justice work.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Welcome to
    Asking with Confidence™ for Fundraisers of Color
    a part of La Trenza Leadership’s 2010 Teleclass Series
    Presented by Felicia Montgomery
  • 2. Learning Agenda:- My Philosophy - Our Roles as Fundraisers- Identifying some Avoidance Tactics for Asking- Creating a Foundation for Asking - Road map and plan of action- Conclusions- Q & A
  • 3. My Philosophy in a Nutshell - Our goal is self-determination for our communities, justice and peace.- People of color play a very critical role in achieving a just and peaceful society. - We must fully understand this system, otherwise known as the non-profit industrial complex to improve it.- The only way that to achieve justice is if people of color are leading the work. We should represent leadership in NGOs and non-profit organization. - - And, organizations founded and run by people of color should have the tools and resources to thrive.
  • 4. Because Fundraising is cool…
    “Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.”- Hank Rosso
    • Leadership
    • 5. Inspire
    • 6. Not begging – giving people an opportunity to make a change. Concrete way to take a stand.
    • 7. Fundraising is not a dirty word.
    • 8. Liaison and links of our organizations to the communities and public at large.
  • 9. We the People are the Donors
    The preceding graph is from the GivingUSA Foundation's 2009 annual report: Giving USA 2009 The Annual Report for Philanthropy for year 2008, released this year.
  • 10. Avoidance Tactics for Asking
  • 11.
    • Hiding behind the Internet and Literature
    • 12. Anything but Fundraising
    • 13. Time wasters (email, too much, meetings about meetings, etc)
    • 14. Filling other needs of the organization
    • 15. Answering for Potential Donors
    • 16. We’re in the black – no need
    • 17. They Said No Once
    • 18. Understand the 9 meanings of No
    • 19. Fear of Rejection
    • 20. Any other number of excuses/reason/diversions… The mind is creative
    Avoidance Tactics for Asking
  • 21. Asking from a Place of Confidence
  • 22. Road Map and Plan of Action
    Hiding behind the Internet?
    • Meet in-person and on the phone.
    Doing Anything but Fundraising?
    • Disable email, turn off texting.
    • 23. Eliminate time wasters and non-essential tasks
    Answering for Potential Donors?
    • Remember to give everyone an opportunity to contribute. Don’t disempower anyone to give.
    Your org is doing Okay….for now?
    • Don’t let meeting the payroll and immediate program needs get you in a comfortable place
    • 24. Exceed your goals - Plan for the changes
    • 25. Use your financial solvency as value proposition. Get investments in the future.
    Did the Donor Say No?
    • Understand why the donor said no, and re-craft your pitch
    • 26. Or, break-up gracefully
  • 27. 10
    Other Ways to Get to Asking…
    • Self-check in – Why am I not fundraising?
    • 28. Journaling
    • 29. Outside Help
    • 30. Climb up to the control tower from the tarmac
    • 31. Role Play
    • 32. Build a foundation based on your end goal – its not about you. Don’t take things personal.
    When your personal mission is in alignment with your organization’s and a broader vision for a better world – you’ll find that you’re energized and motivated by an invigorating force.
  • 33. Final Thoughts…
    Our race and ethnicity as a fundraiser of color is not a hindrance it’s a huge cultural asset.
    We have the collective power to heal humanity. We bring a lot to the table rather working in predominately whiter organization, mixed, or people of color led.
    We can identify and eliminate barriers to asking – thus open up endless possibilities to finance our organizations.
    “We should never forget that no Fundraising effort ever succeeds unless one person asks another person for money.” - Andrew D. Parker Jr.
  • 34. Thank you!Your Feedback is ValuedQuestions/Comments?