Plastic Scm 4 0 For Game Developers March 2012 V2


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Plastic SCM new features for game developers, presented at GDC & Game Connections in San Francisco, March 5th-9th 2012

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Plastic Scm 4 0 For Game Developers March 2012 V2

  1. 1. Software Control Management For Game DevelopersFrancisco Monteverde Pablo Santos CEO Codice Software President & Co-Founder Visit @plasticscm
  2. 2. AgendaIntroduction to Plastic SCM for Game • Francisco Monteverde – CEO Codice SofwareDevelopers • Company and Product OfferingPlastic SCM 4.0 main features including • Branch Explorer –simple and complex branching schemasDemo • Xdiff • Attributes • Distributed vs Centralised • Cooperation between teams (eg. programmers & artists)Q&A & next steps @plasticscm
  3. 3. Codice Software Company Background• Founded: 2005• Product: Plastic SCM• Our Customers: from small (+5 developers) to large developer (100’s) teams• Investors (VC): Bullnet Capital• HQ: Valladolid (Spain) & Office in Silicon Valley• Distribution: Korea, Scandinavia @plasticscm
  4. 4. Problems of yesterday’s SCMs Tech Business @plasticscm
  5. 5. Plastic SCM provides Source Control solutions to Game Developers problemsA "product release freeze" must not freeze • Arcane SCM patters in current commercial products are not good for branching, so many teams freezethe team too. the code mainline. Hence, nobody cant checkin, so they end up piling up local changes, outside source control.Coders, artists and designers on the same • Some new open source alternatives to current commercial SCMs cannot deal neither with bigSCM. binaries nor big projects. Plastic SCM can: • Handle huge binaries (+1Tb checkin on a single file passed!), handle huge code bases, Exclusive checkout, Archiving (moving old revisions (assets, images) to secondary storage), Get rid of old huge binariesBranch to experiment new ideas. • Plastic SCM can handle huge code bases. Creating a branch takes seconds.Branch for new features • Again, fast and efficientStrong merging if you branch youll eventually need to merge: Plastic SCM merge system merges all back together safely even if you renamed files, directories and performed strong refactorsBetter collaboration among the entire team One tool, one way to do things, complete for everyoneReady to implement new paradigms: “branch per task” or distributed environment to support heterogeneous teams, distributed locations… @plasticscm
  6. 6. Plastic SCM Branching and Merging is GOOD!“Codice provides a solid platform that supports DVCS and provides astrong set of tools for managing the source tree that is lacking in open-source solutions”Gartner Cool Vendors in Application Development -Apr. 2011The Coolness that is Plastic SCM (MSDN Blog reference, Dec 5th 2011) @plasticscm
  7. 7. Plastic SCM 4.0 @plasticscm
  8. 8. Branching and Merging made Simple Allowing Parallel Devlopment• Plastic SCM excels in the “branch per task” pattern• Each task on the team’s issue tracker becomes an independent “feature branch”• The gap between PM and development is closed• Developers boost productivity with better isolation• Releases are more controlled and stable than ever• The branch becomes the “unit of change” instead of the “changeset” introducing a much stronger way to track history (of course, changesets are still available)• The entire process is traceable through the branch explorer @plasticscm
  9. 9. Fully Distributed or Centralized repos Multisite support - DVCS• Making distant teams work together• Full DVCS for mobile developers Location 1 Location 2 developer developer Plastic SCM Plastic SCM server 01 server 02 developer developer developer @plasticscm
  10. 10. Powerful GUI: Branching, Merging and Distribution Views @plasticscm
  11. 11. 1. Simple Branching and Merging that works2. Fully Distributed: the only enterprise SCM, but also can work centralized3. Powerful GUI , but also a full CLI4. Standard Repo’s: using popular RDBMS, taking their advantages out of the box 5. Secure: ACL Based (Access Control Lists) 6. Parallell Development: branch per task workflow 7. Simple: easy to install, use & manage 8. Flexible: customizable, agile.. 9. Commercially Supported @plasticscm
  12. 12. Licensing ModelSubscription and Perpetual Licenses on a per developer basis Plastic SCM is FREE for 15 developers or less @plasticscm
  13. 13. Providing value to different roles… For developers who love the freedom of distributed and simple branching and merging For managers who need to lead distributed teams and understand the status of the project For release builders who need to create stable releases @plasticscm
  14. 14. Providing value to different roles… For Programmers who love powerful branching and merging patterns, avoid code freezes, to expreimen new ideas, embrace agile methods… For Designers Who need to deal with a variety of file formats: from versioning work documents to custom scripting game logic For Artists Who need to put large files under version control and love features such: ease of use, powerful previews For Release Builder who need to create stable release @plasticscm
  15. 15. Some Customers worldwide @plasticscm
  16. 16. Codice Software Core Values1. Proven Technology: a) Leading DVCS implementation b) 6 years development c) Key Enterprise references2. Customer Focused: a) Flexible in response to customer feature or improvement demands b) Professional support and quick turn around c) Assistance in your deployment and to transform your development cycle.3. Strive for Excellence:  Professional and passionate team fully dedicated to make the best DVCS for you. @plasticscm
  17. 17. Francisco MonteverdeCEO Codice @plasticscm
  18. 18. APPENDIX: EXTRA SLIDES @plasticscm
  19. 19. Plastic SCM vs. CVSCVS is a legacy SCM CVS (Concurrent Versions System, a.k.a. Concurrent Versioning System) initial release dates back from 1990, which makes it one of the oldest version control systems around. CVS is still a widely used SCM both in the Open Source world and the enterprise. CVS was discontinued in 2008.CVS limitations impact team • Lack of atomic operations • Lack of support for moving and renaming operationsproductivity and do not allow or • Expensive branch operations and lack of merge trackingdetect very common • Performance issues due to extensive locking (when a label or adevelopment operations branch is created the entire repository is locked until the operation finishes, which has a big impact considering that the operation is not specially fast)Plastic SCM was designed 2 Comparing CVS against Plastic SCM is not fair since Plastic SCM has being designed and developed almost two decades after, usingdecades after much newer technology and evolved SCM concepts. @plasticscm
  20. 20. Plastic SCM - GartnerNovember 2010 Gartner report on Software Change andConfiguration Management, “Clients seeking higher performanceand more-sophisticated release handling will want to considertools like Perforce Software, AccuRev or Plastic SCM.” @plasticscm
  21. 21. Plastic SCM is beyond DVCS… “Distributed systems have their … but none of them are in Plastic drawbacks as well”, according to SCM… Perforce’s Randy DeFauw and others… • it has a steep learning curve.There is no • Git has a steep learning curve -> Plastic effective GUI yet, so it appeals more to SCM doesnt, it’s grahical and very power users than enterprise intuitive. developers. • No effective GUI -> Plastic has one • It requires a full copy of a repository to be uploaded outside the firewall to • Full copy of the repo -> plastic doesnt multiple disparate developers, has require it issues around security, and access has • Only designed to work with text based become more critical (although files -> plastic isnt restricted to this submodules are either here or on the way in several DVCS systems). • No master file -> in Plastic SCM you may • The system is only designed to work have more than one repository but still with text-based files, such as source know which one is the master copy. code. Unable to do a replica doesn’t mean • There is no “master” file or canonical you’re better organized (SVN, Perforce), it source. only means you’re unable to doSource : SD Times Feb 2012 "Agiledistributedis a big driver behind DVCS and the need for better development work branching and merging, the experts agreed.“ (SD Times) @plasticscm
  22. 22. What we read about Plastic SCM and DVCS• Internet Blogs: – that-is-plastic-scm.aspx – encounters.html – – small-personal-projects/8869600#8869600• Latest in the press: – Feb 2012: Sofware Development Times (SD Times, USA) B • Branching and Merging: The heard of Version Control– By David Rubinstein – Dirigentes Digital Dic 2011: e.html @plasticscm
  23. 23. Plastic SCM against competitive offeringsProductClearCase Consistently surpassed by Plastic including much better pricingAccuRev Lacks distributed support. Lacks good enough branchingSubversion No distributed, weak scalability, lack of strong branching and mergingPerforce Can’t go distributed. Weaker merging (renaming support)Git No enterprise oriented, lack of ACL support, issues dealing with big files, no binary files support, no GUI, no commercial support, can’t do centralizedCVS Outdated. Issues with branching and merging, distributed, relies on database locking, performance issuesMS SourceSafe Several ages behind. No distributed, no branching, no merging, stability issues, scalability problemsMS Team No distributed, lack of strong enough branching and merging. Relies on outdated tech for merge trackingFoundation Server @plasticscm