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This is an email marketing plan designed for St Peter Memorial Plans for a group project at the Ateneo Continuing Education Digital Marketing class.

This is an email marketing plan designed for St Peter Memorial Plans for a group project at the Ateneo Continuing Education Digital Marketing class.

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  • 1. St Peter Plans Email Marketing for the Living Karlo Magpayo Cielo Sonza Faye Matriano Twinkle de la Cerna
  • 2. Business Overview
  • 3. Company Background
    • Pre-paid death care company with more than 250 chapels nationwide and 30 years of experience
    • Products:
      • Life plan
      • Chapel
      • Cremation plan
  • 4. Company Background
    • Pioneered value added services such as e-burol and e-libing
    COMPANY IMAGE: GMA/Mega-Manila: affordable, located in middle-class communities Provincial Areas: high-end, superior compared to mom-and-pop local funeral parlor
  • 5. Challenge
    • Sales Opportunity loss: Lapsed payment leading to deactivation of account
    • Sales Opportunity loss: Available customer database for prospecting without follow through
  • 6. Marketing Objectives
    • To increase sales via online/internet marketing
    • 1. Existing plan holders :
      • Improve sales collection
      • Generate incremental sales via upsell
    • 2 . Prospective plan holders:
      • Follow through on sales leads and book additional sales
  • 7. Strategy
    • Leverage online inquiries and opt-in for St Peter newsletters and updates
  • 8. Current Scenario
    • St Peter website garners inquiries and opt-in from internet users, consisting of existing plan holders and prospective customers without any plan yet.
    • St Peter has yet to embark on using the database for sending e-newsletter and other updates – hence, the opportunity for email marketing.
  • 9. Campaign Presentation
  • 10. Initial Budget
    • P10,000 – Email blast
    • P500,000 – Print Ads
    • P500,000 – TVC in The Filipino Channel
    • P1,010,000- TOTAL COST
  • 11. Target Audience
    • Emily’s uncle passed away two years ago. The donations ( abuloy ) and family savings were not sufficient to cover the funeral services and caused the grieving family to be in debt.
    • Emily, an executive assistant in Makati with a 15-year tenure, swore to herself that she will set aside money for any emergency that will beset her immediate family, including death.
  • 12. Consumer Insight
    • 1. Two things about death bring surprise: (a) timing of death and (b) expenses.
    • 2. In a middle-class home, with minimal savings, death expenses can add stress to the bereaved family.
    • 3. The burden of the funeral plan lies on the children, particularly those with a steady income.
    • 4. Policy holders pay on time at the start of the policy but later on forget to give payment, resulting in lapsed payment and forfeiture of plans.
  • 13. Consumer Need State
    • Manage expenses for the funeral services
    • Offer life plan, chapel, and cremation plan
    • If family member is an OFW without a legal permit to come home during the time of death, OFW misses the wake and burial/cremation
    • Bring OFW to wake and burial/cremation via (e-burol and e-libing)
  • 14. List Building Techniques
    • Phase 1:
    • Use customer database from St Peter website
    • Phase 2:
    • Devise opt-in for the policies of future plan holders
  • 15. Email Marketing Customers Send e-mail blast to website customers Plan holders - Offer quarterly reminder for payment
    • Offer value added services:
    • a. e-burol
    • b. e-libing
    Non-Plan holders - Offer brochures, and if necessary, appointment with sales agent - Update with e-newsletter - Update with e-newsletter
  • 16. Email Creative
    • Embark on “peace of mind” campaign for customers
    • Tagline – “May St Peter Life Plan ka na ba?”
  • 17. Metrics
    • Number of lapsed users year on year (increase in collection ratio)
    • Sales from non-plan holders
  • 18. Next Strategic Action
    • Sort through St Peter website customer database
    • Differentiate plan holders from non-plan holders
    • Design mail chimp with a creative agency for a creative handle
    • Test market to a few employees and gather feedback
    • Conduct email blast to plan and non-plan holders
    • Track sales via online marketing