The Flywheel Group Overview


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An overview of why organizations should strongly consider adoption of and utilize the flywheel group to assist them in customizing and deploying the solution.

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  • The Flywheel Group Overview

    1. 1. On-Demand Enterprise CRM Stop Using Software - 1
    2. 2. s u cces f or S nda go Age i d it he re d –w tu re is CRM g? e fu  ron th w n d– r D ema st ome On- r cu  ere… fo h ru les ew ss he n e succe  T rvic t se y le men e stud u imp Cas l p yo  u s he  Let 2
    3. 3. s u cces f or S nda go Age i d it he re d –w tu re is CRM g?  wron e fu  th n d– r D ema st ome On- r cu  ere… fo h ru les ew ss he n e succe  T rvic t se y le men e stud u imp Cas l p yo  u s he  Let 2
    4. 4. CRM - The Promise Driving Performance through Customer Focus Executives - How do I improve service level provision to all citizens? - How can I understand anticipate and manage the current and future service needs of citizens? - How can I simplify the process of dealing with my authority? Managers - How can I understand where to apply resources? - How can I my team have access to all available services? - How can I make sure open enquiries are being responded to on time? Employees - How do I spend more time serving citizens and less time “tracking things down”? - How can I spend less time reporting to my management? - How do I solve my customer’s problem on the first call? 3
    5. 5. CRM – The Usual Problems Expensive Deployments with Minimal Returns High Cost High End User Rejection $15-20K per seat to deploy Poor usability results in poor data • High set-up/implementation costs • Hinders sales productivity • Significant IT resource support • Limited executive insight & reporting • Expensive & complex upgrades High Complexity High Failure Rate “We have heard the same story from …… “55% of traditional CRM projects are a customers and prospects, that they do failure and 42% of licences purchased not need 200-plus CRM modules, more are shelfware” - Gartner than 1,500 tables, and an interface capable of landing the space shuttle” – AMR, November 2002 4
    6. 6. s u cces f or S nda go Age i d it he re d –w tu re is CRM g? e fu  ron th w n d– r D ema st ome On-  here… ules fo  r cu r he new ccess u  T rvice s t se y le men e stud u imp Cas l p yo  u s he  Let 5
    7. 7. The Internet Disrupts All Modern Life 1.7 billion users and counting 6
    8. 8. The Internet Changes Enterprise Software Client/Server On-Demand IBM/DEC Mainframes Systems Utilities 1970 1990 2000 7
    9. 9. Disruptive On-Demand Utility Model Traditional Software On-Demand Utility Build Your Own Plug In & Subscribe 8
    10. 10. Ron Hess - Neoforma “Moving from trading excel spreadsheets to using an on-demand model for true information sharing” 9
    11. 11. s u cces f or S nda go Age i d it he re d –w tu re is CRM g? e fu  ron th w n d– r D ema st ome On- r cu  ere… fo h ru les ew ss he n e succe  T ervic  s y men t le e stud u imp Cas l p yo  u s he  Let 10
    12. 12. New Rules For Customer Service Success - ld d Wor De man - a n On et ce ss in Intern Suc for the t Buil se  to-u k asy- an d ris  E cost e o w to valu  L ti me  Fast i sab le stom te Cu int egra  asy -to- lutio n  E so l ete ies omp pa bilit  C a l ca  Glob 11
    13. 13. Delivers Success ld nd Wor D ema On- et in an In tern c ess the Suc ilt fo r Bu se  to-u k asy- d ris  E an  ost e c valu  L ow to   t ime Fast isab le   m te C usto nt egra  to-i ion asy-  E s olut   mp lete ilitie s Co cap ab   al Glob   12
    14. 14. Delivers Success ld nd Wor D ema No software On- et in an In tern c ess the No hardware Suc ilt fo r Bu se Lower cost  to-u k asy- d ris  E an Lower risk  ost e c valu  L ow to   t ime Less complexity Fast isab le   m te Easy to use C usto nt egra  to-i ion asy-  E s olut Faster time to value   mp lete ilitie s Co ab Industry Leading Partners   al cap Glob experience success.   12
    15. 15. CRM Success in 30-90 days 13
    16. 16. The On-Demand CRM Leader The On-Demand CRM Leader Award-winning on-demand CRM Award-winning on-demand platform 55,400 customers, 1.5 million subscribers Adding 10x the new subscribers of nearest public competitor2 Democratizing success for companies of all sizes, including first 3,000+ user deployment 14
    17. 17. 55,400 Success Stories – Solution for Every Industry 1.5 million Subscribers Business Services Consumer Services Public Sector Healthcare/Pharma Manufacturing UK Ministry of Defence Financial Media/Internet Technology Telecom Transport/Logistics 15 Approximate figures as of 10/31/04.
    18. 18. in Public Sector New Jersey Transit call centre handling complaints and resolutions Environmental Protection Agency – web based self service and workflow routing US Department of Transport – citizen polling application State of Maryland – general citizen contact centre State of New Mexico – department of tourism, handling of general enquiries and complaints 16
    19. 19. What does Customer Service require?  Communication Channels Phone Email Web • An easy way for customers to communicate with your company Communication Layer  A Customer Service “Application” Case mgmt. Knowledge Service Mgmt. Analytics • UNDERSTAND the Customer • RESOLVE the issue • MEASURE Performance  The “Platform” • Integrate and Customize Customization Platform • Seamless exchange of data and business logic Integration Platform 17
    20. 20. Not all channels are created equal Cost/Request Phone Phone: $7- $30 Channel Email: $2 - $9 Email Web: $.50 - $.75 Web Low Hi Cost and Service Quality 18
    21. 21. Complete Functionality Integrated CTI Case Management • State-of-the-art telephony • Create, track, and manage integration with STAPI customer service requests • Rules-based routing with context- • Integrated with contract sensitive screen-pops management • Outbound dialing and support for call scripting Email Management Service Process Workflow • Auto acknowledgements with • Case queues to manage agent rules-based personalization workload • Library of email responses • Rules-based case assignment • Email tracking and monitoring • Customizable business processes • Integration with leading email clients Unified Agent Desktop SLA Tracking & Management • Single desktop for all supported • Contract management and channels service level commitments • Simple and intuitive user interface • Escalations and notifications • Follow-the-sun support 19
    22. 22. Robust Performance Analytics Service Analytics • Track metrics like case response times, first call resolution rates • Measure industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) • Identify service trends Performance Monitoring • Track agent workload and performance • Easily integrate with workforce management systems Dashboards Manage Your Service Organization More • Real-time snapshots of Effectively with Real-Time Analytics service performance • Easy-to-use wizards 20
    23. 23. Industrial-Strength Infrastructure  On Demand Expertise • Scalability (1.5 million + users) • Reliability (>99.9% uptime) • Performance (< 250ms response) • Disaster Recovery (N+1 redundancy) • Security (128 Bit SSL)  Customer Benefits • World Class Infrastructure • Stable Environment • Platform to Grow • CIO Expertise 21
    24. 24. s ucces f or S nda go Age i d it he re d –w tu re is CRM g? e fu  ron th w n d– r D ema st ome On- r cu  ere… fo h ru les ew ss he n e succe  T rvic t se y le men e stud u imp Cas p yo  t us hel  e  L 22
    25. 25. Misys Case Study 23
    26. 26. Misys  9th largest software company in the world • Provide IT and Outsourcing facilities in banking, healthcare and FS  $1.6B Revenue, 6,000 employees  Want to become the SAP of the Banking world (long term trend - banks are moving from in-house to 3rd party packages)  Customers…1,400 banks • 3 Core systems  Midas 450 Wholesale and international banks  Equation 270 Retail banks  BankMaster 190 Retail and Universal banks • 4 Departmental solutions  Summit 110 treasury & capital markets operations  Opics 130 treasury departments  GMS 800 banks, funds and corporates  Loan I/Q 30 banks • Enterprise Risk  Risk Vision 30 banks 24
    27. 27. Misys Support 25
    28. 28. Business Problem  Insufficient Member Research Infrastructure contact Member Events Payments  No Reliable MI DBS Non DBS Commissions Account Commissions Management  Manual Procedures Compliance Assured Services Helpdesk Mortgage  No Audit Trail Mi-solution Applications/ Services Helpdesk Exits  Multiple Support Systems Pension Sesame Solutions Direct  Lack of Ownership  Unhappy members 26
    29. 29. Misys Web-based Service Strategy • Enhance the quality and breadth of offering • Deliver an improved customer experience • Higher customer satisfaction • Accelerated product growth • Integration of web services with telephone allows greater value to be delivered at significantly lower costs 27
    30. 30. Major Deliverables  Customer Registration • Call submission, Solution search, Progress reporting  Case Management • Case assignment and routing, Managing SLA’s, Escalation, Use of KB, Customer feedback  Knowledge Management • Knowledge Capture (new knowledge=valuable), generating, editing, reviewing, publishing knowledge  Management Reporting • Service agent dashboard, productivity reporting, product quality metrics 28
    31. 31. Resolution Sesame Member contact 0845 122 1515 1st line First line Contact Complex queries Centre support …maximising ‘dialled & dealt’ query resolution… 2nd line Member BMU Compliance Technology Commissions Mortgages Helpdesk support Support Integrated Contact Management System and Knowledge Base (200 users) indicates 29
    32. 32. s u cces f or S nda go Age i d it he re d –w tu re is CRM g? e fu  ron th w n d– r D ema st ome On- r cu  ere… fo h ru les ew ss he n e succe  T rvic t se y le men e stud u imp Cas l p yo  u s he Let   30
    33. 33. Denise Carr – American Medical Response “we didn’t know what was going on” 31
    34. 34. Contact us for services to adopt the cloud: 32