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Flytxt-Warid Uganda joint speaking session at TM Forum Africa Summit, 2013-Johannesburg

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  • As you have heard Warid has leveraged Big Data Analytics to achieve dramatic results and we are happy to be a solution partner for Warid in making this happen. There are basically three components in our offering that enabled Warid to achieve this transformation. The core to our offering is the Big Data Analytics technology that powers our platforms, applications and solutions. Next comes tools which are designed exclusively for operators to do closed-loop, integrated real-time marketing. And last but not the least, the impact focused service delivery that combines consulting, technology and execution to deliver economic impact.
  • Transform raw data we receive from varied data sources to insights, KPIs recommendations and actionsApplying different pre-built algorithms and data models that will make processing faster and reduce time to derive an insight for decisioning. We have multiple business applications to drive marketing programs or campaigns targeted at different business objectives like revenue enhancement, customer retention, intent management and advertising. These applications consume insights from the Big Data Analytics technology layer.We also have other applications like risk and margin management, pilot trials are going on in the field.
  • Closed Loop: Every broadcast is targeted and provides not only sales but useful business intelligence todrive the next broadcastIntegrated:Integrates easily with any desktop tools and enterprise applications so marketers can useexisting CRM data to drive their mobile marketing campaigns. They can then feed the results ofthat campaign back into the CRM to leverage the power of mobile. Can easily be integratedwith Web marketing so customers can sign-up for promotions on either Web or mobile. Real-time: always-on, flexible, can be ingested at the same frequency as there are rotated to give near-real-timeupdates for marketersIn-orderto run various campaigns Flytxt with its experience has developed an integrated, real-time closed-loop NEON platform which engages the customers at each stage and enhances the overall customer experience. NEON can be easily integrated with almost all the data sources available across the operators n/w layout. It can directly integrated with the IN/Recharge system for real-time rewarding and fulfillment. NEON comes with integrated Comm. Policy Manager which is specifically developed for providing end-to-end Customer experience. It can also be integrated with various touch points like Customer care to even POS where NEON can offer best services and recommendations as well enhances customers loyalty and reduce churn with its integrated solutions namely ( Revenue Enhance ment solution – Closed-loop campaign management; Customer Retention solution – Churn and Loyalty Management; and Intent Management – Service Personalization, recommendation and lost intent revival).NEON provides Real-Time segmentation, targeting and fulfillment which reduces the operators time to market best offers and it also has real-time reporting function which refreshes instantly so that the marketer does not have depend on the other third party tools for reporting and MIS. NEON’s closed-loop capability increases the operators marketing agility by reducing its dependency on other departments and allowing the marketer to design campaigns based on best target conditions and eventually analyze the campaign group ROI Vs. Control group ROI on the same platform.
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  • Warid uganda big data experience

    1. 1. Warid Telecom Uganda Increasing Revenue and New Services through Big Data 0
    2. 2. Agenda • Big data – brief definition • Uganda Market • Warid Challenges • Solution and Approach • Segmentation • Key Campaigns • Dramatic results • Enabling the Transformation through Big Data Analytics 1
    3. 3. Big Data – Definition by IDC 2 Data collected is more than 100TB Data is received via ultra-high speed streaming Data generated is growing at >60% per year Deployed on scale-out infrastructure Two or more data formats and/or sources High-speed streaming data Source:IDC, 2012 Big Data Technology Variety Velocity Volume Value
    4. 4. Current Applications of Big Data 3 Analysis ranked High, Medium, Low based on relevance to telecom business requirements Analysis Types High Medium Low Recommendation Engine Network Monitoring Sentiment Analysis Fraud Detection Risk Modeling Customer Experience Analytics Marketing Campaign Analysis Customer Churn Analysis Social Graph Analysis
    5. 5. Uganda Market • Unique demographics dominated by youth – Population  ~35 Mn – 49% of population < 14years – Population growth rate  3.32% (4th fastest growing in the world) • Pre-paid dominated telecom market – 6 Operators  MTN, Warid, Airtel, Orange, UTL, Smile – Mobile Penetration  45% – Predominantly a Prepaid market – Weekly/Daily voice/data/SMS packs are popular. – 2nd biggest mobile money market – Compulsory SIM registration – Multi SIM market 4
    6. 6. Warid Uganda – The Youth Brand • Warid-the youth brand – Launched GSM operations in 2008 – 3rd operator in Uganda and a new Entrant to the Market with 21% CMS – Youth brand and Youngest super brand in Uganda • Full service operations – Voice, 3G Data, Enterprise Solutions, Mobile Commerce (Warid Pesa) – Fastest growing Mobile Money Service – Warid Pesa 5
    7. 7. Critical Phases in Warid’s Growth Strategy 6 • Network enhancement • Introduction of high speed data network Phase 1 Phase 2 • Strong brand building Phase 3 • Big Data Analytics
    8. 8. Business Objectives  Penetrate the market despite being a late entrant  Enhance reach to the primary target segment • Young audience with staggered income levels  Enhance yield per minute, caused by • Lower tariffs set to meet competition • Higher % off-net calls  Convert second simmers- who held a large share • Reduce cyclic usage-convert them into primary users • Attract, retain and grow revenues among second simmers
    9. 9. Solution: Converting Second Simmers and Enhancing Consumption through Big Data Analytics • Creating a multi-phase campaign plan – Generate interest and create usage – Upsell and ensure conversion • Leveraging the power of Big Data – Usage Analysis to identify who need to be targeted – Entice when the SIM is in the phone and the phone is ON Time ARPU Phase 1: Usage enhancement: Use more from your Warid SIM Phase 2: Pack upselling to ensure consistent usage Phase 3: Retention offers to avoid usage drop and ensure high usage Normal CLC Usage drop
    10. 10. 3U Approach across Customer Lifecycle Time Customer Value Usage Uses User Retention campaigns - Understanding early indicators - Retention offers Usage drop analysis Churn propensity analysis Increase usage of range of products - Conversion to primary SIM users - Pack upselling through usage based targeting Usage based dynamic segmentation Usage enhancement - Promotion through contextual offers Segmentation on age on network, weekly sum of recharge
    11. 11. Approach to Segmentation : Setting the Ground Work for Base Management • Sub Segmentation based on usage trend • Trend Analysis based on data over 3 periods (Mo/Wk) • Micro level Segmentation based on usage pattern & dominant/ preferred usage leg and/or Recharge pattern and/or pack subscription • Macro level based on CLV (ARPU v/s AON) Matrix • Static – based on (M-1) data Tier 2 Tier 1 Tier 3 • Three tier segmentation approach to classify subs as per their CLV & Usage profile • The combination of 3 levels of tags along with the Real time tracking used to design segmented campaigns & offers
    12. 12. Campaigns that Lead to Dramatic Results 11 Churn management campaigns to manage high churn rate in Multi SIM environment • Subscribers showed high Talk time Loading to Depletion Ratio (100:95) Strategy: pick churn indicators early • Track Usage on Real Time • Churn propensity identified based on the frequency of recharge and Balance to depletion ratio • Subs are segmented into n1xn2 matrix and packs promoted accordingly Result: Significant churn reduction by more than 20% Segmented campaigns to target users with declining usage Strategy: Promoted free on net minutes on recharge of their favourite pack Takers were given follow up offer of further free on net minutes for recharging with packs of lower denomination Result: Significant Increase in REC base adding to top line revenues Pack Subscription promotional and informational campaigns Pack Expiry notification reminder campaigns Result: Improved pack revenues and On-net usage Grace Management campaigns targeting subscribers moving into inactive stage Result: Dramatic reduction in churn Campaigns Targeting New Acquisitions to the network through welcome offers and baby care offers Result: Improved CSAT scores by more than 10% Special campaigns targeting increase of specific legs of usage like ILD, SMS and DATA Data Pack Upsell campaigns Result: Doubling of Data Revenues after campaign execution
    13. 13. Dramatic Results 12 Increase in Data Revenues 200% Increase in Gross Revenue 36% Growth in unique On-net pack users 36% Increase in On-net revenues 90% Increase in ARPU 35% Increase in OG MoU 19% Increase in daily REC base 25%
    14. 14. Partnering with Warid for delivering Economic Impact Warid’s business objectives • Technology: Big Data Analytics • Tools: Closed-loop, Integrated, Real-time • Services: Impact driven Marketing Consulting Dramatic Results!!! What Flytxt offered? What we achieved?
    15. 15. Big Data Analytics Technology Driven Solutions Comm.GatewayBIReportsFulfillmentEngine Customer Retention SMSC MMSCOBD USSD IN Systems E-top Up Subscription G/W Stream data Batch data Applications realize Economic Value ACTIONs E.G – Yield Optimization, Optimum Promos, Credit Linked, Suspension, etc. RECOMMENDATIONs E.G – Best-fit Offers, Bad Debt Lists, Purchase Intents, etc. INSIGHTs E.G – High Value, Credit-Risks, Frequent Traveler, Purchase Propensity. KPIs E.g.- MOU, Usage, AON, ARPU, Location, etc. Big Data Analytics Framework Aggregation, Correspondence analysis, Filtering, Soft Clustering, Social Net. models, Statistical Classifiers, Predictive modeling, Time series analysis, Variance analysis, etc. etc. Intent Management Mobile Advertising Granular Risk Management Granular Margin Management Revenue Enhancement
    16. 16. Sample text Sample textSample text Closed Loop, Integrated, Real-time Marketing Tools IntegratedClosed-Loop Real-time  Segmentation  Reward tracking  Fulfillment  Action Mgmt.  Reporting  Targeting  Tracking  Interactive  Control Group  Exclusion/Inclusion  Data source  Reward/fulfillment  Subs touch point  Comm. policy mgr.  Solutions
    17. 17. Economic Impact focused Service Delivery • Design focus to deliver economic value for telecom operators >10%. • Horizontally scalable, to cover a broad spectrum across CXO domains in an operator. • Combined Onsite + Offshore delivery model for standardized services with localization. • Standardized services, personalized delivery with focus on agility • Shared best practices, with strict privacy and anonymity of data and marketing strategies • Designed to house and deliver the full spectrum of big data competencies • Service flexible engagement models • Value based Revenue shared • Technology License models • Configurable set of managed services • Alone as well as joint with 3rd parties • Proven across multiple countries • Different cultures and languages • Different legal & regulatory environments
    18. 18. Enabling BTL Campaigns the Right Way! • Sniper Shot Segmentation with the Right Insights • Pick the revenue churn indicators at Right Time • Recommendation Engine : The Right Product from the plethora • Act with the appropriate offer at the Right Trigger • Engage with Subscriber through Right Channel RIGHT INSIGHT RIGHT OFFER RIGHT TIME
    19. 19. For a Differentiated Customer Experience! Personalised Less IntrusiveRelevant Impacts overall operator revenues by 5-7% depending on: • Operator field practices & Sub demographics. • Campaign management tools & practices. Offers need to be :
    20. 20. 19confidential© 2013 Flytxt. All rights reserved. 14 August 2013 Chandrachur Ghosh, CMCO, Flytxt chandrachur.ghosh@flytxt.com www.flytxt.com Q&A Shailendra Naidu, CCO, Warid Uganda shailendra.naidu@waridtel.co.ug www.waridtel.co.ug