Which Smartphone Too Choose


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Which Smartphone Too Choose

  1. 1. --------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Belowhttp://ipadtop10promo.com/--------------------------------------If youre wondering which smartphone is best, and youre looking toinvest in one for the first time, this overview will give you a goodidea of what to look for and will help you weigh the pros and cons ofthe most important features available. Well also discuss how youcan use your new smartphone to generate what could be asubstantial secondary, or even primary, income. Android v Apple? Not too long ago, this question wouldnt have even come upwhen considering which smartphone is the best, since Apple waspretty much the only game in town. But, once Google bought thefledgling smartphone OS (operating system) and hooked up withMotorola and its Droid phone, Android has barely even stopped totake a breath, making rapid inroads into Apples marketshare. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the AndroidOS is an open system, which basically means its more or lessunregulated and developers are free to take full advantage of thesystem to create whatever apps (applications) they like. Apples OS,by contrast, is highly regulated by Apple, which decides whether ornot a developers application is acceptable or not. Apple once held an overwhelming advantage in the number andrange of apps available, but Android has gradually closed the gapfrom a ratio of several thousand to one to just four to one, with thegap closing rapidly all the time. Is one system better than the other? Hard to say - each has
  2. 2. its advantages and disadvantages. Suffice to say, if youre familiarwith a PC and Windows, the Android may be a more comfortable fit;for Apple addicts, the comfort of working within the Appleenvironment may outweigh all other considerations. For the rest ofus - toss a coin and take your pick! Basic Features Most smartphones come with a variety of features, but themost important ones for most people are the phone itself, internetaccess, text and e-mail, not necessarily in that order. The phone and the quality of the calls is directly dependent onthe carrier issuing the phone and the density of the servicecoverage they provide, as well as the location in which the phone isbeing used, so check the performance of the various carriersregarding service availability, number of dropped calls, etc. Talk tofriends and family about their experiences with various carriers tofind out which one might be best for you. Internet access on a smartphone usually requires some sort ofdata plan, and the type of plan you need will depend on the amountof internet usage you intend to have on your phone. If youreinterested in using your smartphone to generate income via internetmarketing, youll want to have a plan that allows unlimited datausage. More on making money via your phone later. For many people, especially the younger set, texting hasvirtually taken over from e-mail as far as being the primary methodof communication is concerned. Dont tell me youve not sat theiramazed at the speed young kids can tap out a message! I know Ihave. But, its not just kids who are turning to text - its becoming amore important facet of most peoples lives. Text rates vary bycarrier and by plan, so, if texting is important to you, shop around
  3. 3. and see whos offering the best deal. E-mail was once the domain of RIM and its BlackBerry, but it isnow pretty much ubiquitous on most phones. Despite the fact that e-mail is no longer the only means of online communication, its still avery important medium, particularly where business is concerned. Making Money With Your Smartphone Regardless of which smartphone you eventually decide on, onetrend you may want to take advantage of, especially while its still inits infancy, is the fantastic opportunity that mobile internetmarketing represents. Since youve probably paid a fair bit of moneyfor your phone, why not look into how to make money on mobiledevices such as your phone. With more and more people accessing the internet via theirsmartphones, this constitutes a massive audience for web siteowners, whether that be via a blog, an e-commerce site, aninformation site, etc., so optimizing a web site for mobile devicesshould be a priority. The attention span for mobile users isextremely short, so presenting them with the information they needas quickly is possible is of paramount importance. Since most smartphones are equipped with video cameras,create a video to promote your business and post it on YouTube orone of the many other video sites and see your business advertizingpotentially go viral. Promote other companies products via your mobile site as anaffiliate and earn potentially substantial commissions just by tappinginto the fledgling smartphone market using affiliate marketing. This barely scratches the surface as far as the potential to
  4. 4. create income through the use of smartphone technology isconcerned. So, decide which smartphone is the best for youfollowing the guidelines discussed above, and put it to use as amoney-maker rather than a money-gobbler!Ray J Boreham can provide more information on smartphones andmaking mobile money. For information on and getting started withmaking money online, Ray invites you to visit this site, where you canfind all the details you need to be successful online, even when usinga smartphone.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ray_J_Boreham-----------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Belowhttp://ipadtop10promo.com/-----------------------------------------