Iphone Security Debate - Causing A Lot Of Attention


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Iphone Security Debate - Causing A Lot Of Attention

  1. 1. --------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Belowhttp://ipadtop10promo.com/--------------------------------------In a recent Computerworld story some pretty alarmingsecurity bells rang over the imminent release of theiPhone. The Apple device will be hot - very hot - whichwill make it very attractive to the dark side. People willbring it into the enterprise, which is worrisome sincelittle information on security has been released by Apple.Finally, the iPhone runs the Mac OS X, so it may bevulnerable to malware that already exists for thatplatform. Well, never mind, apparently. Others quoted in the piecemake a persuasive case that the potential problems arenot dire and that the iPhone doesnt necessarily pose asignificant risk. Applications will be delivered over theSafari browser. The absence of a software developerskit (SDK), experts say, makes mischief much less likely.It is fair to point out, however, that using a browser as aconduit for applications doesnt eliminate all the danger.Indeed, a bunch of vulnerabilities to Safari recentlywere patched by Apple. We will see what happens soon enough, since the iPhoneis slated for release Friday. The issues of whether thisphone poses no security threat, whether its arrival
  2. 2. signals a crisis of massive proportions, or if the realityrests somewhere in between - which of course is likely -bring up something that is important for security staffsto keep in mind: Consumer gear invariably is used atwork, and in most cases there isnt much theorganization can do to stop it. The best approach is to work with end users as newtechnology is introduced. In that way, at least thecompany has an inkling of what is living on its network.The most obvious example of what can happen is the caseof rogue access points (APs), unauthorized wireless localarea network (WLAN) hot spots that are set up by users.They generally are established for positive reasons, suchas creating a sub network among a group of employeeswho sit near each other and work together closely. But ifthe IT department doesnt know about the network -and if a consumer-grade AP is used - it is a recipe fortrouble.IT must work with other departments to ensure thatsuch unauthorized activities are kept to a minimum. Tobe sure, technical solutions can root out someunauthorized activities. Thats good, but shouldnt bethe main thrust of the organizations strategy. The ITdepartment should work with human resources, seniormanagement and other departments to create strong,comprehensive policies. More importantly, the policiesshould be enforced. The good news is that most folks will
  3. 3. cooperate once they understand why its important totrack unauthorized gear.Security researchers and analysts have mixed opinionsabout Apples iPhones security, ranging from nightmarepredictions to being no issue at all. Read this article onthe possible nightmare of iPhone security:[http://www.itbusinessedge.com/item/?ci=30292]Blogger David Utter says potential iPhone purchasersshould keep in mind the mounting updates for the Safaribrowser. Read how Safar could attract attackers to theiPhone: [http://www.itbusinessedge.com/item/?ci=30297] Safari gets four more patches. Read theupdate on those latest improvements:http://www.itbusinessedge.com/blogs/hdw/?p=407Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Carl_Weinschenk-----------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Belowhttp://ipadtop10promo.com-----------------------------------------