Having Trouble Synchronizing Your Ipad 2, Fix It Here


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Having Trouble Synchronizing Your Ipad 2, Fix It Here

  1. 1. --------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Belowhttp://ipadtop10promo.com/--------------------------------------If you want to synchronize your Apple iPad 2 so you can put somemusic or videos from your PC, you are at right place. Read carefullyand follow the instructions how to synchronize your Apple iPad 2 andPC. You have a couple ways to make the connection:USB cable. Use the cable that comes with your iPad to attach theUSB connector to a free USB port on your Mac or Windows PC, andthen attach the dock connector to the 30-pin connector port on thebottom of the iPad.Dock. If you shelled out the bucks for an optional iPad dock (aregular dock or a keyboard dock), first plug it in to a power outlet.Using your iPads cable, attach the USB connector to a free USBport on your Mac or Windows PC, and attach the dock connector tothe 30-pin connector port on the back of the dock. Now insert yourApple iPad into the docks cradle. Synchronizing Your iPad Automatically Depending on the storage capacity of your iPad - 16GB, 32GB,or 64GB - you may be able to transfer all your computers iPad -friendly digital content onto the iPad hard drive. If that sounds likethe way you want to go, then you can take advantage of the easiestof the iPad synchronizing scenarios, in which you dont have to payany attention in the least: automatic synchronization. Because youknow all the iPad - able content on your Mac or Windows PC is going
  2. 2. to fit, all you have to do is turn on your iPad 2 and connect it to yourcomputer. iTunes opens automatically, connects to your Apple iPad 2, andbegins synchronizing. And just for your information, the USB portalso begins charging your iPads battery. Note that you cant use your iPad while the synchronization isrunning. However, one of the iPads nicest features is that you caninterrupt synchronization. When the Sync in Progress screenappears, you see the Slide to Cancel slider at the bottom of thescreen. If you ever need to bail out of the synchronization toperform some other duty, drag the slider to the right. iTunescancels the synchronization so you can go about your business. Whenyoure ready to restart the synchronization, click the Sync button iniTunes. When the synchronization is done, you need to do two things:In iTunes, click the Eject icon beside your iPad in the Devices list.Remove the dock connector from the iPads 30-pin connector port. Bypassing the automatic synchronization Sometimes, you may want to connect your iPad to yourcomputer, but you dont want it to synchronization automatically.For example, you may want to connect your iPad to your computerjust to charge it. Or perhaps you just want to use iTunes to checkhow much free space is left on your iPad 2 or to check for updatesto the iPad software. Whatever the reason, you can tell iTunes to hold off the
  3. 3. synchronizing this time only by using one of the following techniques:Mac. Connect the iPad to the Mac, and then quickly press and holdthe Option and Mac keysWindows. Connect the iPad to the Windows PC, and then quicklypress and hold the Control and Shift keys. When you see that iTunes has added your iPad to the Deviceslist, you can release the keys. Note, however, that you dont need touse iTunes to see how much free space is left on your iPad. On theHome screen, tap Settings, tap General, and then tap About. In theAbout screen that slides in, the Available value tells you how manygigabytes (or megabytes) of free space you have to play with. Troubleshooting automatic synchronization So, you connect your iPad to your computer and then nothing.If iTunes isnt already running, it refuses to wake up from its.Whats up with that? A couple things could be the problem. First, connect your iPad2, switch to iTunes on your computer, and then click your iPad 2 inthe Devices list. On the Summary tab, make sure the Open iTuneswhen this iPad is connected check box is selected. If that check box was already selected, you need to delve a bitdeeper to solve the mystery. Follow these steps:Open the iTunes preferences:Mac. Choose iTunes > PreferencesWindows. Choose Edit > PreferencesClick the Devices tab.
  4. 4. Deselect the Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from SyncingAutomatically check box.Click OK to put the new setting into effect and enable automaticsyncing again. Syncing Your iPad Manually When you first connected your iPadto iTunes, the brief setup routine included a screen that asked ifyou wanted to automatically synchronize certain content, such asmusic and photos. If you activated a check box for a particular typeof content, iTunes configure the iPad to synchronize all of thatcontent. One fine day, youll be minding your own business andperforming what you believe to be a routine synchronizationoperation when a dialog box pops up telling you iPad 2 is out of harddisk space. You can handle this in a couple of ways:Remove some of the content from your computer. This is a good wayto go if your iPad 2 is really close to having enough space. Forexample, the dialog says your computer wants to send 100MB ofdata, but your Apple iPad 2 has only 98MB of free space. Get rid ofa few megabytes of stuff on your computer, and youre back in thesynchronization business.Synchronize your iPad manually. This means that you no longersynchronize everything on your computer. Instead, you hand-pickwhich play-lists, podcasts, audio books, and so on are sent to youriPad. Its a bit more work, but its the way to go if theres a bigdifference between the amount of content on your computer andthe amount of space left on your iPad.
  5. 5. Synchronizing manually means that you handle thesynchronization yourself for the various content types: contacts,calendars, e-mail, bookmarks, music, podcasts, audio books, e-Books,photos, videos, and apps. You do this using the other tabs in the iPadwindow: Info, Music, Photos, and so on. Removing data from your iPad 2 and replacing it with fresh info After you know what youre doing, synchronizing contacts,calendars, e-mail accounts, and bookmarks to your iPad 2 is arelatively bulletproof procedure that should happen without a hitcheach time. Of course, this is technology youre dealing with here, sohitches do happen every now and then, and as a result you might endup with corrupt or repeated information on your iPad. Or perhaps youve been synchronizing your iPad with a coupleof different computers, and you decide to cut one of the computersout of the loop and revert to just a single machine for all yoursynchronization. In both these scenarios, you need to replace the existinginformation on your Apple iPad 2 with a freshly baked batch of data.Fortunately, iTunes has a feature that lets you do exactly that.Heres how it works:Connect your iPad to your computer.In the iTunes Devices list, click the iPad.Click the Info tab.Select the Sync check boxes for each type of information you wantto work with (contacts, calendars, e-mail accounts, bookmarks, ornotes).In the Advanced section, select the check box beside each type of
  6. 6. information you want to replace.Click Apply. iTunes replaces the selected information on your iPad.Milos Bundalo works in IT company as VMware and MicrosoftSystem Architect. He owns a website: http://www.webestigate.com,which is based mainly on Android and APPLE products.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Milos_Duska_Bundalo-----------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Belowhttp://ipadtop10promo.com/-----------------------------------------