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E Mkt Group Work



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E Mkt Group Work E Mkt Group Work Document Transcript

  • March 25, 2009 Mr. Mathew Ferris University of Dayton 1200 Brown Street Suite 140 Dayton, Ohio 45409 Dear Flyer Spirit: This letter is to express our gratitude in investing in our consultant group. We hope to propel your company’s success with innovative business strategies. We have long valued your company and its growth strategy. We specialize in identifying new innovative products and promotions for the cutting edge collegiate consumer. We have a great passion for internet marketing and demonstrate pride in all projects and activities that we have the opportunity to be involved in. We are eager to continue to sharpen your company’s competitive edge. We hope the business strategies reflect your company’s key pillars of success. In closing, our past experiences and current abilities match up closely to the company’s requirements at Flyer Spirit. We sincerely appreciate your business. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Coryn Borecky Jimmy Daniels Maureen Fitzgerald Bryan Vedrody Brian Wilgus
  • How and why to advertise on Facebook? Facebook, a popular social networking site, has become a worldwide phenomenon since it began in February of 2004. It is an internet medium that allows people to connect with friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances. Millions of people have joined Facebook, thousands every day and today it is one of the fastest growing social networking Web sites. Due to an increase in technology, today’s marketing and advertising has become fragmented due to the differing mediums available. Advertisers and marketers face the challenge to effectively reach and capture their intended target market. These technological strides have placed a great deal of emphasis on relationship marketing. Marketers strive to create two way communication and collaboration between the buyer and seller in order to build brand loyalty and increase interactivity. Facebook proves to be a promising virtual place to promote a company’s market offerings. Marketers have the ability to reach 175,000 active Facebook users, attach social actions to your ads to increase relevance and create demand for your product with relevant ads (Facebook.com). In addition to its ability to successfully market goods and services, marketers have access to demographic and psychographic information about their target markets. This information is very valuable to marketers because they have the necessary tools to develop a cohesive and effective marketing plan. The company can direct their marketing efforts to a specific target audience. Effectively reaching and engaging the target market proves to be the bloodline of sales. Therefore, Facebook is an inexpensive medium to reach a well defined, niche market. To advertise on Facebook go to www.facebook.com, click on the “Advertising” link located in the bottom right hand corner of the homepage, next click on the green tab titled “Create an Ad” and follow the step by step, user friendly instructions. The Web site allows marketers to choose their audience based on specific demographics and psychographics. This allows marketers to tailor their advertisements in order effective to reach and engage their target market.
  • Creating a Facebook Page Facebook is an extremely popular social media website. Through its content, people can connect worldwide to their friends, family, and coworkers. When used properly, Facebook can help businesses create awareness and generate sales. There are many opportunities to promote a business thanks to Facebook, but one in particular is creating a Page. This allows people on Facebook to become “fans” of the company. Fans have the ability to obtain updates about the company’s Web page as well as feeds showing changes that have been made or posted. Their page advertises their market offerings, promotions and sales. Steps for Creating a Page for Flyer Spirit: 1. On Facebook Home page, click create page at the bottom. 2. Click on Local, type in Flyer Spirit, then hit Create Page. 3. This prompts you to enter your user name and account as well as a security check and terms agreement. 4. Add various important information a. Basic information as well as detailed information b. Upload photo of choice (this will be what everyone sees when navigated away from page) As people join the company’s fan base, the fan base has the ability to send messages to everyone at once. Whenever Flyer Spirit makes changes to their page, all of the members or fans will be notified. Steps for Creating Facebook Advertisements for Flyer Spirit:
  • 1. Sign into the Facebook Web site (www.facebook.com) and click on the word “Advertising” on the lower right corner of the homepage. 2. Click on the green box titled “Create an Ad” 3. Create an “Ad Title”, “Ad Body”, “Ad Image”, and “Destination URL”. a. The ad unit will be created on the right side of the Web page following submission. 4. The marketer or advertiser can choose from the following the psychographics and demographics that fit their target market. The target market categories include the following : a. Location b. Age c. Sex d. Keywords e. Education f. Workplace g. Relationships h. Interested in i. Language 5. Next, the marketer or advertiser can choose how much they are willing to pay for the advertisement. The company can pay per impression, which is payment for every time the ad is shown on the Web site. However, the less expensive alternative is pay per click, which is payment for every time someone clicks on the ad, this is important because it drives customers to the company’s site. In order to effectively control the budget, the company has the ability to maintain and control their Facebook advertising budget. 6. Finally, the company has the ability to preview their advertisement in order to ensure accuracy and Facebook offers a secure site to input their credit card information.
  • 7. Lastly, following the completion of the previous steps, the company has successfully completed their Facebook advertisement.
  • Flyer Spirit Web site SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses  Relevant categories for the gift section  Eliminate the introduction on the Web site, allows fast and easy navigation the customer should be able to access the homepage immediately  Accurate contact information  The introduction page hinders their search  Online shopping engine optimization  Able to view an enhance, larger picture of  Overall design is unappealing to the viewer the merchandise  Difficult to navigate  The option to bookmark a particular page  Not user friendly  Product search option  Not visually eye catching or appealing  Direct link to the UD Bookstore and Flyer Enterprise Web site Opportunities Threats  Zoom in or out option for the Web site’s  Each piece of apparel fits differently map in order to locate the store  For the hours of operation, it does not  360 degree view of the products stress a.m. or p.m.  The ability to view merchandise stock  Over priced merchandise may deter options for immediate store pick-up potential consumers to the UD Bookstore  The option to customize apparel directly on  The return policy is time consuming and the Web site inconvenient for out of town and online buyers  Offer a sizing chart for the clothing