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Alicja Magiera

  1. 1. Added by webmaster: In this presentation there are movies prepared by author. We are very sorry, but it is not possible to play them.Dear John, today my dreams come true. I’m going to my favourite country: Can you believe that?Yours, AliceMade by: Alicja Magiera, III D
  2. 2. Dear John, the journey elapsed without a hitch. I landed in Dublin – thecapital of Ireland. Now, I’m sitting in my hotel room in ConradInternational Dublin, with my new buddy - Niall. He’s from Mullingar – atown in Ireland. Conrad International Dublin airport in Dublin my room Niall is hungry, so we have to go to the hotel restaurant.Yours, Alice elapse – upłynąd, minąd
  3. 3. Dear John, today I went with Niall for a walk. He’s really a funny and friendlyguy. We saw the most interesting places in Dublin with smiles on our faces.At the beginning, we went to see the Spire of Dublin. It’s the highestmonument in the world. The height of the building is 120 meters. The nextattraction of this day was the Liffey river, which is dividing the city into twoparts. Liffey Take care, Alice Spire of Dublin
  4. 4. Dear John, I’m really tired, because I walked with Niall all day through thePhoenix Park. It’s the biggest city park in the world. It’s area is 8 km2. Wetalked and ate ice-cream. It was very pleasant, but now I don’t feel my feet! Yours, Alice
  5. 5. Dear John, I saw the flag and the emblem of Ireland in Dublin. I want to tellyou about their symbolic meaning. The flag is colloquially called „IrishTricolour”. Green colour symbolizes Catholics, orange Protestants andwhite peace between them. Another importance of the colours is: greenmeans republic, orange loyalty and white peace. The emblem is blue witha gold harp, which is the symbol of Ireland. The harp is also on currency.The less official symbol of Ireland is the schamrock. Some people went toSt Patric and told him that they didn’t uderstand idea „God is in threeperson”. He explained the whole idea again, but they still didn’tunderstand, so he took schamrock and showed them and told „It is like thisschamrock”. They understood and left happy. Yours, Alice
  6. 6. Dear John, today I saw Niall and his friend – Hanna in traditional clothes. Theylooked amazing! I’ll send you some pictures.Yours, Alice
  7. 7. Dear John, today I met with Niall. We talked about music. He told me thatmany famous rock stars come from Ireland. For example, Van Morrison orSinéad O’Connor. Irish bands are U2, Enya, the Crannberries. Excellentwriters, like Oscar Wilde or Clive Staples Lewis also come from Ireland. Afamous Irish actor is Peter O’Toole. Peter O’Toole The CranberriesYours, Alice U2
  8. 8. Dear John, if you want to visit Ireland, you must go to Kilmainham Gaol – it’sa prison on the island. In this place there was a prison for warriors, whofought for independence. Today, here is a museum.
  9. 9. You should also go to the castle in Blarney. There is a half ofcoronation stone. It has supposedly extraordinary power. If you kissedthem, you would get the gift of eloquence. Of course, you have to go to see small villages and their beauty.Landscapes in Ireland are amazing! castel in BlarneyYours, Alice
  10. 10. Dear John, that was the most exciting day of my excursion. Niall took me to ahorse race! He told me, that all Irishmen love horses. They regard them,and jumping over obstacles is the most popular sport in Ireland. Theythink, that a horse must be at each farm, like a cat or dog. The secondplace on the list of the most popular Irish sports take dog races.Kisses,Alice regard – darzyd szacunkiem
  11. 11. Dear John, today I started working in the Irish Pub „Leprikon” as a waitress, so Ican earn some euro. I met some new people, which taught me somethingnew about Ireland. They love marine legends and music. Today in the pubwere so many people, that they had to stand while drinking their Guinness.Guinness is Irish beer popular around the world. If you’ve ever seen themovie „The Lord of the Rings”, you know the typical atmosphere in an Irishpub. Yours, Alice
  12. 12. Dear John, I’m really tired today. I was working all day. When I had a break,Niall visited me. He told me about leprikons – small, mean gnomes.Leprikons wear green clothes and green hats with a clover. If you catchthem, they will fulfill your three wishes. They don’t want to do it and theyalways lie. They love money, so they keep it in a big, metal pot, whichis their treasure.Yours, Alice clover – koniczyna fulfill - spełniad
  13. 13. Dear John, this day was really crazy. It was the first time I heard Niall singingand playing guitar. He is wonderful! He performed songs of Simon andGarfunkel. They sang typical Irish music. Niall also danced Irish dances. Hemust have really strong legs. He held his arms along the body, whichsymbolizes the division of the island. It was a really nice experience.Yours, Alice division - podział
  14. 14. Dear John, today is 17th March, so some countries celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.This is the most important holiday in Ireland. To our Pub came a lot ofpeople, of course, in green clothes. Why? Because we can call Ireland a„green island”. There is no snow in winter, but the weather is veryvariable. Each man, who celebrates this festival, shouted: „Everyone’sIrish”. In Ireland live nearly 4,4 mln people. The people in the club drankGuinness, danced irish dances and talked with each other. I hope, you were in a pub today. Yours, Alice variable - zmienna
  15. 15. Dear John, yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, but did you know, that Halloweenis also from Ireland? It is called Samhain. When huge groups of peopleemigrated to America, they started to celebrate this holiday. Irishmen celbrate also Pancake Day. In this day, everyone eatpancakes in every form. Today Niall said to me: ”It doesn’t matter who you will be. Pot tothe bottom, if you want to drink. Sing, dance, go forward, discover Irelandinside you.” Then he told me, that this saying beautifully reflects the soulof the Irish. I agree with him at 100 percent.Yours, Alice
  16. 16. Dear John, recently I got interested on Irish food. I asked Niall, and he toldme, that Irishmen like to eat big and fat meals. They like sausages, rashers(fried bacon), scrambled or fried eggs, white pudding, fried tomatoes,hash brown (it’s like a Polish deep fried potato pancake), beans in tomatosauce, fried mushrooms. fried tomatoes hash browns white pudding rashersYours, Alice
  17. 17. Dear John, today I am sending you a letter with all good things you can eatfor breakfest and lunch. In Northern Ireland breakfast is called Ulster Fry –a „lighter” version - soda farls, made of wheat flour, soda and buttermilk,potato cakes, made of cooked potatoes, flour and butter. Traditionalporridge is also served for breakfast, as fried bacon, sausages, eggs orblack pudding. potato cakes porridge soda farls
  18. 18. A traditional lunch consists of mainly lamb and potatoes.Another dish worth trying is colcannon –cooked potatoes fried on butterwith onions and barm brack – sweet bread with mixed candy fruits.Dinner is usually light, meat products are mainly served. irish stew colcannon barm brack
  19. 19. Do you like alcohol? Niall recommends Baileys (Irish liqueur –whiskey and cream with a taste of vanilla and cocoa), Jameson Irishblended type of whiskey, Cider – sparkling alcoholic apple drink, firstproduced in 1780. Popular beers are Beamish, Guinness and Kilkenny. A very popular Irish drink is Irish coffee and Caife Gaelach(coffee, whipped cream, whiskey).Yours, Alice
  20. 20. Dear John, in Ireland I saw a lot of people, with the same rings. I asked Nialland he told me about it. Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring, given as asymbol of friendship, often serving as an engagement or wedding ring. „Letlove and friendship rule” – this is the phrase showing its symbolic meaning.Wearing the ring on the right hand with the heart pointing upwards meansthat the person wearing it is in no relationship and is looking for a partner.If someone is wearing the ring with the heart pointing in the oppositedirection, it means that the person has a partner. Wearing the Claddagh onthe left hand, with the heart pointing upwards means that the personwearing it is engaged. Married people wear the ring on the left hand withthe heart pointing downwards. Claddagh is a symbol of culture and Irishheritage. It is also popular among foreigners living in Ireland.Yours, Alice
  21. 21. commons.wikimedia.orgPictures: Music: Simon and Garfunkel - „Mrs. Robinson” - „The Sound Of Silence” Knowledge: Victor
  22. 22. Dear John, unfortunately it’s of my trip. See you soon, Alice