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iaeste china intro

  1. 1. In the aftermath of WWII, in 1948
  2. 2. A man by the name of James Newby had an idea
  3. 3. To promote the exchange of technology and culture between countries
  4. 4. And by doing so, accelerate the development of each nation
  5. 5. The task was given to the best and brightest university students from each country
  6. 6. The future great minds and leaders of those nations
  7. 7. The students were given an opportunity to live in a different country and work at one of the top organizations there
  8. 8. And so, the I nternational A ssociation for the E xchange of S tudents for T echnical E xperience or,
  9. 9. … was born
  10. 10. Over 60 years later IAESTE is now …
  11. 11. More than 7000 students
  12. 12. From 95 countries From 95 Countries
  13. 13. Experiencing life and work in 4000 of the top institutions and organizations across the globe
  14. 14. So that ’ s what we do
  15. 15. Now what can we do For you?
  16. 16. We ’ re now entering the talent age
  17. 17. Where the fight to find the best people has become a full-blown war
  18. 18. Because we all know, 80% of the value is created by 20% of the people
  19. 19. If I told you that we could help you find those top 20%?
  20. 20. If I told you we could find you the foreign students from the top universities with strong technical backgrounds, experience and strong local connections
  21. 21. If I told you we can find you potential candidates for your overseas branches?
  22. 22. If I told you we can find you Chinese students with international exposure and experience?
  23. 23. Would you believe it?
  24. 24. Every year over 7000 students participate in the IAESTE Program
  25. 25. So what ’ s special about these students?
  26. 26. Applying for an international internship itself is something that takes
  27. 27. Courage
  28. 28. And Pro-activeness
  29. 29. To succeed in a completely new environment and work with people from different cultures takes
  30. 30. Adaptability
  31. 31. And Teamwork
  32. 32. And after those months of internship they are able to gain
  33. 33. Technical experience
  34. 34. And Worldview
  35. 35. Keeping in mind that these 7000 individuals have been through rounds of selection ensuring that they are
  36. 36. The best and brightest of their generation
  37. 37. Individuals that would surely shine in any company
  38. 38. Individuals that have the potential to be one of your company ’ s top performers
  39. 39. So you ’ re interested in having these students work in your company
  40. 40. We can find them
  41. 41. Whatever technical background
  42. 42. Whichever University
  43. 43. Undergrad, Masters, or Ph.D.
  44. 44. You want to find talent for your branch in say, Germany
  45. 45. We will find you top talent from Germany and bring them to China
  46. 46. During those few months of internship you will be able to judge for yourself if they are what you are looking for
  47. 47. If they are, you can hire them directly for your German branch office
  48. 48. You want top Chinese graduates with international experience
  49. 49. We have records of every Chinese intern who has participated in the IAESTE International Exchange program
  50. 50. Each of them having worked at some of the best organizations in the world
  51. 51. Each of them equipped with soft skills, confident and highly capable
  52. 52. We are a truly international network
  53. 53. Dedicated to searching for talented individuals to meet your company ’ s specific needs
  54. 54. Like a highway spanning across the entire globe
  55. 55. A highway that the best and brightest minds travel on
  56. 56. Why not make your company a destination on this highway too Why not make your company a destination on this highway too?
  57. 57. If you ’ re interested Please contact us http://iaeste-china.org