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Elements Of A Masonry Forensic Investigation Ryan Biggs
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Elements Of A Masonry Forensic Investigation Ryan Biggs



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  • 1. NEW YORK • ALABAMA • WISCONSIN Sandell Manufacturing holds more than 75 years experience in Thru-Wall Flashing systems for masonry construction. • Copper Thru Wall Flashing • Preformed Metal Flashing • Synthetic Flashing • Mastics & Primers • Anchors & Accessories • Concrete Accessories • Expansion & Control Joint Products • Drainage
  • 2. NEW YORK • ALABAMA • WISCONSIN Diedrich Technologies, a division of Sandell Construction Solutions, is the nation’s leader in high-performance detergent products for building restoration and maintenance. Together, Sandell Construction Solutions and Diedrich Technologies, Inc. fully encompass the needs of masonry construction. • New Construction Masonry Cleaners • Restoration Products for Masonry Cleaning • Paint Removers • Water Repellents • Specialty Cleaners
  • 4. Good Masonry Practice • Keep Masonry Faces as Clean as Possible through the Construction Process • Remove Stains and Mortar Tags before they set • Remove grout spills immediately • Minimize mortar rundown with wet masonry units • Light brushing with a soft brush on mortar set
  • 5. Good Cleaning Practice • Test Panel, Test Panel, Test Panel – Test all components of masonry face to ensure uniform cleaning results – Include all colors • Clean Quickly – Keep Wall Face clean – Know the effectiveness of the acid in the cleaner – Consider Mortar Types – Don’t Clean too early!
  • 6. Good Cleaning Practice • Use the Right Cleaner at the Right Dilution – Mildest Solution with Effective Results • Avoid recommending a cleaner as “All Purpose” • Never Use Muriatic Acid
  • 7. Improper Chemical Usage
  • 8. Muriatic Acid • Raw Acid – Inconsistent in Strength • No Wetting Agent • No Detergent • Yellowing of Mortar Joints • Erosion of Mortar Joints • Bleaching of Color • Activation of Iron / Mineral Salts
  • 9. Good Cleaning Practice • Water, Water Everywhere! – Pre-wet – Rinse Thoroughly • Clean from Bottom to Top – Continue to Rinse Lower Areas
  • 10. Cleaning New Masonry • Pre-wet all surfaces to receive detergents – Low Pressure!
  • 11. Cleaning New Masonry • Apply Appropriately Diluted Detergent to Face Surface
  • 12. Cleaning New Masonry • Dwell Time, Clearing Mortar
  • 13. Cleaning New Masonry • Final Rinse
  • 14. Cleaning Instructions • Product Packaging • Manufacturer’s Website • Data Sheets • Tags
  • 15. BLOCK TAG PROGRAM How it works - • Send us samples of your architectural block. • We will then test your block samples with Diedrich Specialty Masonry Cleaner at various ratios. • This is then detailed in a comprehensive report to be returned for your records.
  • 16. We will then create a press ready graphic file with your company name and cleaning instructions for Diedrich's Specialty Masonry Cleaner, along with any other pertinent information your needs determine.
  • 17. Dilution Test Procedures Concrete Masonry • Block is placed in direct contact with wet mixture of Type S Mortar for 10 minutes • Mortar deposits dry scraped after 24 hours • Testing occurs at 3 days, 7 days, and 14 days at different dilution ratios