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Households Electronics
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Households Electronics

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  • 4. As you could see before Denver had the most TVs. They had a lot more than Hawkesdale or Nabblus. TELEVISON SUMMARY
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  • 6. RADIO SUMMARY The Radio averages are much closer that what the TVs were. Again Denver was on top then Hawkesdale and Nabblus.
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  • 8. COMPUTERS SUMMARY The computers were once again very close between Denver and Hawkesdale. Denver got the top spot, Hawkesdale next with Nabblus following.
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  • 10. MP3 SUMMARY Once again we have Denver with the most MP3s on average, Hawkesdale coming in second and Nabblus after that.
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  • 12. GAME SYSTEMS SUMMARY Denver has a much higher average with Game systems that either Hawkesdale or Nabblus.
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  • 14. CELL PHONES SUMMARY WOW! Change in places. We have Hawkesdale on top with the most cell phones on average, then Denver and Nabblus. It’s very close though.
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  • 16. DIGITAL CAMERAS SUMMARY SIGH!! Hawkesdale didn’t last long on top of the leader board. Denver’s back with the most Digital cameras. WE have Hawkesdale next then Nabblus. Poor Nabblus didn’t move from last position.
  • 17. As you have seen and read, Denver has been on top all day except for the cell phones which had Hawkesdale see what it’s like to be the biggest and best. Although this is really about who’s the best but rather comparing the different households electronics with different countries.
  • 18. We had 88 Denver students participate, 74 Hawkesedalians and 22 from Nabblus. Thanks everyone for your responses and thankyou fro watching. Hope you all enjoyed it. FLUROGREEN  !!