Battle of the bulge


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Battle of the bulge

  1. 1. PowerPoint Show by Andrew
  2. 2. December 16, 1944-January 28, 1945 In December 1944, in an all-out gamble to compel the Allies to sue for peace, Adolf Hitler ordered the only major German counter-offensive of the war in northwest Europe. Its objective was to split the Allied armies by means of a surprise blitzkrieg thrust through the Ardennes to Antwerp, marking a repeat of what the Germans had done three times previously--in September 1870, August 1914, and May 1940. Despite Germany's historical penchant for mounting counter-offensives when things looked darkest, the Allies' leadership miscalculated and left the Ardennes lightly defended by only two inexperienced and two battered American divisions.
  3. 3. Hitler and his general staff review plans in late 1944.
  4. 4. American infantry crouch in snowy woods near Amonines, Belgium, January 1945
  5. 5. American soldiers in a snowy ditch during Battle of the Bulge in 1945.
  6. 6. American troops man trenches in the Ardennes Forest .
  7. 7. American military vehicle slid off of icy road in Ardennes Forest 1945.
  8. 8. American troops in Belgium.
  9. 9. A German SS soldier geared up for winter Battle of the Bulge fight.
  10. 10. American Gi’s help local residents flee during a lull in the battle.
  11. 11. American soldiers searching for German paratroopers.
  12. 12. Perhaps the defining moment for all Allied forces fighting in the Battle of the Bulge came when the Germans demanded the surrender of American troops surrounded in the town of Bastogne. United States General Anthony McAuliffe, right, replied to the ultimatum with a now-legendary one- word response: "Nuts!" — which is a rather milder way of saying, "Screw you." His men withstood German attacks until they could be relieved by the 4th Armored Division.
  13. 13. Tending to the wounded in the Ardennes Forest. January 1945
  14. 14. An American medic transports the wounded.
  15. 15. An American soldier shaves during a lull in battle.
  16. 16. The body of an American awaits burial.
  17. 17. An American soldier whose luck ran out. January 1945
  18. 18. Dealing with German prisoners of war and the dead.
  19. 19. An exhausted American soldier just back from the front lines.
  20. 20. German POW’s bundled against the extreme cold.
  21. 21. Wreckage from a downed German aircraft.
  22. 22. A lace window curtain shrouds the body of an American soldier awaiting burial.
  23. 23. American soldiers on patrol in the Ardennes.
  24. 24. Taking advantage of a lull in the battle.
  25. 25. Winter dinner in the Ardennes Forest, January 1945.
  26. 26. American soldier guarding German prisoners.
  27. 27. An elderly woman looks at the destruction.
  28. 28. Captured German soldiers.
  29. 29. A fifteen year old German soldier.
  30. 30. German POW’s transporting the body of one of their comrades.