Wind Power


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Wind Power

  1. 1. History •Humans have been using wind as a form of power for over 5000 years. •The earliest known form of wind power was used by the Ancient Egyptians.
  2. 2. History • The first windmills date back to the early 1100s in the middle east. • Holland is home to some of the oldest windmills in the world. • The earliest windmills were used to grind grain. • First windmill used to generate electricity in the US was installed in 1890.
  3. 3. Modern Technology Horizontal Axis Wind turbine Wind Turbines Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  4. 4. How it Works
  5. 5. How it Works
  6. 6. Pros and Cons of Wind power Pros Cons •Clean • The wind doesn’t •Renewable always blow •Saves fossil fuels • Limited building •Payoff over-time locations •Least expensive source of electric • Power Storage is power limited • Expensive to install
  7. 7. Facts The Wind power capacity in the United States has seen a 400% increase over the last 5 years, with over 24000MW as of 2008 and is expected to grow by another 8,500MW in 2009. Source:
  8. 8. Facts •Off-shore wind farms can generate 50-70% more power then land based wind farms. •Wind speeds on the open ocean is 30-40% higher then on land. •Wind speeds near shore are 25-20% higher then on land. •The US has the largest offshore wind farm potential of any other country in the world.
  9. 9. Facts • The largest offshore wind-farm in the world is located in Great Britain. • Its 54 turbines have a capacity of 194MW, enough to power 130,000 homes. •Steel foundation tubes were hammered 25 meters into the chalk below sea floor.
  10. 10. Should I get one?  Who should consider buying a wind turbine? • Persons with property size of one acre or more. • Persons who have at least a 10 mph average wind speed and are paying 10 cents/kWh or more for electricity  How much does a wind system cost? • A small turbine can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $22,000.  How reliable are wind turbines? Will I have to perform much maintenance? • Most small turbines have very few moving parts and do not require any regular maintenance. They are designed for a long life (up to 20 years) and operate completely automatically.  How do wind turbines perform as an investment? • The wind system will usually recoup its investment through utility savings within six to fifteen years. For more information visit
  11. 11. Interesting Ideas The ‘Bahrain World Trade Centre The Anara Tower - Dubai
  12. 12. Sources • • Patel, Mukund R. (2006). Wind and Solar Power Systems. Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis Group. • • • 100658133/WIND_GENERATOR_HORIZONTAL_AND_VERTICAL_AXIS.html • • • •