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Automotive enterprises have the opportunity to Transform how they Communicate and Collaborate – Both Internally and Externally – in a More Social, Mobile and Connected World.

Open your door to Happy Customers Only with Capgemini and!

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  • PowerTrain Electric Vehicles (EV) Hybrid Vehicles (HV) New Suppliers New Ecosystem (e.g. charging stations)Emerging Market Growth“BRIC” Countries Determining Optimal Production/Distribution InfrastructureConnected Vehicles Network technology Increased reliance on software Vehicles talking to one another and to owners in real-time
  • The ethos and brand of is unlike many traditional IT companies. It is decidedly ‘fun’ with a distinct absence of consultant speak or technical jargon. We have developed a simple and powerful value proposition: ‘Happy customers only.’ We will empower our clients to offer a seamless and satisfying brand experience to their customers, turning them into true brand advocates.
  • (VK)To explain our services portfolio, we have to look at how we have organized the service offerings. While we offer the entire gamut of service offerings from consult to deploy to manage/run, we see that customers tend to come for one part or section or collection of services. These service offerings go from first looking at a set of common services that are utilized throughout other offers. E.g. we have developed some assets around Siebel to SFDC migration that look at the Siebel custom and other objects and then do some basic mapping that can accelerate migration efforts by 30-40% or we have developed certain best practices around multi-org SFDC merges. These common services are managed as assets by our central CoE.Our consulting service offers start from something as broad as a digital transformation assessment and roadmap for the enterprise to a customer value prototyping process that is generally more effective on a domain or geographies and is more focused than digital transformation. The other extreme is the Social Enterprise Discovery Day which is a merge between our ASE ™ process and the SFDC Ignite process to spark the business transformation. Our application service offers focus more on deploying the product and integrating it inside the enterprise. Also with the maturity of products at different stages, we separate out Sales Cloud deployment processes (which are more of configuration) to Service cloud (more integration than configuration) to Collaboration and Platform (which is all about extension and integration). We also feel that most salesforce deployments need to be integrated with other SaaS tools like Marekto/ Eloqua or Callidus or Xactly or enterprise assets like SAP and Oracle and having an offer that encapsulates this integration framework and orchestration is critical (and valued by our clients)The last set of offers are the managed service offers ranging from Social Media listen to managed SFDC deployment (that bundle license, config, build and run) Another offer we are integrating into our SFDC offer is the Prosodie Cloud CTI (Odigo) which was a recent IP acquisition by Capgemini Lastly we feel one of our critical differentiators is our deep industry expertise and we have picked 3 industry sectors that we have started working on to develop pre-packaged full scale industry assets. These assets are designed to be ready to a degree where we could drop it on a client and have it ready to go in 30 minutes but the point is to allow the customer to extend and personalize the solution based on their specific differentiation. We have developed assets in Retail, Insurance and are scoping Telco assets currently. We intend to look at Manufacturing (Auto and discrete) and Life Sciences next.
  • Automotive - Happy Customers Only!

    1. 1. Automotive – Happy Customers Only! Capgemini and Ruurd Dam / Floyd DCosta July 2013
    2. 2. Contents The Automotive Customer Revolution Why Capgemini and What We Offer Select Happy Customers App: Rightshore® and Immediate Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 2
    3. 3. A number of trends continue to transform the Automotive industry landscape Globalization and Developing Market Growth Alternate Fuel and New Technologies Connected Vehicles  Developing markets now account for a LARGE % of automotive sales growth. And, customers in these markets are tech-savvy, online and heavily swayed by social sentiment  ―Innovation is key (from both within and outside the core company) ―How can I better understand, align and communicate across markets?‖  Communication across the value chain is crucial ―How do I improve collaboration with partners and across my entire ecosystem?‖  Consumers expect their new cars to be ‗connected‘ and have all the technology they‘re used to elsewhere in their lives ((laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc) ―How do I link the driver and vehicle to the extended environment and enable them to become social?‖ Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 3
    4. 4. In parallel, a nexus of converging forces — social, mobile, cloud and information — is building upon and transforming customer behavior The Connecting Relationship The Four Converging Forces Source: Gartner Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 4
    5. 5. Automobile consumers too have embraced these trends and made them an integral part of their ever-expanding online research-to-purchase process Cars Online 2012-13 Findings Familiarity with Connected Car & technologies that link the driver and vehicle to the environment through the Internet and wireless networks. (% saying)  51% of consumers expect their new cars to be „connected‟ - linking the driver and vehicle to the extended environment via the Internet and wireless networks.  Customers now ‗expect‘ their cars to have all the technology they‘re used to elsewhere in their lives (aptops, tablets, smartphones)  Social media influences consumers, for better or worse (especially in developing markets and among ―younger‖ buyers). Checking out Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media channels are common practice among today‘s car shoppers. Use of Social Media and Other Online Tools (% saying) Mature Markets Developing Markets  Among the tools they turn to are dealer and manufacturer social media sites, automotive blogs and discussion groups, personal social networking sites, social messaging/micro-blogging sites, and videoand photo-sharing sites Consumers want to be connected and expect their car to extend this feature. Social media continues to be a huge influence on car shoppers. Source: Capgemini Cars Online 2012-13 Annual Report Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 5
    6. 6. Customers emphasize the importance of new channels, user-generated content and social sentiment and their influence on buying decisions Cars Online 2012-13 Findings Importance of UserGenerated Content on Dealer and Brand Sites stays high (% saying important/very important)  94 percent of shoppers browse online first. The first place a buyer is likely to find his ―my car‖ is on the Internet  Nearly three-quarters of respondents say it is important to find user-generated content on dealer and manufacturer websites. This number was 83% for emerging markets.  Consumers in developing markets are 50 percent more likely to purchase because of positive comments, and 35 percent less likely to purchase because of negative comments  Apart from the full range of product information, key features that customers look for online include the ability to compare vehicles, ‗configure‘ a car and get a quote. Most Important Website Options (% saying important/very important)  39 percent of all survey participants said they would consider buying a car over the Internet. Apart from user generated content on the OEM’s website, consumers expect to have the full range of product information as well as the ability to compare vehicles, ‘configure’ a car and get a quote. Source: Capgemini Cars Online 2012-13 Annual Report Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 6
    7. 7. Automotive enterprises have the opportunity to Transform how they Communicate and Collaborate – Both Internally and Externally – in a More Social, Mobile and Connected World The Opportunity Employee Social Networks Social Customer Profile Customer & Product Social Networks Collaborate Connect & Sell Social Enterprise  Create an employee social network to facilitate seamless collaboration internally.  Bring your sales force and dealership into your social network Service & Engage  Integrate processes to track multi-channel leads and manage follow-up  Collaborate with suppliers in real time  Develop next generation web apps that are social, mobile and in the cloud Happy customers only. Customer needs  Offer dealers complete customer lifecycle support from lead capture to after sales engagement Social Marketing Automate & Extend 1 Instant gratification 2-way conversations 2 Faster response Focus on customer delight 3 Proactive support 4 Focus on customer loyalty Power to choose channel of communication 5 More information from peers than companies Social Marketing 2.0 Marketing organization goals  Unify customer support across channels to delivers a consistent customer experience Listen & Analyze 1 Increasing brand recognition Attributes  Listen, understand and engage with customers via their preferred channels. Product & Partners Effective governance of marketing content Integration of the voiceof-the-customer Effective management of customer issues 2 Reaching a wider audience Effective governance of marketing content 3 Generating sales leads Dedicated social media management team 4 Satisfying customers Social media monitoring tools Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 7
    8. 8. Open your door to Happy Customers Only with Capgemini and  We are cloud pioneers, we are ‗social‘ leaders and we understand your industry  Rely on us to connect your people, your systems and your customers to help you stand out in the market  Embrace social transformation and engage your customers like never before  Make your customers happy now and keep them happy Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 8
    9. 9. Contents The Automotive Customer Revolution Why Capgemini and What We Offer Select Happy Customers App: Rightshore® and Immediate Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 9
    10. 10. Capgemini is a Global Leader in the Automotive Industry serving clients across the entire Value Chain Research & Development Manufacturing Happy customers only. Supply Chain & Logistics Marketing, Sales & Service Supporting Functions Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 10
    11. 11. We Deliver Business and Technology Solutions that Address some of the industry‘s Key Challenges and Opportunities Automotive Research & Development Automotive Supply Chain Management Automotive Marketing, Sales & Service  Collaboration for Innovation  Global DevelopingMarket Sourcing  End-to-End Lead Management  Innovation & Lifecycle Management  Master Data Management  CRM Shared-Service Centers  Electrics/Electronics Product Lifecycle Management Integration Automotive Practice Offerings  Order-to-Delivery Transformation  B2C and B2B Web/Social Media Strategy  Supplier Relationship Management  Dealer Optimization  Electric Vehicle and Mobility Strategy and Implementation Supporting Functions  Service-Oriented Architecture for Automotive  Applications Outsourcing for Automotive OEMs  Transformational Outsourcing  Dealership of the Future  Auto Accessories Forecasting & Planning  Service & Parts Management  Shared Services General Offerings & Enablers Adapted for Automotive  Post-Merger Integration  Business Information Management  Six Sigma and Lean  Web Technologies and Content Management  Application Lifecycle Services  ERP Integration  Business Process Outsourcing  Infostructure Transformation Services  Technology Strategy  Total Quality Management and Validation  IT Architecture  Operations Transformation  CHROME (Center of Excellence)  Hosting  HR Transformation  Testing Services Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 11
    12. 12. We partner with, forming a Compelling Force In The Market Leader in Cloud-based CRM Software-as-aService Leader in Cloud computing, CRM Strategy & Delivery  Industry Leader in CRM based on Gartner  Premier SI vendor with a global footprint  Focus on licensing, product and service specific offerings, platform development  6000 global architects/technologists; Cloud Center of Excellence  Strong product sets with SFA, the platform, Social Enterprise, Sales and Service Clouds, Radian 6, Rypple, etc  Deep domain expertise in multiple industries  Global presence both in CRM and platform development  expert services for architecture and project oversight  Premier client list with multi-year business relationships with a majority of the fortune 1000 companies  Focus on business, and cloud consulting for frontoffice transformation  Strong Delivery Capability  Strong client base and retention  Implementation Methods & Accelerators  Fast expansion in all global regions  Global Delivery Centers of Excellence  Certified Salesforce Consultants, Developers, and Architects Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 12
    13. 13. A Premiere Partner, Capgemini is an Emerging Leader in Top 5 Global System Integrator Partner Associated with since 2007 Strong Collaboration across sales, project delivery and innovation COE‟s France US Capgemini serves clients globally from our Centres of Excellence through our Rightshore® Model India Premier Partner Status & Privileges Chosen to participate in the ―invite only‖ VMforce Design Partner program Access to platform for R & D 650+ 300+ Approved Plans to add another Salesforce practitioners world-wide, including: Business Analysts, Integration Developers, Testers, Data Specialists & Reporting Analysts 400+ 510+ Certified Consultants across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Developer areas. Many practioners are certified in more than 1 application. 50+ OCM & Training Specialists 30+ Large Engagement Managers Happy customers only. practitioners over next two years through recruitment & training INTEGRATION & MIGRATION SERVICES Scope Of Services Capgemini provides end-to-end solutions from strategy, design to solution development and implementation FORCE.COM & VMFORCE APPLICATION FACTORY SALESFORCE.COM IMPLEMENTATION 1 2 Solution Validation Implementation Methodology Draft Process Flow Diagrams (Optional) Solution Development & Testing Rapid Development Sprints Rapid Solution Validation Future State Requirements Workshops INPUT Solution Deployment Early Business Testing OUTPUT OOTB Functionality Matrix Capgemini‘s CapGEM methodology for Salesforce solutions help drive adoption via early business testing, and rapid, iterative rollouts APPLICATION MANAGEMENT & MANAGED SERVICES Rich Bouquet of Services SALESFORCE.COM CRM ADVISORY Rapid Rollouts Future State Processes Rapid Solution Rapid Solution Workshops Rapid Solution Workshops Rapid Solution Workshops Workshops E2E Finalized Requirement Matrix UAT Pilot ALL Enhancement Opportunities Project Timeline Weeks 1 to n….. Solution Definition, Design & Development Project Setup Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Iteration … Deployment Iteration n Iteration specific UAT Solution Testing Inputs to Design Planning Planning User Experience Change Mgmt Program Management Go Live Warranty SIT UAT Discovery User Experience Testing Organizational Change Management to Drive Adoption Solution Architecture / Release Management Project Management – Scope / Progress / Risk / Issues / Knowledge Transfer Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 13
    14. 14. Together, Capgemini And Add End-to-End Value To Our Clients System Integration Business Consulting Inception Transition Elaboration Capgemini Services Services Client Benefit Application Outsourcing Process Outsourcing Construction  Local Consultants domain expertise  Business and IT Architecture Consultants  Design Centers (ASE)  Transformation roadmap and benefit analysis  Certified Architects, Business Analysts, and Project Mgrs  (Local) domain experts  Capgemini RAPID Methodology  Build Estimation kit  certified Architects, Data & Integration specialists, and Developers  Capgemini ADCs and Cloud Environment  Capgemini Rightshore® Implementation Method  Capgemini Testing Framework  Capgemini CoE development service offering  Capgemini Controlled Migration approach  Capgemini Change Mgmt Framework & consultants  Build-to-Run Framework  Capgemini AMSCs (CMM 5)  Capgemini Cloud Environment  Certified Administrators  Helpdesk and support centers  Capgemini BPO centers  project sizing  Total Cost of Ownership Calculation  Platform  Platform  Product Support  Professional Services  Product Support  training  Application Upgrade  Product Support  Application Upgrade  Product Support  Smooth rollout due to:  Change Mgmt. and Training  Handover to experienced CoE resources  Professional servicing due to:  Mature and proven services center resources  Elastic and secure cloud environment  Accelerated start-up & delivery due to:  Local knowledge and presence  Proven method & approach  Certified on- and off-shore experts  Ready to use development infrastructure & frame  Ready to use facilities Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 14
    15. 15. We Continue to Significantly Contribute to Industry Thought Leadership and Technology Advancement Global study of how executives in large companies manage digital transformation and answers “How can senior executives successfully lead digital transformation? Social Insight into action Cars Online Annual Report Harvesting Social Media Grapevine Happy customers only. Happy customers only with Capgemini and Harnessing the power of the social conversation Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 15
    16. 16. Content The Automotive Customer Revolution Why Capgemini and What We Offer Select Happy Customers App: Rightshore® and Immediate Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 16
    17. 17. Our rich service offerings straddle Consulting, IT and Managed Services Customer Connect Consulting Services Application Services Managed Services  Digital Transformation  Agile Sales Cloud Deploy  Social Media Listen BPO  Customer Value Prototyping  Agile Collab Cloud Deploy  Managed SFDC deployment  ASE enabled Social Enterprise Discovery Day  Cloud Integration  AppExchange  Agile Service Cloud Deploy  Prosodie (Cloud CTI)  Agile Platform Deploy  Cloud Orchestration Sales & Social Analytics Strategy Siebel to SFDC Migration Accelerators Enterprise Mobility Touch Strategy Cloud WARP Happy customers only. Common Services Cloud Orchestration (Immediate) SFDC Multi Org Merge Best Practices Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 17
    18. 18. Our comprehensive end-to-end approach is augmented with assets, tools and methodologies from both, and Capgemini Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 18
    19. 19. We deliver solutions via a 3-phase Distributed Agile, SCRUM-based Project Implementation Methodology  3-Phase Scrum based implementation method ensures that Salesforce implementation is done in agile manner even while delivery and commercial risks are managed through a structured and focused set of phases  Salesforce projects in complex enterprise landscape need upfront design and well thought out approach to succeed. Our 3-phase method ensures that adequate ceremonies are added to an underlying agile development method so that business goals are delivered on time and budget  Method is based on SCRUM and fixed length (usually 2 weeks) Sprint is used as primary unit of project development. Sprint starts with a planning poker and ends with demo and retrospective. Sprints are grouped into 3 phases that assign them broader focus of goals. Through demos, different stakeholders get early view of how the release is shaping up during the project execution. Early user feedbacks can be used to groom and reprioritize product backlog Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 19
    20. 20. Contents The Automotive Customer Revolution Why Capgemini and What We Offer Select Happy Customers App: Rightshore® and Immediate Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 20
    21. 21. Our Marquee Clients in the Space Span Multiple Industries Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 21
    22. 22. Select Case Study: Touring Club Schweiz (TCS) [Capgemini was Awarded the Marketing Innovation Award at DreamForce‘12 for this project] Switzerland‟s leading provider of motorist assistance services successfully implements “one face to the customer” approach. With 1.6 million members, the Touring Club Schweiz (Touring Club of Switzerland) is Switzerland‘s leading motorist organization in the following areas: emergency help/roadside-breakdown service, insurance for legal costs and traffic safety. We helped the client simplify its IT landscape and, by emphasizing the use of off-the-shelf cloud solutions, facilitated the transformation of the role of IT – from exclusively technology, to being the bridge between technology and the business. Capgemini helped integrate Chatter and (among others) to build a consistent and ‗social‘ customer experience that is accessible across all channels (call center, web, social media, smartphones, tablet devices) and enables the client to benefit from a single, unified view of all customer data and information. The solution has helped improved Call Center efficiency (product workload from 78% to 94%), and increase acquisition and „up selling‟ capability “We selected Capgemini to help develop our overall transformation strategy, improve our business processes and manage the implementation of Salesforce and the overall integration. Capgemini showed their commitment to support our multi-channel strategy, based on a “one face to the customer” approach, by improving our overall IT process efficiency and creating a simple, modern and intuitive environment. This new environment was designed in less than 10 months to meet our growth ambitions, the service expectations of the Touring Club Schweiz community and provide the agility to face tomorrow’s technology challenges” Ernest Gmunder, CIO of Touring Club Schweiz Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 22
    23. 23. Case Study: Leading Automotive Manufacturer – implementation for Client‘s Aftermarket, EMEA Client Overview Client is a Fortune 500 company that has been publicly traded on the NYSE since November 5, 1999. It is one of the leading manufacturers of OEM and after-market ride-control and emissions products. There are various brands that they own. These are sold to over 500 after-market customers including retailers and wholesalers and to more than 25 OEMs. It is a multi-national corporation with 80 manufacturing facilities in 24 countries located on 6 continents, with major centers of operations in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Issues Solution  Customer information were stored in excel and word files on local laptops  No clear 360 degree view of the customer  A lack of sound reports and dashboards  Lack of a one way of working  No collaboration between sales country regions  No real time sales data available Key Differentiators  CRM solution including Account management, Opportunity & Case Management and Visit process management  Integration with SAP and AS400 back office for real time sales data  Real time analytics; reports and dashboards  Portal links to access external information resources  Synchronization between and Lotus Notes  Workspaces and Chatter for internal Sales collaboration Benefits / Results  Efficient tracking sales opportunities  Optimal interaction with the customer  Improved collaboration between sales representatives  Better insights in sales deals and case management  Easy to use application Capgemini‘s unique project approach, collaborative way of working, our global experience in SaaS projects. Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 23
    24. 24. Case Study: Global Automotive Manufacturer – Salesforce Project Client Overview Founded in 1903 client is the UK arm of Top Global Automotive Manufacturer. This department is responsible for around 70% of client‘s vehicle sales. Currently, client holds around 12% of the market share in the UK. Client‘s headquarters are in Luton. Issues Solution  The previous CRM system (Siebel 7.5.3) was coming to the end of its shelf life.  Required CRM functionality  Required deal approval workflow functionality  Required the ability to generate Offer Letters to formally offer deals to its clients  On-going business support required Key Differentiators  Opted for  Developed bespoke coding for Deal Approval  Developed bespoke coding for Offer Letter generation  Capgemini AO team engaged to provide support and small developments Benefits / Results      Flexible licensing No separate hosting costs No investment in hardware required Short lead time to deliver new system Predictable ongoing costs for applications service, support and customizations Asked by Salesforce to partner with them. Long relationship between Capgemini and Client. Short timescale to implement. Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 24
    25. 25. Other Case Studies Leading asset management company  Capgemini delivered a CRM solution based on SFDC across multiple businesses within its Facilities Services division for 10 business groups in 3 phases Big 3 Automaker  Implemented a Lead management solution for the market leading Fleet division of this automaker. Currently provide application support and change management services Leading Newspaper group in UK  The biggest media group in UK wanted to upgrade its legacy subscription solution. Capgemini implemented customized SFDC CRM solution successfully Energy and Utility Company  This leading energy sector player decided on replacing its legacy call centre and Sales team planning applications. Capgemini delivered SFDC CRM based solution incorporating its Sales and Service modules across the group Media and Entertainment Industry Leader  Capgemini delivered a fully functional SFDC Service cloud application with customization to this leading media and entertainment industry player. The project is currently ongoing with multiple capabilities on custom cloud being planned and implemented Global Imaging and Optical product Manufacturer  This Japan based multinational corporation needed a CRM system to support their end to End CRM process. Capgemini implemented a fully integrated Salesforce CRM application to support sales and pipeline management with inclusion of a Service request support model resulting in better usability and high user adoption European Career and Jobs Management Association  This association needed a better front office CRM solution to efficiently manage their huge base of companies and executives. Capgemini redesigned the front office application with SFDC including B2B opportunity management, member facing websites helping improved relationship with their members France Based Largest Retail Banking group  This client approached Capgemini with needs of a quick to market Sales application. Capgemini implemented a SFDC sales cloud application using agile methodology with just enough structured process and best practices to match the needs of company. This resulted in exceeding user expectations and customer delight Happy customers only. Leading European Bank  This is one of the leading player in Banking industry, with multi-division and multinational operations. Capgemini replaced the bank‘s legacy system operating in its wealth management division with SFDC CRM based solution Dutch Apparel Company  The client engaged Capgemini to deliver a single platform for CRM across the Sales and Sales back-office processes within their Sales and Service department. Capgemini implemented SFDC CRM based solution to increase the efficiency of its back and front office operations Leading Telecom player in Nordics  This leading player in Nordic and Baltic region required consolidation of various application and data sources to one CRM system. Capgemini implemented SFDC as the CRM solution Global FMCG Market Leader  This Fortune 500 company is one of the dominant players in the FMCG space, with multi-segment and multi-national operations. Capgemini implemented SFDC based CRM solution European Airline Major  Capgemini helped a worldwide deployment of a Customer interaction system that included sales modules using SGDC technologies. Integration with Airline data warehouses, customer master helped accessible info to sales manager, consistent sales strategy and reporting on sales indicators Scandinavian Logistic Organization  Capgemini understood the need of a low-cost, robust model of CRM system for this organization and implemented a SFDC sales cloud application. The agile methodology was followed during requirements and implementation that helped the indicated flexibility needs and a better design of application Portuguese Direct Insurance Company  This insurance company needed a system to provide a truly positive user experience while managing all client contacts. Capgemini built the solution based on Salesforce, integrating a customized institutional portal, a customer portal and the partner portal using the CTI adapter Global Electronics Company  Capgemini implemented a Salesforce based Asset & Service Management system using the Service Cloud module. Solution was deployed in less than 6 months allowing the business benefits to be realized sooner that expected resulting in customer delight Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 25
    26. 26. About Capgemini With more than 120,000 people in 40 countries, Capgemini is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. The Group reported 2011 global revenues of EUR 9.7 billion. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. A deeply multicultural organization, Capgemini has developed its own way of working, the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM, and draws on Rightshore ®, its worldwide delivery model. Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini The information contained in this presentation is proprietary. © 2012 Capgemini. All rights reserved.
    27. 27. Mature Rightshore® Capabilities on from India COE Solution & Presales – Lower Cost of Sales  Acknowledged as expert team on Solutions  Over 50+ Opportunities, Multiple pursuits supported in the last 24 months  Multiple large wins, Healthy Pipeline Rapid Visualization and Prototyping  Pursuit Differentiator - Provide opportunity / Sector specific rapid design, visualization and prototyping capabilities around  10+ Prototypes, Demonstrations created  Currently building multiple solutions and apps for Dreamforce – the annual SFDC Conference Central Knowledge Hub for all things SFDC  Maintain the knowledgebase for Capgemini artifacts in KM 2.0 and other Communities (T-Room, Yammer, Chatter)  Marketing, Pre-Sales & Sales Collaterals  Capability / Solution Offering Decks, PoV, PoC, RD Nurturing Innovation & Industrialization     Delivery Capability – Lower cost of Delivery  Strong and Growing team dedicated to  Appropriate resource mix  Trained and Certified on Key technologies such as Service & Sales cloud, FDC, Radian6,, etc CoE / Retail IP / Telco Framework / KM IP Accelerators like Rapid Migrate, Rapid Start, Continuous Integration, etc Consulting Framework such as Cloud WARP Capgemini ―Immediate‖ Framework around Happy customers only. Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 27
    28. 28. Capgemini Immediate – An eBusiness Framework with Platform Capgemini Immediate is a fully integrated cloud service that defines the best digital strategy for our clients, and then selects, integrates and manages leading cloud suppliers on their behalf We call this Service Orchestration - providing an ecosystem of best-inclass services through Capgemini, an organization that provides the level of commercial protection and experience that our clients demand 8. Drive ―eyes‖ to Website and to targeted, personalised landing pages 1. Track and record customer behavior. Recording transactions to commence building customer profile 7. Execute multichannel campaign CRM System Email, directmail, Facebook, telem arketing 6. Build targeted lists 2. Segment & profile based on web activity and score leads Marketing System 5. Or … move to automated lead nurturing program or retention program The platform was recognized by leading Cloud Computing analyst Ray Wang as changing the rules of the game in Cloud Computing. Happy customers only. Web Analytics CRM System Analytics & Reporting 3. When prospect becomes ―hot‖ move to SFA & alert AE Measure & Optimize 4. Analyze and Manage Marketing Performance Capgemini & Salesforce 2012 Copyright © Capgemini 2012. All Rights Reserved 28