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Flow wintech presentation
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Flow wintech presentation



Published in Technology , Business
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  • Garnet sand, approximately 80 mesh, is sucked by venturi effect into the mixing chamber. The abrasive is sized the same as 80 grit sand paper. The abrasive is accelerated like a bullet out of a rifle. Finer mesh size produces a finer surface finish. Materials cut with an abrasive Waterjet include aluminum all steels - stainless, mild, tool, etc... brass, copper inconel titanium glass marble, granite, or other stones composites, like graphite epoxy, kevlar, fiberglass ceramics, like aluminum oxide tungsten carbide virtually anything


  • 1. Flow Flow – Waterjets ! The world’s leading manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting systems
  • 2. Flow – Waterjets !FLOW groupProduction Plant • Flow Headquarters - Kent, WA, USA • Flow Robotics - Jeffersonville, IN, USA • Flow Technology Center - Plymouth Township, MI, USA • Flow Automation - Toronto, Ontario, Canada • Flow Europe - Bretten, Germany • Flow Asia - Hsin Chu, Taiwan • Flow Japan - Tokyo, Japan • Flow China - Singapore & Beijing, China
  • 3. Flow – Waterjets !FLOW-Group is the world leading System Supplier for Ultra High Pressure Water and Abrasivejet Cutting Technologymore than 10,000 UHP-Systems installed worldwide • Global acting Company with more than 800 employees • Quoted at the NASDAQ stock exchange • Manufacturing of UHP-pumps in Kent (Seattle, USA) certified ISO9001 • 6 - 9 % of yearly revenue are reinvested in Research and Developement
  • 4. Flow Flow – Waterjets !
  • 5. Flow – Waterjets !the high pressure awj cutting technology basic principles• water is pressurized by UHP Pumps up to 4150 bar or more and through plumbing, is forced to a cutting head generating an high pressure water flow.• In the cutting head, a small amount of abrasive (garnet) is mixed into the jet stream and focused.• The resulting "abrasive waterjet" can cut virtually any hard material such as metal, composites, stone and glass up to 300 mm thickness• With a cutting table, driven by the intelligent PC based control FlowMaster, every shape and materials can be cut
  • 6. Flow – Waterjets !the high pressure awj cutting technology basic principles• Material separation is obtained thanks to the kinetic energy of the jet stream.• Waterjet produce net-shaped parts with no heat-affected zone, heat distortion, or mechanical stresses caused by other cutting methods,• One “tool” for drilling and cutting• Clean and enviroment friendly tecnique
  • 7. Flow – Waterjets ! Waterjet Cutting: The „Cold“ CUT ! ONE Tool for all MaterialsProcess: Water - Abrasive Compression/ ErosionTool Diameter = Kerf- Pure Waterjet: 0.08 – 0.5 mm- Abrasive Waterjet: 0.8 – 1.0 mmMaterial Thickness: 0 ÷ 150 mmMaterials: everythingCut accuracy* : up to +/- 0.04 mm*depends from technology,;cutting parameters ;material thickness
  • 8. Flow – Waterjets !Materials for Materials forPure Waterjet Cutting Abrasivejet-Cutting• Foam / Insolation Materials • ALL Kind of Metals• Paper • Al, St, Ti, Chrome-Nickel- Alloys, Cu, Brass etc• Plastics • Stone & Glass• Gaskets / Seals • Composits• Disposable Diapers • Laminats (e.g. Graphite,• Automotive Interiors GRP...)• Food • Ceramic Materials,• All different soft materials inclusive Aluminiumoxyde • sintered harden metalls, • Everything ...
  • 9. Flow – Waterjets !Materials forPure Waterjet Cutting
  • 10. Flow – Waterjets !Materials forAbrasivejet-Cutting 60 mm Marble Various metal
  • 11. Flow – Waterjets ! Two – Dimensional CuttingMarble Factories: are the main customer base of FLOW • Specific Benefits • High Flexibility and Versatility • Only ONE Tool for all kind of different materials • No heat effected Zones • Finished machined parts, no further machining required • High Accuracy even on thick materials
  • 12. Flow – Waterjets !Two - dimensional Cutting Stone Job shops – Examples of Installation
  • 13. Flow – Waterjets !Accurate decoration Mosaic and Stone Cutting Sheickh Zayed Bin Sultan Mosque - Abu Dhabi All the waterjet works has been made by Flow systems
  • 14. Flow – Waterjets !Accurate decoration Mosaic and Stone Cutting
  • 15. Flow – Waterjets !Two - dimensional Cutting Stone Job shops – Examples of Installation
  • 16. Flow – Waterjets !an AbrasiveWaterjet Cutting System
  • 17. Flow – Waterjets !Flow mod. IFB abrasive waterjet cutting system Dr H uc o ks c pei h ch dr er u ck - In te Von: n Institut für Werkstoff sif kunde, UNI ie Hannover r , Prof. Louis
  • 18. Flow – Waterjets ! an exclusive Technology… the Flow advantages INTEGRATED SYSTEMS• Intensifier and HyPlex pumps technology.• Patented Paser ECL Plus cutting head.• FlowMaster PC based control and software..• Standard 2D cutting table WMC and IFB models.• Reliability and High accuracy in every systems .• FLOW DYNAMIC Technology• a “total solution” supplyer
  • 19. an exclusive Technology……… – Waterjets ! Flow the Flow advantages Intensifier and HyPlex Pumps Technology.• wide range of UHP Pumps working pressure up to 6.000 bar-flow rate from 1,9 to 15 l/min• Experience from more than 10,00 Pumps and Systems delivered worldwide• Own Research and Developement• Using highest Permanent Working Pressure in the industry• Longest Lifetimes by • Using Special Materials for the HP-Seals (ESL) • Ceramic Plungers• Easy and fast Maintenance• New high efficency HyPlex pump
  • 20. Flow – Waterjets ! Flow Intensifier and HyPlex Pump Pompa da 6.000 bar Intensifier pump at 6.000 barHyPlex Pump3.800 bar
  • 21. Flow – Waterjets !How Flow Intensifier pump Works
  • 22. Flow – Waterjets ! HyPlex – Pump-Technology• Triple - Plunger with Direct Drive• 3.800 bar / 55,000 psi operating pressure• Very high degree of effectiveness (> 95 %) • Higher Flowrate at same power vs. Intensifier Pump  30HP/22kW = 3,0 l/min (0.8gpm)  50HP/37kW = 4,7 l/min (1.25gpm)• Compact design• Quiet• FlowSense: Preventive Diagnostic- and Maintenance concept• 500 h Service-Intervall (37kW)
  • 23. Flow – Waterjets !How Flow HyPlex pump Works
  • 24. Flow – Waterjets !FLOW hp Pumps : Easy to mantain !
  • 25. Flow – Waterjets ! The Cutting Head..... PASER ® 4.100 bar Water j et ter Wa s iveA bra Abrasive Supply Typical is 80 mesh Garnet Abrasive Waterjet
  • 26. Flow – Waterjets !Ultra-Highpressure Components Cutting Head-System PASER®ECL plus  highprecision, self-allignment of Waterjet and Mixingtube  Best Usage of the hydraulic power  new developed Water Orifice ≥ 800+ Hours Lifetime  optimum focussed coherent jetstream  lowest wear of mixingtube  always at Peak Performance  optimal usage of abrasive garnet  highest cut speeds  patented Vacuumassist-Unit: Ultrapierce TM  direct drilling in every material  NO mechanical predrilling is necessary
  • 27. Flow – Waterjets !Innovative Tools:Flow – PASER ECL plus®-Cutting HeadSelf AllignmentOrifice – Mixingtube System Fast, Easy, Practical !
  • 28. Flow – Waterjets !Peak Performance Influence of the Abrasive Flow Rate Too less abrasive Too much abrasive Cost per Meter Cutting Speed Jet clogged PASER Peak Performance Abrasive Flow Rate
  • 29. Flow – Waterjets !Easy Use of FLOWMASTER mming Easy progra e with th ontrol t PC C intelligen
  • 30. Flow – Waterjets !FLOWMASTER is...• ....the Windows based PC Control for Waterjet Systems developed by FLOW• ....the CAD/CAM-Software with AutoNesting-Option• ....the Knowledge Database with all necessary parameters for all kind of materials• ....quick to learn and easy to use (only Input of Kind of Material, Thickness, and required Quality Grade)• ....the Operator Panel to Control and Monitor all Machine Parameters (Pump Pressure, Peak Performance Monitoring, Diagnosics,... )
  • 31. Flow – Waterjets !FLOWMASTER is EASY TO USE Trained in a day --- Professional within a Week .... with 4 Steps to the Cut !
  • 32. Flow – Waterjets ! STEP 1• make a drawing or• read a existing file as a drawing into the program (dxf, iges,...)
  • 33. Flow – Waterjets ! STEP 2• automatic or manual Path-finding
  • 34. Flow – Waterjets ! STEP 3• Select Material• Enter Thickness and Quality Grade
  • 35. Flow – Waterjets !Select Material, Thickness and Quality Integrated Material Database with more than 100 different settings
  • 36. Flow – Waterjets ! STEP 4• Start the Pump and the Cutting Process • Control of the Tool Position • „Multitasking“ Program the next part, while Cutting
  • 37. Flow – Waterjets !
  • 38. Flow – Waterjets ! optimal Usage of the Cutting Material by using the Automatic Optimization Programm Options FLOWNest - Nesting-Module Next: Comparison of• Select from different shapes Technologies --------------------- and quantities Navigator
  • 39. Flow – Waterjets !Waterjet Machining Center WMC2
  • 40. Flow – Waterjets !Waterjet Machining Center WMC2
  • 41. Flow – Waterjets !Key Benefits and Characteristicsof the WMC2Modular System- from 1 to 2 cutting heads;- Sizes available from 3 x 2 m up to 4 x 6 m- stainless steel catcher tank- integrated waterleveling device- stainless steel covers High Precision Gantry Ballscrew Drive System - SIEMENS Servo – Drives - Deutsche STAR – Guiding System with double bellow protection - FLOW pattented „driven nut“ – technology - Fast Traverse Speeds – up to 35 m/min Quicklift Precision Z-Axis - integrated height and collision sensor - break away collision sensor Self Cleaning Waterveyor - easy remove of used garnet
  • 42. Flow – Waterjets !Integrated Flying Bridge IFB The most used waterjet cutting system in the world over 4000 Installations
  • 43. Flow – Waterjets !Integrated Flying Bridge IFB
  • 44. Flow – Waterjets !an exclusive Technology……… the Flow advantages accuracy testGeometry and accuracy control done by laser Interferometer
  • 45. Flow – Waterjets !an exclusive Technology……… the Flow advantages Mechanical stress calculation for the IFB structures
  • 46. Flow – Waterjets !FLOWMASTER
  • 47. Flow – Waterjets !FLOW – Waterjet - KnowHow: Flow Dynamic Waterjet with Active Tolerance Control the Revolution in Waterjet Cutting
  • 48. Flow – Waterjets !Dynamic Waterjetfaster, better Quality
  • 49. Flow – Waterjets !Dynamic Waterjetfaster, better Quality NO taper at the Cutting Edge Best Corner Quality Increased Productivity (up to 3 times faster) Cutting of Multilayers Easy Use via FlowMaster
  • 50. Flow – Waterjets !Dynamic WaterjetFaster, better Quality• Highprecision Cutting Head• Patented 3D-MiniWrist• New „Erichsen“-Cutting Models • Relating to Material, CutSpeed CutPath and Shape
  • 51. Flow – Waterjets !Dynamic WaterjetFaster, better Quality
  • 52. Flow – Waterjets ! Faster, better Quality+/- 0,08 mm Conventionell +/- 0,04 mm5 min 24 sec Waterjet 2 min 19 sec
  • 53. Flow – Waterjets !
  • 54. Flow – Waterjets !Dynamic WaterjetFaster, better Quality
  • 55. Flow – Waterjets !The Flow Advantages • Flow International is the inventor of the abrasive waterjet process and over the past 20 years has sold 4 times as many waterjet systems as all other suppliers combined. • Market Leadership • Technology Leadership • Customer Service • Total Systems Solutions
  • 56. Flow Flow – Waterjets ! Thank You for Your attention