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Top 10 Best Practices For Florist Websites
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Top 10 Best Practices For Florist Websites


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Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. YourWebsite:Best Practices & SEO Presented By Jamie Jamison Adams SEO/Inbound Marketing Flower Shop Network
  • 2. SEO Influencer s ON – Page Elements Off -Page Elements● Usability ● Trusted Authority● Quick Load Time ● Repeat Visitors● Engaging & Interactive ● Number of Backlinks● Quality Content ● Links Using Keywords● Fresh Content ● Social Reputation● Use of Good Keywords● Communication with Search Engines
  • 3. Br anding Clear & Concise Including your LOGO
  • 4. W ho Am I?
  • 5. Welcome to Flower s By Richar d v
  • 6. Im Bay Bouquet!!!!!!
  • 7. SocialSharing & Linking
  • 8. W hen Visitor s Like You, T hey Shar e
  • 9. Give Visitor s A Way To Share Socially
  • 10. V isitor s Want To Find You Socially
  • 11. Make It Easy For Visitor s To Find You!
  • 12. Ability toCustomize Products
  • 13. W hat Customization Does For You● Stand out from the rest with custom products.● Ability to tailor products to your v audience.● Gives you control over pricing, designs, tone.
  • 14. Customize YourAbout Us Including a Shop Photo
  • 15. A Per sonalized About Us Page
  • 16. A Confusing About Us
  • 17. April Florists Real Location
  • 18. Be Recognizable To Your Visitor s
  • 19. Clear ly-Per sonalized, Local About Us Pa ge
  • 20. E-Commerce
  • 21. W hat Can I Buy?
  • 22. Can I Really Buy From T his Site?
  • 23. Easy and Clear Way To Purchase
  • 24. Ability to LeaveCustomerReviews
  • 25. W hy Customer Reviews Ar e Impor tant● Search Engines Value Customer Reviews● Customers Value Customer Reviews● Customers Will Talk About You
  • 26. Reviews On Your Website Ar e Impor tant Customers Will Talk About You● Conversations on your website are easier to control.● Customers use reviews as a way to judge credibility.● Reviews create keyword-dense, user-generated content – search engines like user-generated content.● Reviews are golden opportunities – whether good or bad.
  • 27. Lear n To Overcome Bad Reviews or W ithout YouCustomer s Reviews Happen W ith
  • 28. Encourage Customer Reviews
  • 29. MappingFor Local Verification
  • 30. Make Finding Your Store Easy
  • 31. W hy Mapping Is Impor tant?● A map gives users local information about your shop.● A map lets the search engines know your local intent.
  • 32. Complete ContactInformationIncluding Physical Address, Phone #
  • 33. Can I Trust This Company?
  • 34. Nothing Suspicious Here!
  • 35. MobileReady & Friendly
  • 36. W hy is Mobile Impor tant?Nearly 110 Million Americans Own A Smartphone
  • 37. Mobile Includes Tablets
  • 38. OfflinePromotion
  • 39. W hy Of fline Promotion Is Cr ucial!!!!● Never leave your destiny in a third partys hands.● Offline and online working together creates a cohesive brand.● Customers need direction and reminders.● You are your best salesman.
  • 40. W hat You Need In A Website● A great user experience● Something for every stage of the Buying Cycle● A website provider that is also your marketing partner● Ability to add fresh content
  • 41. Questions? Heres How To Reach Me Jamie Jamison Adams SEO/ InBound Marketing Manager Flower Shop Network