Social Media Basics Workshop


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Slides for the the Social Media Basics Workshop at the Maine Florists Association Convention 2013.

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Social Media Basics Workshop

  1. 1. FSN provides business solutions for florists. We provide the following services just for florists: ● Online Local Florist Directory ● E-commerce Websites ● E-mail Campaigns ● Florist-to-Florist Transfer ● Free Marketing Resources ● Social Media Assistance
  2. 2. Social Media Workshop Using Social Media To Market Your Website Wait ….. Social Media is so much MORE
  3. 3. “Marketing is what you do in business when you try to convince people to want and to buy what you have to sell.” ― Jon Miller, Marketo
  4. 4. Florists Have The Advantage Why does social networking work so well for florists? ● Florists work in a very visual, creative field. ● Always have alluring content for visual sales. ● Florists are relationship builders.
  5. 5. Social Media ... ...a networking tool that broadens brand awareness, trust/authority and builds relationships, leading to increased business.
  6. 6. “Conversation among members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not. Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations” ― Seth Godin
  7. 7. Facebook Target Market ● All age levels use Facebook ● 25-50 year olds are predominant ● Women use more than men
  8. 8. Facebook Marketing Strategy ● Build brand awareness ● Build customer loyalty ● Develop relationships
  9. 9. Why Facebook? ● You will likely find more of your local audience on Facebook than any other social platform. ● Easy to learn ● Fits into any routine ● Detailed analytics
  10. 10. What To Do on Facebook Give more, get more. By posting photos, asking questions, and tailoring posts to get get more interactions (likes, comments), you will increase your Page's visibility. ● Learn to use Facebook As A Page ● Post at least 3 times a week, even if you have to schedule them in advance. ● Promote your website by sharing links in statuses and using links in photo captions ● Share pictures of your best arrangements to entice sales/gain FB interactions (Don’t forget to add a website link in the caption.)
  11. 11. What To Do on Facebook When in Doubt, Think in Real Life When interacting with customers on social media, respond the way you would if that person were standing in front of you in real life. — Liz Jostes ● Use hashtags (#example) to tag your tweets, especially local and city tags. ● Create Facebook Events for workshops, open houses and other store happenings. ● 'Like' Pages of authority (FSN) and those in your community (Chamber, partner businesses, etc) ● Create An Offer, either online or in store, to convert Likes to $$. (Currently a free service.)
  12. 12. What NOT To Do on Facebook Keep it Relevant Don't post random videos or funny pictures on your page just to be posting. You will always find SOMETHING related to flowers to post. ● Don't overuse the same status over and over again. ● Don't 'sign' statuses or replies with shop names/phone numbers. ● Don't offend (no political, or derogatory posts). ● Don't spam (Don't copy/paste your promotion on every Page you can find).
  13. 13. Facebook – Who's Who Trigs Floral, Minocqua WI Bentley Florist, Burton MI Something Sweet, Paragould AR (Posts great photos!) (Has great status updates.) (Uses photos to entice customers.)
  14. 14. Twitter Target Market ● 18-29 year olds ● Urban Populations ● Blacks and Hispanics
  15. 15. Twitter Marketing Strategy ● Quickly share information ● Gain feedback ● Build relationships with customers, partners and influencers
  16. 16. Why Twitter? ● People follow Twitter accounts to be informed and reminded about your services. ● Real-time voice for your shop. ● Fits into any routine. ● Can be automated.
  17. 17. What Do I Tweet? A Shop's Public Broadcast Think of tweeting as short announcements and reminders for what's happening in your flower shop. ● Tweet about promotions, events or workshops. ● Tweet photos of arrangements or behind-the-scenes. ● Tweet reminders for holidays ● Retweet local announcements or info ● Retweet anytime someone mentions your shop.
  18. 18. What To Do On Twitter Link Your Twitter Feed Automate your Tweeting by linking your most-used social networks, such as Facebook, to it. “I just posted 6 new photos to Facebook.” However, it's not a good idea to feed your Tweets to Facebook. ● Tweet with a real message, not just a name and phone number. ● Use hashtags (#example) to tag your tweets, especially local and city tags. ● Use a URL shortener to fit longer URLs in to 140 characters. ● Tweet anywhere with your mobile phone. ● Get your notifications sent to email for effortless correspondence.
  19. 19. What NOT To Do On Twitter No Personal Tweeting When using Twitter for business, avoid tweets that are irrelevant to your business. “Eating lunch today with friends” - Not okay “Treating the whole staff to lunch downtown today!” - Okay! ● Don't be a self-promoting spammer. ● Don't update every once in a while. It’s designed to be frequent! (Use Feeds) ● Conversely, don't over tweet. Wait at least few hours between tweets. ● Avoid auto-responders. Comes off as cold/tacky. ● Don't add “PLEASE RT!” to every post. ● Twitter success does not depend on your followers count.
  20. 20. Twitter – Who's Who Monday Morning Flowers, Princeton NJ @mondayflowers Academy Florist, Winnipeg, MB @academyflorist FloristsReview, (Magazine) @FloristsReview
  21. 21. Pinterest Target Market ● Women ● Adults under 50 ● Higher incomes ● College educated
  22. 22. Pinterest Marketing Strategies ● Brand Awareness ● Relationship Building ● Product Awareness
  23. 23. Why Pinterest? ● It's a custom-made visual storyboard or portfolio for your potential audience. ● More than social media, Pinterest is a social tool you can use online and in store. ● Visually show customers what you have done, can do, and also what you want to do.
  24. 24. What To Do On Pinterest? Make A Range of Boards Good idea to plan your board strategy. If you could build your own selection guide, what chapters (boards) would you use? ● Pin great photos. ● Use good pin descriptions with keywords. ● Use calls-to-action when linking to your website. (Click to see more of our Mother's Day selection...)
  25. 25. What To Do On Pinterest? Always Give Due Credit Never strip the credit link from pins, unless they are wrong and you are correcting them. ● Pin pictures of your own arrangements with links back to your website. ● Repin pictures of designs you WANT to create from others in the industry. ● Use the mobile app to easily upload your own photos and pin on the go!
  26. 26. What NOT To Do on Pinterest Keep it Relevant Keep the recipes and beach pictures to your personal Pinterest. ● Don't edit pins that aren't yours to link to your website. ● Keep boards organized, don't post a bunch of cookie recipes to your red roses board. ● Don't ignore the descriptions. Using good descriptions with keywords helps get your pins found.
  27. 27. Pinterest – Who's Who TCU Florist, Fort Worth TX Allan's Flowers & More, Prescott AZ Flower Shop Network,
  28. 28. Instagram Target Market ● Young Adults 18-29 ● Hispanic/Latinos ● Urban populations ● Women
  29. 29. Instagram Marketing Strategies ● Brand awareness ● Quick information ● Product awareness
  30. 30. Why Instagram? ● Using filters, you can create great-looking photos on the fly. ● Easily share these photos with your social networks. ● Very user-friendly. ● Geo-targeting lets you reach your local audience.
  31. 31. What To Do On Instagram? Create A #Hashtag Create and use a unique hashtag for your flower shop to use in pics of flowers and products. #CityFloristBostonMA ● Use filters and tilt-shift to make photos look better. ● Post often, but only once or twice a day. ● Use hashtags, especially your city's. ● Use Instagram to post to your shop's Facebook Page.
  32. 32. What To Do On Instagram? ● Geotag your location when posting from your shop. (Geo info reads from FourSquare.) ● Encourage others to tag your products in their pictures with your hashtag. ● Find users that get results and use similar strategies.
  33. 33. What NOT To Do on Instagram ● Don't post pictures that you did not take. ● Don't offend. Don't post about anything political or offensive. ● Don't ignore the descriptions and hashtags.
  34. 34. Instagram – Who's Who English Garden Florist, Raleigh NC La Boutique Pompon, Paris FR P. Allen Smith, Arkansas
  35. 35. Google+ Target Market ● Men ● ???? ● Tech Savvy
  36. 36. Google+ Marketing Strategies ● Build brand awareness ● Build relationships ● Build brand authority
  37. 37. Why Google+? It's Google's Social Platform If you want to play Google's Game, you have to wear their uniform. ● It's Google. Having a presence on Google+ could help boost rankings. ● G+ information & reviews show up on your Google listing. ● All posts get seen, no post rank (like in Facebook).
  38. 38. What To Do On Google+? Your Google+ Local Page Exists! Find it in local search and claim it by clicking Manage This Page, under Is This Your Business? ● Post as often as you are able (scale this depending on engagement). ● Post pictures of latest arrangements. ● Post links from your website. ● Encourage customer reviews.
  39. 39. What To Do On Google+ ● Create a compelling and memorable 'About' tab. ● Organize your customers with Circles (VIPs, Men, etc.), post specific content to each. ● +1 Posts from friends and customers.
  40. 40. What NOT To Do on Google+ Keep it Relevant Don't post random videos or funny pictures on your page just to be posting. You will always find SOMETHING related to flowers to post. ● Don't overuse the same status over and over again. ● Don't 'sign' statuses or replies with shop names/phone numbers. ● Don't offend, no political, or derogatory posts. ● Don't spam Don't copy/paste your promotion on every Page you can find.
  41. 41. Google+ – Who's Who Designs By David, Los Angeles CA Trias Flowers, Weddings & Gifts, Miami FL Mayesh Wholesale Flowers, (Wholesaler)
  42. 42. LinkedIn Target Market ● Professionals ● Businesses (indirectly)
  43. 43. LinkedIn Marketing Strategy ● Brand awareness ● Information gathering ● Relationship building
  44. 44. Why LinkedIn? ● Increase professional awareness. ● Gain access to business tools and forums. ● Find and connect with professional and corporate clients.
  45. 45. What To Do On LinkedIn? Optimize Your LinkedIn URL Use your company name or other specific keyword in your LinkedIn profile URL to help it get found by search engines. ● Fully Complete Your Profile including a professional image and website link. ● Connect with colleagues, partners and those in the industry. ● Give and Receive Recommendations by asking people in your network if they’ll provide one for you, and offer to do the same for them.
  46. 46. What Not To Do On LinkedIn? Not Your Kid's Social Network Remember LinkedIn is a professional social network. Don't tYpE LiKe Dis. Don't make spelling errors. No wild photos. Keep it professional. ● Don't Lie on your profile. ● Don't ask for or endorse people you don't know, again, it's all about truthfulness. ● Work Your Connections - LinkedIn is about building on relationships you already have. (This is not Facebook)
  47. 47. Social Media Cheat Sheet ● Use a separate Business Account for your shop, instead of a personal profile, if possible. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) ● Choose a profile picture and stick with it. Use your logo or shop photo, something memorable. (Any platform) ● Fill out your Business Information completely and consistently, including a link to your website. (Any platform) ● Find businesses who do social media well, and follow their lead. (Any platform)
  48. 48. Cheat Sheet - Posting ● Make sure your posts are adding value to your page. ● Remember — be engaging to your followers, no matter how many or few you have. ● Monitor your social networks. Whether you check them every day, or have updates sent to email, always monitor. ● Be real. Just remember to be yourself and represent your flower shop as you would in the store. ● Learn the times of day your audience is most active online and schedule posts around that time.
  49. 49. Cheat Sheet - Lingo ● Hashtags - a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #. When used, it adds your message to the group of messages that also contain your keyword. (Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Facebook) ● Mentions – Mentions are a way of tagging (or mentioning) someone you are connected with in a status update, tweet or comment. Use @Username to mention someone. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram) ● Shares, Retweets & Repins – Just like forwarding email, shares and retweets are pushing information from the original source to post on your own page, feed or board. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)
  50. 50. Cheat Sheet - Followers ● Concentrate on local followers; they are more likely to become customers. ● Inviting – Invite friends, family and staff to like your page. You can also usually find followers to invite by e-mail. ● Following Others – Find others in your community on social networks and follow them. Follow profiles of authority in your industry. (Networking and gives you content to share.) ● Use Hashtags - especially city-specific tags when appropriate. #florist #BostonMA They will help you get found locally.
  51. 51. Social Calendar Daily Social To-Dos At least once, daily. ● Post photos to Facebook/Instagram (Photos gain the most interactions.) ● Ask questions in Facebook statuses. ● Post about the latest shop news on Facebook /Google+ ● Share articles from your blog or from the floral industry. Topics To Post About ● Current holidays ● Birthdays ● Sympathy Flowers ● Romance ● Just Because Flowers ● Get Well Flowers ● New Babies ● Houseplants & Gifts (Don't forget, you can schedule a lot of this to go out automatically.)
  52. 52. Social Calendar Monthly Social To-Dos Tasks to consider each month. ● Send out monthly Emails. ● Manage reviews on your site and other social review sites (Yelp) ● Like/Comment on fellow Pages in your community while Using Facebook As Your Page. ● Make a shop video!
  53. 53. Social Calendar Occasional Social To-Dos Try doing these tasks every 3-6 months. ● Organize photo albums with only best photos, good names, description and cover photos. ● Write a guest article for a local or industry blog/magazine. ● Organize a flower photo shoot to get exceptional photos for promotional materials. ● Host an open house or workshop and promote with Facebook/Google+ Events. (Don't forget to post pictures from the workshop to Facebook/Instagram.)
  54. 54. Social Feeds Social Feeds Make Being Social Easy, But you have to do it right! FB Twitter Your Website Instagram Pinterest Link To Your Website!! Link Link ● Try to link back to your website as much as possible. ● Use Facebook to announce or post new content. ● Twitter will auto announce new activity for all social posts and updates. Connected to share updates where the arrow is pointing. Link posts back
  55. 55. Social Resources Facebook Timeline For Florists What Is Pinterest & How Can It Work For Florists? Instagram & Florists Setting Up Your Google+ Business Page
  56. 56. Questions? Jamie Jamison Adams SEO/Inbound Marketing