Art I like Hors-série 2 by Florent Vial


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Here are some artworks from one of my favorite artist : SOZYONE GONZALEZ. Please have a look and enjoy

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Art I like Hors-série 2 by Florent Vial

  1. 1. Influenced by his hood's stories and legends, In 1996, Sozyone creates the Ultra Boys Inter- Pablo Gonzalez’s work evolves in a world of national with Gold Jaba, Prince Pro, Turs, Byz villains. and Kool Recto. The crew develops a new form In the winter of 1982, at the height of his elev- of Graffiti, a brutally refined mix of Marvel enth year, Sozyone forges an old Belgian bank Comics, abstract futuristic mathematics, alpha- note. Two days of meticulous hard work that betical constructivism and facial Picassonic eventually helps his brother buy a pack of Luck- cubism: Pure graffiti vanguard, that dismisses ies at the local deli. Thinking he’d quickly earn a any other form of graffiti that are considered as rep’ as a forger, Pablo decides to study Art, futile. which he achieves with the help of his brother. In 2004, Sozyone officially becomes Sozyone He starts at St Luc in 1988 where he meets Gonzalez, showing his art that is sought-after by Smimooz Exel, they decide to launch a band certain purists. He now does authenticity certifi- called De Puta Madre. Expelled from St Luc, cates for all of his paintings, sculptures, illustra- they’ll end up at Brussels school of Fine Arts tions and engravings... Maybe a way for him to from 1990 till 1996. Setting aside the joys of remember his favorite childhood occupation that forgery, Pablo discovers the aesthetic vandalism required a pair of white latex gloves and a great of metropolitan graffiti and officially becomes deal of craftsmanship. Sozyone with his crew R.A.B. At a time when Hip Hop was authentic and ‘fresh’, they produce seven albums, several hundred graffitis and play at numerous jams and shows.
  2. 2. Sozyone Gonzalez Ultra Beretta The Way of the Gun
  3. 3. Sozyone Gonzalez Apollo Cruz Macumba ElDia De Los Muertos - Guadalajara
  4. 4. Sozyone Gonzalez The Grisbi Guard The Best Kept Secret- Tokyo
  5. 5. Sozyone Gonzalez Polo Royce Dévorer puis être dévorer - Paris
  6. 6. Sozyone Gonzalez Central Sation Kills Santiago Sonny Sapsiva Reyes - Buenos Aires
  7. 7. Sozyone Gonzalez In The Circle of Thieves / Black Silver Ghost - Madrid
  8. 8. Sozyone Gonzalez Maximillion Le Grisbi - Zürich
  9. 9. Sozyone Gonzalez Raoul Cuervo Derapina In The Circle of Thieves - Madrid
  10. 10. Sozyone Gonzalez Sonny Sapsiva Reyes Central Station Kills Santiago - Buenos Aires
  11. 11. Sozyone Gonzalez Unknown title
  12. 12. Sozyone Gonzalez Unknown title
  13. 13. Sozyone Gonzalez Unknown title
  14. 14. Sozyone Gonzalez Unknown title
  15. 15. Sozyone Gonzalez Central Station Kills Santiago Central Station Mobster: San Fransisco Harvels