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Preposition Presentation Transcript

  • 2. What is preposition? Preposition is a word or group of words that is used before a noun or pronoun to show place, time, direction, etc.
  • 3. Prepositions 1. a. On (in contact or attached to) The food is on the table. The picture is on the wall. b. (utilizing a mode of transportation) I go to campus on foot. 2. Up VS Down Up (moving from a lower to higher position in space) Down (moving from a higher to lower position in space) Every day I have to walk up a hill to reach my house If you throw a coin down this well, it brings you good luck. 2. Above VS Below Above (on top of or higher than), Below (beneath underneath) Jill lives above David but below Joan Joan 3rd floor Jill 2nd floor David 1st floor
  • 4. Over VS Under 1.Over & Under are preposition which refer to motion and place. I ran over a bridge. The boat was going under the bridge. 2. Over & Under refers the position of things in a place if the sentence used verb be. There is a picture of my mother over my bed.. Under my bed is a pot.
  • 5. Continue 1. BY (next to or near to) There is a policeman standing by my car. 2. By (motion the same as pass) We drove by your house. 3. By (referring to means, methods) The thief must have left building by the back door.
  • 6. Continue • Around (distributed or dispersed over an area) You will find many kinds of roses around the memorial • Across (On the other side of, over there) Look! There’s John across the road. • Across (from one side to the other, traverse) The cat ran across the room and jumped out of the window . • Along (moving or following a similar or certain direction) Taxis often comes along this street.
  • 7. Continue • Between VS Among/Amongst (G.B) A village is between two lakes A village is among lakes • Beyond (located behind an object or obstacle) The nearest town is beyond those mountains • Beyond (out of reach) This poetry is very difficult; it is quite beyond me.
  • 8. • In stead of (as a substitute) Could I have a glass of fresh orange juice, instead of this lemonade, please. • Through (from side to side) The train sped through the tunnel • Toward (in the direction of) The train rushed towards the tunnel
  • 9. • Onto, into, out of