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About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
About i-propeller
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About i-propeller


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1.
  • 2. i-propeller is commercially active since Q4 2007
    The first clients
  • 3. SocialBusinessInnovation
    Mission: Propelling Social Business Innovation
  • 4. Innovation Services
    i-propeller designs new services that are innovative, social and profitable
    About social business
    innovation and social
    • Incubator forSocial Entrepreneurs
    • 5. Idea Lab
    Propelling Social Business Innovation
  • 6. The i-propeller Innovation Services focus on how organisations can innovate towards today’s major emerging societal trends and increase their competitive edge.
    Social trends are important growth markets
    Important growth markets
  • 7. i-propeller has unique access to, and intelligence about social entrepreneurs and social business innovation
    i-propeller designs new services that are
    innovative, social and profitable
    Innovation services
  • 8. i-propeller consultancy services
    Innovation Services
    • Opportunity identification
    • 9. Crowdsourced ideation
    • 10. Concept & Business plan development
    Developing new services that are both innovative, social and profitable
    Performance management(KPI definition, governance, embedding, etc.)
    Workshops & facilitation
    Creating and maintaining management frameworks & tools to initiate, motivate, measure and communicate change
    Change Management
    Idea management systems (e.g. Idea Jams)
    Network processes
    Community management & operations support
    iCoach(new business incubation)
    Developing & managing the methodologies and processes to implement system change to be more sustainable and social at local, national, European levels
    Open Innovation Networks & Platforms
  • 11. Our open innovation methodology
    A methodology fuelled by social entrepreneurs, as lead users
    Social Entrepreneurs focus on (*)(1) innovation (2) market orientation(3) public benefit (*) Source: Alex Nichols, Saïd Business School (Oxford University)
    Social Entrepreneurs innovate and…
  • 12. Christopher Benz, Craftnetwork
    Jamie Oliver, Fifteen
    Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank
    …fuelled by Social Entrepreneurs
  • 13. Geographic coverage of our network
    Access to over 1500 Social Entrepreneurs
    via an extensive academic and non-academic network
    60% in Europe
    10% in
    North America
    10% in Asia
    10% in Africa
    10% in
    South America
  • 14. Unique Innovation Methodology
  • 15. Define company’s key area of activitysubject to high impact by (new) social trends
    Module 1: identifying the challenge
  • 16. Crowdsourcing: identify the right match of ‘pioneering’ social entrepreneurs’to help solve the innovation challenge.
    Idea creation: stretch the innovation threshold and expose pioneering solutions to the innovation challenge
    Select: assess and select with you the solution that has the most potential to improve your company’s competitive edge.
    Module 2: crowdsourcing and idea creation
  • 17. Developinga business plan
    Optional:i-design workshop
    Module 3: i-design
  • 18.
    • After i-propeller has designed the new service concept and worked out its business plan, it assists its clients in the prototyping and launch phase of the new service.
    Module 4: prototyping and launch phase
  • 19. i-propeller supporting activities
    Innovation& Action Lab
    • Incubator for social enterprises
    • 20. Laboratory for social service innovation
    • 21. Creative meeting space for open innovation networks and platforms
    • 22. Focus on social business innovation and social entrepreneurship
    • 23. Ex1: Social Entrepreneurs as Lead Users for Service Innovation (SELUSI – EU FP7)
    • 24. Ex2: Corporate Social Responsibility becoming Corporate Social Opportunity (Vlerick)
  • 25. Research Partners
  • 26. i-propeller board of directors
    KoenraadDebackere, General Manager KULeuven (KULeuven)
    Jan Lamers, Board Member Triodos Bank,former CEO De Tijd (Triodos Invest)
    Catherine Verhoeven, Financial Analyst GIMB (BruStart)
    Philippe Naert, acting Dean UAMS,former Dean of Insead, Neyenrode, TiasNimbas
  • 27. i-propeller team
    • Team of 13 persons, six nationalities
    • 28. Expertise in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and academia
    • 29. Understanding of societal trends and needs of companies
    • 30. Specializations in service innovation and business model development
    • 31. Strong links with social economy actors in Belgium and abroad, including CSR
    • 32. Backgrounds in strategy, finance, marketing and change management
    • 33. Deep experience in open innovation methodologies
  • Social business makes sense
  • For more information, please contact:
    Toon Diegenant, partner i-propeller n.v.E-mail:
    www.i-propeller.comRue Ducale 41 Hertogsstraat1000 Brussels
    Tel: +32 2 2 740 750 – Mobile: +32 475 50 75 52