Preserving your fresh bouquets


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Getting a bouquet of flowers or choosing a bouquet of flowers for your wedding is really exciting and you may wish that they could last forever. There are ways to preserve these special bouquets – both professionally and at home.

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Preserving your fresh bouquets

  1. 1. Preserving your Fresh BouquetsThere is nothing like fresh flowers to say that someone thinks you are special and there aretimes when you really wish that those flowers would last forever. You can preserve specialbouquets for years if you preserve them carefully. Naturally, the type of flowers in thebouquet will make a big difference to how you go about preserving them.Here are some ways to preserve your bouquet – be sure to choose which to use beforehandand make sure to get the supplies needed – the bouquet must be preserved within one tothree days after receiving them. Also remember that some methods can take some time tocomplete and that you will have to monitor these. If we are talking about a weddingbouquet here, how will you do this if you are going away on honeymoon? An alternative isto ask your Brisbane florist if they can recommend someone to do it for you.Bouquets that are professionally freeze-dried tend to look a lot more realistic and thecolours are retained a lot better. The bouquet is taken apart and reassembled once dried –This is likely to take about a month to finish.If you decide to preserve your bouquet yourself at home, there are a couple of optionsavailable to you. You will need to decide whether or not you want to press the flowers, air-dry them or dry them in silica. Drying them in silica is probably the best of the three if youwant to keep the bouquet as true to life as possible.Air drying will involve taking the bouquet apart and hanging each individual flowerseparately. This can take a few weeks to get the flowers properly dry and will require a fairamount of space. The flowers should be hung in a dark area that is also airy. The garage isideal.You can also use a silica gel, sand or borax to preserve the bouquet. You will again need totake the bouquet apart. Get an airtight container that is fairly deep and spread down a layerof whatever medium you choose. Lay down the first layer of Brisbane flowers. Make surethat there is enough room all around the flowers and do not skimp on the medium. This willdraw the moisture out of the flowers. Once all the flowers are covered, close up thecontainer and put it somewhere out of the way. This will also take a few weeks.The final method has been favoured over the ages – pressing flowers. Lay out your flowerson a piece of absorbent paper and place under a pile of heavy books. Leave the flowers todry for a few weeks again. Although this method means that you lose that dimension of theflowers, it is an ideal way to preserve flowers for scrapbooking. Whatever way you chooseto preserve the bouquet, you will have the memories for a long time.