Autumn flowers for the autumn bride


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Flowers are an integral part of the wedding arrangements and so many brides choose a Spring wedding. It is not necessary to stick to Spring weddings, however, as there are several options available to you in Autumn as well.

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Autumn flowers for the autumn bride

  1. 1. Autumn Flowers for the Autumn BrideThere are several flowers available for brides during Autumn – you don’t need to be a Springbride to have a range of pretty flowers. These come in a wide range of colours and types andthere is no need to fly in expensive arrangements. Look at some of the following:Allium – it may seem strange to look for relatives of the onion family at a Brisbane florist butthere are two varieties of this particular section of the Liliaceae family that are popular withflorists – the Giant Onion with its snowball-shaped flowers and Drumstick Chives which havepurple flowers with an oval shape. These last well in a vase and so will bear up well on thewedding day.Liatris, otherwise known as Blazing Star is normally used in dry arrangements with a sealant.They are members of the Compositae family, like Chrysanthemums, and last about a week toten days in a vase. The flowers resemble small thistles and are a purplish colour.CraspediaCommonly called Woolly head or Billy Button, this is also a member of the Compositae family.This lasts up to two weeks in a vase and dries beautifully – making it ideal for bridalarrangements that are going to be kept as keepsakes. It is bright yellow in colour and has aspherical shape.FreesiaFreesia, although native to South Africa, are a great autumn flower – they have a beautifulscent and belong to the Iridaceae family. They last up to a week and come in a variety ofcolours.Gerbera DaisiesThese are often used as filler in large arrangements and last up to two weeks. They have largeblossoms and the flowers are fairly flat and disc-shaped. They come in various shades of red,orange and yellow.HydrangeaHydrangeas are very popular with brides according to Brisbane flowers specialists and, if
  2. 2. correctly cut, last up to ten days in a vase. They dry very well and retain a lot of their colour andso are very popular for keepsake bouquets. The masses of flowers in a large mop-like shapecreate quite an impression on their own and fill out large arrangements well. They come inshades of pink, purple and blue.LavenderThis popular herb, a member of the Labiatae family, lasts well, is beautifully scented and drieswell as well. Lavender makes very good filler in arrangements.Whichever flowers you choose for your big day, be sure that any arrangements will last wellthroughout the ceremony. This is where choosing local flowers in season makes a lot moresense – they last a lot better and longer for the big day.