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Simple present 6to verano

  1. 1. Choose the correct alternative according to the rules of Simplepresent1. I _________ in San Antonio, Texas. ? live ? lives2. You ________ in San Antonio too. ? live ? lives3. He _____ in Dallas. ? live ? lives4. She _____ in Mexico. ? live ? lives5. We __________in an apartment. ? live ? lives6. They _____ in Arkansas. ? live ? lives7. I usually __________ breakfast. ? eat ? eats8. You always _____ lunch at 1:00. ? eat ? eats9. Paul never _____ breakfast. ? eat ? eats10. We ______ dinner at 5:00. ? eat ? eats11. Nancy _____ breakfast before she goes to work. ? eat ? eats12. Mike and Rebecka _____ breakfast at home. ? eat ? eats13. It usually ______ in April in the Midwest. ? rain ? rains14.I ______my homework before I go to bed.
  2. 2. ? do ? does15. George ____ a lot of activities on Saturday. ? do ? does16. The students __________ grammar exercises. ? do ? does17. We always ______ the laundry on Saturday. ? do ? does18. George ____ the bus to work. ? take ? takes19. I ________a taxi when I am in Mexico City. ? take ? takes20. John and his wife ______ the subway in New York City. ? take ? takes Negative SentencesAffirmative NegativeExamples of I work on I dont work on Saturday.Friday.You work on Saturday. You dont work on Sunday.Janet works on Monday. She doesnt work on Wednesday.Andy works on the weekend. He doesnt work on Monday. It doesnt rain a lot in WesternIt rains a lot in Eastern Texas. Texas.We work all day. We dont work at night.They work all day. They dont work at night.Do not-->dontDoes not-->doesnt
  3. 3. Instructions. Type the negative forms of the sentences. Use dont or doesnt.Tom works on Saturday.--> Tom doesnt work on Saturday.1. I have a big house.2. He lives in Mexico City.3. She reads the newspaper every day.4. We have a test tomorrow.5. They like to eat out.6. You need an umbrella today.7. I do my homework in the morning.8. Janet likes Chinese food.9. It rains a lot in San Antonio.10. Marie puts her shoes on when she goes outside. Yes/No QuestionsStudy these examples of Yes/No questions in simple present time:Singular subjectDo you have a car?Yes, I do. No, I dont.Does Roberto have a car?Yes, he does. No, he doesnt.Does Martha have a car?Yes, she does. No, she doesnt.Does it rain often in San Antonio?
  4. 4. Yes, it does. No, it doesnt.Plural subjectDo you have a car?Yes, we do. No, we dont.Do they have a car?Yes, they do. No, they dont.Instructions. Type the question that goes with the answer.Example:No, he doesnt. Bill doesnt work here.Does Bill work here?1. Yes, I do. I have a dictionary.2. Yes, she does. Tere has a dictionary.3. No, she doesnt. Norma doesnt go to UNAM.4. Yes, we do. We have a computer.5. Yes, they do. They live in San Antonio6. Yes, he does. Pedro lives in San Antonio.7. Yes, I do. I always do my homework.8. Yes, I do. I like shrimp.Rearrange the words to make sentences 1 You lunch eat? what time do2. work? You where do3. Where does live? Sandra4. the begin does what? time class5. much this cost shirt does ? how