Assignment # 2 Unit Plan


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Assignment # 2 Unit Plan

  1. 1. Assignment #2Lesson # 1Communicative goal: Expressing abilitiesGrammar Focus: Can (affirmative & negative)Vocabulary Focus: AnimalsActivation: 5’We’ll show the picture of the zoo and we’ll ask sts if they know what it is and then we’ll askthem to name the animals they can seeComprehension and Clarification: 15’We’ll work with the following dialogue
  2. 2. Before listening to the dialogue for the first time, we’ll ask sts the following questions:Do you these animals? Do you know their names?Then, we’ll play the dialogue for the first time and sts we’ll read and listen at the same time.After that, the teacher will read the dialogue focusing and emphasizing a monkey CAN dance, ICAN dance and asking sts to repeat. We’ll do the same with the following slides.The teacher will mime the actions and sts will imitate them.sts we’ll read the sentence and we’ll write the exponent on the bbApplication: Activity 1: Write about you. 5’ The teacher will ask sts to write three sentences about what a monkey can do. Activity 2: Make sentences Sts will work on the Jmix exercise using their netbooksReflection: 5’The teacher will give sts the following photocopy: Tick the sentences that express ability: I like oranges I can jump My mother can cook My brother plays footballLesson # 2
  3. 3. Communicative goal: expressing abilityGrammar focus: Can (affirmative)Vocabulary focus: abilities (walk, ride, run, dance, jump, sing)Activation: 5’The teacher will ask sts: What can a monkey do? If sts don’t answer the teacher will ask sts:Can a monkey dance? Can a monkey jump? The teacher will also write the actions that stsmention on the bbComprehension and clarification: 10’ The teacher will work with the following pictures on the book:The teacher will name each action. At the same time, the teacher will mime and ask sts torepeat. After doing the same with all the actions, sts will provide some examples aboutthemselves using these actions.Application:Activity 1: 10’The teacher will work with the following song: Activity 2: 10’
  4. 4. After listening to the song and singing it. The teacher will ask sts to work on the Jcloze exerciseand complete the spaces while listening to the songReflection: 5’Make sentences that express abilityThe monkey can climb can jumpThe bear can’t climb can danceLesson #3Communicative goal: expressing abilityGrammar focus: can (affirmative and negative)Vocabulary focus: animalsActivation: 5’The teacher will show sts the following picture and will ask sts to tell him/her what they cansee
  5. 5. Comprehension and clarification: 10’Using these pictures from the book, the teacher will name each animal and point at the sametime. Then she will ask sts to repeat the names of the animals.Application:Activity 1: 5’Game: guess the animal! The teacher will divide the class in two teams. Then he/she will readthe sentences and the team that guesses first gets the point.Activity 2: Animal crossword. 10’Sts will work on the crossword using their netbooks
  6. 6. Activity 3: Match! 5’Sts will work on the matching exercise using their netbooksReflection: 5’Correct the following sentences (only one is correct)The snake can danceThe elephant cant jumpThe monkey cant climbThe fish can runLesson #4Communicative goal: expressing abilityGrammar focus: ---Vocabulary focus: ---Recycled language: can for ability, animals.Activation: 5’The teacher will ask sts what animals they can remember and then will write the animals onthe bbApplication:
  7. 7. Activity 1: Animals Quiz. 15’Sts will work on the quiz using their netbooksActivity 2: 15’ Let’s draw!Sts will draw their favourite animal and then write 4 sentences about what the animal can/can’t doReflection: 5’Tick the sentences that express ability o A monkey can jump. o The fish doesn’t eat banana. o The elephant is a big animal. o The bear can dance! o The tiger can eat other animals.