Most Dangerous Person On Earth


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Most Dangerous Person On Earth

  1. 1. Robin Solomon<br />Senior Seminar P. 8<br />Mr. Clover<br />Who is the Most Dangerous Person on Earth?<br />The most dangerous person on earth is the forty year old veteran jihadist llyas Kashmiri. He is the most dangerous person on earth because he has been recognized in the attacks with the Soviet-Afghan war, the Kashmir conflict and also attacks against the government of Pakistan and the United States of America. In August 2010, the government of the US and United nations has appointed him a terrorist and to counter – terrorism officials on three continents, he is concluded as one of the most dangerous men in the world.<br />Llyas Kashmiri is commonly associated with having one eye, very thick beard streaked with henna and he is identified as losing one finger. During his early years, he has fought the Indians in the territorial dispute of Kashmiri and the Russians in Afghanistan and that is time when he lost his eye. Kashmir famously escaped from prison and soon he fought with a unit of Pakistan’s special forces. <br />Around Ten years ago, Indian troops had carried out a bloody raid into the Pakistani Kashmiri. It has been said by officials that 14 civilians including children were slaughtered. On the following day, he and his fighters kidnapped an Indian officer and shortly after that the officer was beheaded. The head was seen in a public parade in the bazaars of Pakistani Kashmir.<br />In 2003, Kashmiri was also known for attempting to assassinate Indian politician and military figure General Pervez Musharraf and for unknown reasons, he was released from prison shortly. He being part of the commander of “Brigade 313” and the Harakat – ul – jihad – Islami which is the Movement for an Islamic Holy War, he formed a closed relationship with al Qaeda in the wild frontier areas oh Pakistan. <br />A man named Raja Lahrasib Khan, who traveled to Pakistan in 2008 and 2009 was arrested this year in the US and he was charged for attempting to provide support for the al Qaeda. He’s the man alleged to have sought out Kashmiri. Documents at court explained that Khan had met Kashmiri and had told them he “wanted to train operatives to conduct attacks in the United States.” The documents also included a conversation Khan claimed to have with unknown conspirator about Kashmiri’s relationship with Osama bin Laden.<br />Pointed out by one US official “the key ingredient in the bad stew of senior terrorists who are planning operations in the region and beyond”. Therfore in conclusion, I would consider Kashmiri to be the most dangerous person on Earth because he is linked to a lot of the terrorism cases. Terrorism has been an ongoing idea and major events would definitely be the September 11, 2001 attacks. Using out assumptions and logic, we can determine that the conlusion has to follow and this is called premises. “Given the assumptions which in logic are called premises – the conclusion has to follow” that Kashmiri is the most dangerous person on earth. Induction reason could also be used because this reasoning goes from the rather particular to the general. Terrorists generally speaking are people who are violent and their motives for doing such acts are endless. <br />