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  1. 1. You must also write one concluding reflection on the creation of the e-portfolio and on your high school experience. This essay will guide your exhibition. How has the creation of this e-portfolio been a learning experience?<br />The creation of this e-portfolio has been phenomenal! It was great to just post things that truly express who you really are. Looking back through my high school career since 9th grade there is a lot of works that is memorable and definitely things I didn’t do too well and things that I still need to improve upon. My e-portfolio generally reflects the learning that has been taking place in school I really enjoyed presenting my learning in all aspects such as Arts, extracurricular activities, community service and other subjects like Math as well. Spending time on this portfolio and actually thinking about the ideas you want to include as you write your analysis is very similar to other assessments. It requires the same thought process. The analysis part is very important because I truly understand why I did the particular pieces. In a nutshell, this portfolio was to reflect my learning and how I grew as a student in school in highschool.<br />Creating this portfolio has been a very big learning experience for me because this time, I get to explore the ways of knowing even deeper. Relating the ways of knowing to your own works is another step because you want to show what things have impacted your learning through reason, emotion, language and perception. For example, emotion plays a big role in this because it relates to your own choices. Emotion have played significant roles in my learning when I felt that it has affected me in a negative way and also when I felt it has improved my learning. When I like a subject in school, I definitely feel more motivated to learn versus when I dislike a subject, my learning will just go downfall even more. Reason is something that is commonly used, and it plays a important roll in Math and Science. For example in math you cannot just write and answer to earn credit, it is the process that really counts. If you get the answer wrong but manage to show some sort of work you will get partial credit. As for Science, when doing the labs, explaining why you say a certain theory is true is important. If you don’t have enough information to back up your process the findings can be misleading. In perception, we use figure and ground because we tend to highlight the certain aspects on what we see although there are other important parts but we do not pay attention to it. Language is something I use in everyday life. It is not only a form of communication but also shows a persons identity. Without analyzing your piece of work, it can some how be very boring and misleading because people might have the wrong impressions. If you explain your own though about your piece of work, it is possible for them to see the bigger picture. <br />In high school, everyone always jumps to the same rhetorical question “Why am I learning this”. When posting things on my E portfoilio, It is possible to see a answer because everyone analysis their own piece of work differently. When you observe an English poem, you have to use certain apllications to understand the text clearly. <br />There is also a technical aspect in the process of creating this E-portfoilio. At first it was difficult for me because I was never really used to using the ISB student blogs and they mentioned it very briefly last year when I used it the first time for week without walls operation smile. <br />